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Some plants are so good they deserve an article all to themselves. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Allium SpeciesThe Perennial Onions (Español)
  2. Allium ursinum Wild Garlic (Español)
  3. Amelanchier Alnifolia Juneberries
  4. Apios Americana The American Groundnut
  5. Arbutus unedo The Strawberry Tree
  6. Asclepias species The Milkweeds
  7. Caragana Aborescens The Siberian Pea Tree
  8. Cornus Kousa Japanese Dogwood
  9. Crataegus Species The Hawthorns
  10. Dioscorea batatas The Hardy Yam
  11. Elaeagnus x ebbingei A Plant for all Reasons
  12. Ginkgo biloba The Maidenhair Tree
  13. Hemerocallis Species The Daylilies
  14. Hippophae salicifolia Willow-leaved Sea Buckthorn
  15. Malva Moschata Musk Mallow - Great for Salads
  16. Oxalis deppei Iron Cross Plant
  17. Sassafras Albidum
  18. Viola Odorata Sweet Violet

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