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Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Dittrichia viscosaFalse yellowheadAsteraceae or CompositaeInula viscosa. (L.)Ait.00
Inula britannicaXuan Fu Hua, British yellowheadAsteraceae or Compositae 03
Inula britannica chinensisXuan Fu HuaAsteraceae or Compositae 13
Inula cappaSheep's EarAsteraceae or Compositae 02
Inula conyzaPloughman's SpikenardAsteraceae or CompositaeI. squarrosa. non L. Conyza squarrosa.01
Inula crithmoidesGolden SamphireAsteraceae or Compositae 20
Inula heleniumElecampane, Elecampane inulaAsteraceae or CompositaeAster helenium. Aster officinalis. Corvisartia helenium. Helenium grandiflorum.33
Inula racemosa Asteraceae or Compositae 02
Inula royleana Asteraceae or Compositae 01
Pulicaria dysentericaFleabane, Meadow false fleabaneAsteraceae or CompositaeInula dysenterica.01
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