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Vitex doniana

Dense forest, wooded savannah, coastal savannah, galleried soudanian and riverine thickets. A deciduous forest tree of coastal woodland, riverine and lowland forests and deciduous woodland, extending as high as upland grassland. Love

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Prosopis glandulosa

Plains and dry ranges, growing in dense thickets near desert washes but also found at the base of sand dunes and other areas where the water table is close to the surface; at elevations up to 1,800 metres. It is…

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Prosopis alba

Arid and semi-arid regions with groundwater, such as drainage channels and along groundwater sinks. A common ruderal weed, coming up singly and in groups along roadsides, around habitations, on refuse dumps and in other disturbed habitats. Love

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Pongamia pinnata

Occurs naturally in lowland forest on limestone and rocky coral outcrops on the coast, along the edges of mangrove forest and along tidal streams and rivers, often with its roots in fresh or saltwater. Love

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