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Uapaca kirkiana

Lowland forest, secondary miombo woodland such as clearing and gaps, and open woodland. Grows in well-drained escarpments, with infertile sand or gravel soils of acidic reaction. Love

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Terminalia catappa

A mid-canopy tree in areas just inland from ocean beaches, near river mouths, and on coastal plains. These areas are typically flat, but they may have dunes or rocky bluffs. Sandy or rocky beaches. Love

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Prunus armeniaca

Most trees growing apparently wild have escaped from cultivation but there are pure stands of the trees in Tibet on mountain slopes in sparse forests at elevations of 700 – 3000 metres. Love

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Pinus jeffreyi

Usually found on dry and exposed slopes, 1800 – 2700 metres in California. Found on a variety of soils, but growing best in those that are deep and well-drained. Love

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