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Raphia hookeri

Lowland coastal freshwater swamps, where it can grow in water up to 1 metre deep, and river banks. The soils of Nigerian freshwater swamps are light textured and generally acidic. Love

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Raphia farinifera

Moist, swampy ground. Riverine and groundwater forest. Gallery forests, freshwater swamp forest, along river banks and in the western shoreline forests of Lake Victoria, at elevations from sea level to 2,500 metres. Love

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Pongamia pinnata

Occurs naturally in lowland forest on limestone and rocky coral outcrops on the coast, along the edges of mangrove forest and along tidal streams and rivers, often with its roots in fresh or saltwater. Love

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Myrianthus arboreus

Secondary vegetation; more or less open places in rain-forests; damp places in forest; forest gallery and clearings; stream or lagoon and lake sides; flooded ground; sometimes in villages. At elevations from 700 – 1,200 metres in Tanzania. Love

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Mauritia flexuosa

Riverine swamps. Found in poorly drained or periodically flooded soils. Usually in permanently swampy areas, often forming extensive, high-density stands; also in gallery forests; usually at elevations below 500 metres, occ. to 900 metres. Love

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Inocarpus fagifer

Common in coastal forests, margins of swampy places, along rivers, and even in dry forest. Lowland secondary forest, stream banks, swamps and marshes, mangrove areas, and coconut plantations at elevations from sea level to 500 metres. Love

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