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Edible Trees and Shrubs Hardy in Britain (Temperate): F - G

See map here for World temperate areas

CL. Climber     D. Deciduous     E. Evergreen
SH. Shrub       T. Tree

D.T. Fagus sylvatica Beech Leaves, seed, oil from seed Most soils except heavy wet soils
  Other species include F. crenata, F. grandifolia, F. japonica, F. longipetiolata, F. lucida and F. orientalis
E.T. Feijoa sellowiana Feijoa Fruit, flowers Most soils. Sunny position. Mild areas
D.T. Ficus carica Fig Fruit Well-drained soil with lime
D.T. Firmiana simplex   Seed Sandy loam. Mild areas only
D.SH. Forestiera neo-mexicana   Fruit - an olive substitute Most soils. Very sunny position
D.SH. Forsythia suspensa   Young leaves Most soils
D.T. Fraxinus ornus Manna Ash Sap Moist soil
  Other species include F. floribunda and F. rotundifolia
D.SH. Fuchsia spp Fuchsia Fruit Well-drained humus-rich soil
  All species of fuchsia have edible fruits though often of poor quality. Two species reasonably hardy in Britain are F. excorticata and F. magallenica. It is always worthwhile sampling the fruits of the many hardy garden hybrids
E.SH. Gaultheria procumbens Checkerberry Fruit, leaves Lime-free soil, some shade
E.SH. Gaultheria shallon Shallon Fruit Lime-free soil, some shade
  Other species include G. adenothrix, G. antipoda, G. fragrantissima, G. hispida, G. hispidula, G. humifusa, G. miqueliana, G. ovatifolia and G. trichophylla
D.SH. Gaylussacia baccata Black Huckleberry Fruit Well-drained, humus-rich, lime-free soil
  Other species include G. brachycera, G. dumosa, G. frondosa and G. ursina
E.T. Gevuina avellana Chilean Hazel Seed Mild areas only. Woodland conditions
E.T. Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair Tree Seed Well-drained soil. Sheltered position
D.T. Gleditschia triacanthos Honey Locust Seed pod - not often produced Sunny position, good loamy soil
D.SH. Grewia optiva   Fruit Not very hardy
D.T. Gymnocladus dioica Kentucky Coffee Tree Seed pods - not often borne Rich, deep soil

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