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Edible Trees and Shrubs Hardy in Britain (Temperate): L - O

See map here for World temperate areas

CL. Climber     D. Deciduous     E. Evergreen
SH. Shrub       T. Tree

E.CL. Lapageria rosea Chilean Bellflower Fruit Mild areas. Shady position. Lime-free soil
E.CL. Lardizabala biternata   Fruit Mild areas. Well-drained sandy loam. Dioecious
E.T. Laurelia serrata Peruvian Nutmeg Seed - a spice Mild areas only. Sheltered position. Dioecious
E.T. Laurus nobilis Bay Tree Leaves - a flavouring Most soils. Sun or light shade. Dioecious
E.SH. Lavandula angustifolia Lavander Leaves - very aromatic Sunny position. Most soils if well-drained
D.SH. Lespedeza bicolor   Seed, young stems and leaves Light soil. Sunny position
D.SH. Lespedeza cyrtobotrya   Young shoots Light soil. Sunny position
D.SH. Lindera benzoin Spice Bush Bark - allspice substitute Lime-free soil. Dioecious
D.T. Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip Tree Bark - a flavouring Rich, deep soil. Sheltered position
E.T. Lithocarpus densiflorus   Seed - oily Hardy at Kew
E.T. Lithocarpus edulis   Seed Mild areas
D.SH. Lonicera coerulea edulis   Fruit Sunny position
  Other species include L. angustifolia, L. chrysantha, L. gracilipes, L. involucrata and L. villosa
D.SH. Lycium barbarum Box Thorn Fruit, young shoots Shoots should be used with caution. Sunny position. Well-drained soild. Very wind resistant
D.SH. Lycium pallidum   Fruit Sunny position. Well-drained soil
D.SH. Maackia amurensis   Young leaves Sunny position. Most soils
E.SH. Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape Fruit Most soils and situations. Tolerates heavy shade
  Other species include M. haematocarpa, M. nepaulensis, M. nervosa, M. nevinii, M. pinnata, M. repens and M. trifoliolata
D.T. Malus domestica Apple Fruit Sunny position
  All species of Malus have edible fruits though they are often not very palatable. Some of the most palatable include M. floribunda, M. fusca, M. praecox, M. prunifolia rinki, M. sieversii and M. trilobata
E.SH. Margyricarpus pinnatus Pearl Berry Fruit Sunny position. Well-drained, not rich soil
D.T. Melia azedarach Bead Tree Leaves Mild areas only
D.T. Melicytus ramiflorus   Fruit Mild areas only. Dioecious
D.SH. Menziesia ferruginea   Fruit Sun or light shade. Well-drained lime-free soil
D.T. Mespilus germanica Medlar Fruit, bletted Most soils. Sunny position
D.CL. Metaplexis japonica   Root, young leaves, fruit Most soils. Mild areas
D.SH. Micromeria juliana   Leaves - a savoury flavouring Well-drained soils
E.SH. Mitchella repens Partridge Berry Fruit Lime-free soil. Shady position
D.T. Morus alba White Mulberry Fruit, young leaves Sunny position. Warm, well-drained soil
D.T. Morus nigra Black Mulberry Fruit Sunny position. Warm, well-drained soil
  Other species include M. australis, M. mongolica, M. rubra and M. serrata
D.CL. Muehlenbeckia adpressa   Fruit Very mild areas only
D.SH. Myrica gale Sweet Gale Leaves and berries - a flavouring Most soils, preferably lime-free. Dioecious
E.SH. Myrica rubra   Fruit Mild areas. Lime-free soil
  Other species used as a flavouring include M. cerifera and M. pensylvanica
E.SH. Myrsine africana   Fruit  
E.SH. Myrtus communis Myrtle Fruit - a flavouring Mild areas. Most soils
E.SH. Myrtus luma   Fruit - sweet Mild areas. Most soils
  Other species include M. nummularia and M. ugni
E.SH. Nandina domestica Sacred Bamboo Fruit, young leaves Best in mild areas. Rich soil. Sunny position
D.SH. Nemopanthus mucronata   Fruit Cold damp soil
D.T. Nyssa sylvatica Tupelo Fruit Dislikes lime
D.SH. Oemleria cerasiformis Oso Berry Fruit Most soils. Dioecious
E.T. Olea europaea Olive Fruit, oil from fruit Sunny position. Mild areas only
D.SH. Oplopanax horridus   Young shoots Cool moist soil. Dense shade
E.SH. Osteomeles schwerinae   Fruit Mild areas
D.T. Oxydendrorum arboreum Sorrel Tree Leaves Well drained lime-free soil. Likes shade

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