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Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Erythronium albidumWhite Trout-Lily, White fawnlilyLiliaceae 30
Erythronium albidum mesochoreumPrairie Trout LilyLiliaceaeE. mesochoreum. Kuerr.30
Erythronium americanumTrout Lily, Dogtooth violetLiliaceae 41
Erythronium californicumFawn Lily, California fawnlilyLiliaceae 20
Erythronium citrinumPale Fawn Lily, Cream fawnlily, Roderick's fawnlilyLiliaceae 20
Erythronium dens-canisDog's-Tooth VioletLiliaceae 30
Erythronium grandiflorumAvalanche Lily, Yellow avalanche-lilyLiliaceae 31
Erythronium helenaeMt. St. Helena Fawm Lily, Pacific fawnlilyLiliaceae 20
Erythronium hendersoniiHenderson's Fawn LilyLiliaceae 20
Erythronium howelliiHowell's Fawn LilyLiliaceae 20
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