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Checklist of plants suitable for hedging and windbreaks: Q - R

Botanical name Common name Deciduous/ Evergreen Height Growth rate Hardiness Wind Notes
Quercus ilex Holm oak E T S-M 7 M Most soils except cold poorly drained.Edible seed,oil.Slug repellent,tannin.
Quercus petraea Oak D T S-M 4 M Most soils.Edible seed-coffee substitute.Slug repellent,tannin.
Quercus robur Oak D T S-M 6 M As above.
Rhamnus alaternus   E M M 7   Well drained
Rhamnus cathartica Buckthorn D M-T M 3   Most soils preferably calcareous.Primary host of Oat crown rust.Dyes,medicinal.
Rhamnus dahurica   D M-T M 5   Most soils.Tea,dye.
Rhamnus frangula Alder buckthorn D M-T M 6   Moist fairly fertile soil,sun or part shade.Dyes,medicinal.
Rhaphiolepis umbellata   E M-T M 8   Most well drained soils,sheltered position.Edible seed,a famine food.Brown dye.
Rhododendron spp. Rhododendron E M-T M 5-7   Lime free peaty well drained soil.Species incl:-R.lutescens,R.luteum,R.ponticum.
Ribes sanguineum Flowering currant D M-T M 6 M Most soils.Edible fruit-can store 2 months but that does not make it any nicer!
Rosa acicularis   D M M 2   Most soils.Edible fruit,young shoots.Tea
Rosa glauca Red leaved rose D M M-F 2 W Most soils
Rosa macrophylla   D M-T M-F 7   Most soils.Edible fruit.
Rosa multiflora   D M-T M-F 5 W Most soils.Edible fruit,young shoots.
Rosa nutkana Nootka rose D M M 4   Most soils.Edible fruit.petals,young shoots.Tea.
Rosa rubiginosa Eglantine D M-T M-F 4   Most soils.Edible fruit,petals,young shoots.Tea,medicinal.
Rosa rugosa Ramanas rose D M M-F 2 M Most soils.Edible fruit,petals.Tea,medicinal.
Rosa virginiana Virginian rose D M M 3 W Most soils.Edible fruit,young shoots.Stabilizing sand dunes.


D = Deciduous E = Evergreen

Height:- S = Small (to 4ft for hedges, 20ft for trees.) M = Medium (to 6ft for hedges, 50ft for trees.) T = Tall (over 6ft for hedges, over 50ft for trees.)

Rate of Growth:- S = Slow M = Medium F = Fast

Wind Resistance:- W = tolerates Windy sites M = tolerates Maritime exposure

Hardiness zones 1(hardiest) to 10:- most of Britain is in zone 7 or 8 with some upland and northern areas being colder whilst western and southern coastal areas are milder.

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