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Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Ananas comosusPineappleBromeliaceaeAnanas ananas (L.) H.Karst. ex Voss Ananas argentata J.C.Wendl. ex Schult. & Schult.f. Ananas aurata52
Azadirachta indicaNeemMeliaceaeAntelaea azadirachta (L.) Adelbert. Melia azadirachta L. Melia indica Brandis.24
Carapa guianensisAndirobaMeliaceaeAmapa guinaensis (Aubl.) Steud. Carapa latifolia Willd. ex C.DC. Carapa macrocarpa Ducke Carapa nica04
Cedrela fissilisCedro, Cigar Box TreeMeliaceaeCedrela barbata C.DC. Cedrela brasiliensis A.Juss. Cedrela brunellioides Rusby.Cedrela elliptica Riz02
Cedrela odorataCedar Wood, West Indian Cedar, SpanishCedar, Cigar-box Cedar, Cedro HembraMeliaceaeCedrela dugesii Watson Cedrela glaziovii C.DC. Cedrela guianensis A.Juss. Cedrela longipes Blake Ced12
Cetraria islandicaIceland Moss, Island cetraria lichen, Oriental cetraria lichenParmeliaceae 33
Chukrasia tabularisChickrassy, Chittagong Wood, Indian Redwood.MeliaceaeChickrassia nimmonii Graham ex Wight Chickrassia nimmonii J.Graham ex Wight Chickrassia tabularis Wi12
Dysoxylum acutangulumMembaloMeliaceaeAlliaria acutangula (Miq.) Kuntze Alliaria schultzii (C.DC.) Kuntze Dysoxylum foveolatum Radlk. Dyso00
Dysoxylum fraserianumAustralian rosewood, rose-mahogany, rosewood, turnipwood.MeliaceaeAlliaria fraseriana Kuntze Alliaria lessertiana Kuntze Alliaria pubescens Kuntze Cambania fraseriana00
Dysoxylum spectabile Meliaceae 01
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