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Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acorus calamusSweet Flag - CalamusAraceaeCalamus aromaticus34
Acorus gramineusGrass-leaved Sweet Rush, Japanese Sweet Flag, Dwarf Sweet FlagAraceae 33
Alocasia macrorrhizosGiant Taro, Giant Elephant EarAraceaeAlocasia cordifolia (Bory) Cordem. Alocasia gigas Chantrier ex Andre Alocasia grandis N.E.Br. Alocasia indica (Lour.) Spach. Alocasia marginata N.E.Br. Alocasia metallica Schott Alocasia montana (Roxb.) Schott Alocasia pallida K.Koch & C.D.Bouche Alocasia plumbea Van Houtte Alocasia rapiformis (Roxb.) Schott Alocasia uhinkii Engl. & K.Krause Alocasia variegata K.Koch & C.D.Bouche Arum cordifolium Bory Arum indicum Lour. Arum macrorhizum L. Arum montanum Roxb. Arum mucronatum Lam. Arum peregrinum L. Arum rapiforme Roxb. Caladium indicum K.Koch Caladium macrorrhizon (L.) R.Br. Caladium metallicum Engl. Caladium odoratum Lodd. Caladium plumbeum K.Koch Calla badian Blanco Calla maxima Blanco Calocasia indica (Lour.) Kunth Colocasia boryi Kunth Colocasia macrorrhizos (L.) Schott Colocasia montana (Roxb.) Kunth Colocasia mucronata (Lam.) Kunth Colocasia peregrina (L.) Raf. Colocasia rapiformis (Roxb.) Kunth Philodendron peregrinum (L.) Kunth Philodendron punctatum Kunth32
Amorphophallus konjacDevil's Tongue, Devil's Tongue, Snake Plant, Konjac, Konnyaku Potato, Voodoo LilyAraceaeAmorphophallus mairei H.L?v. Amorphophallus nanus H.Li & C.L.Long Amorphophallus palmiformis Durieu42
Amorphophallus paeoniifoliusElephant Yam, Whitespot giant arumAraceaeA. campanulatus. (Roxb.)Blume.42
Amorphophallus rivieriDevil's Tongue, Umbrella Arum, Leopard Palm, Snake PalmAraceaeConophallus konjak.22
Arisaema amurenseTian Nan XingAraceae 23
Arisaema consanguineumTian Nan XingAraceae 13
Arisaema costatum Araceae 20
Arisaema dracontiumGreen-DragonAraceae 11
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