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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acacia longifoliaSydney Golden Wattle, Acacia30
Amelanchier canadensisJuneberry, Canadian serviceberry, Serviceberry Downy, Shadblow, Shadbush, Serviceberry41
Banksia integrifoliaCoast Banksia20
Benincasa hispidaWax Gourd33
Carya cordiformisBitternut, Bitternut hickory, Swamp Hickory31
Citroncirus webberiCitrange20
Citrus aurantiumBitter Orange, Sour orange, Bergamot orange33
Crataegus apiifoliaParsley-Leaved Hawthorn22
Crataegus laevigataMidland Hawthorn, Smooth hawthorn, English Hawthorn35
Cucumis metuliferusHorned Cucumber, African horned cucumber22
Cydonia oblongaQuince42
Diospyros lotusDate Plum51
Elaeagnus multifloraGoumi, Cherry silverberry52
Elaeagnus multiflora ovataGoumi52
Grevillea robustaSilky Oak20
Hamamelis virginianaWitch Hazel, American witchhazel, Common Witchhazel, Virginian Witchhazel, Witchhazel15
Juglans californicaCalifornia Walnut, Southern California walnut21
Juglans hindsiiHind's Black Walnut, Northern California walnut, Paradox hybrid walnut30
Juglans majorArizona Walnut20
Juglans mandschuricaManchurian Walnut31
Juglans microcarpaTexas Walnut, Little walnut, Stewart's little walnut20
Laburnum anagyroidesLaburnum, Golden chain tree01
Magnolia acuminataCucumber Tree, Cucumber Magnolia03
Malus baccataChinese Crab, Siberian crab apple21
Malus baccata mandschuricaManchurian Apple40
Malus coronariaGarland Crab, Sweet crab apple31
Malus hupehensisChinese Crab, Chinese crab apple, Tea Crabapple, Flowering Tea Crabapple20
Malus prunifoliaChinese Apple, Plumleaf crab apple40
Malus pumilaParadise Apple, Common Apple, Apple Tree42
Malus pumila nervosaCrab Apple30
Malus pumila paradisiacaParadise Apple30
Malus transitoria 20
Malus x micromalusKaido Crab Apple20
Malus x robusta 20
Malus yunnanensisCrabapple20
Passiflora caeruleaPassion Flower, Bluecrown passionflower, Blue Passion Flower30
Pistacia atlanticaBetoum, Mt. Atlas mastic tree, Mount Atlas Mastic21
Pistacia chinensisChinese Pistache, Chinese Pistachio21
Pistacia chinensis integerrima 21
Pistacia terebinthusTerebinth, Cyprus turpentine22
Poncirus trifoliataBitter Orange, Hardy orange, Trifoliat Orange, Japanese Hardy Orange32
Prunus americanaAmerican Plum, American Wild Plum, Wild Plum32
Prunus besserianaDwarf Almond21
Prunus besseyiWestern Sand Cherry41
Prunus canescensGreyleaf Cherry31
Prunus cerasiferaCherry Plum, Myrobalan Plum, Newport Cherry Plum, Pissard Plum41
Prunus cerasifera divaricata 41
Prunus davidianaChinese Wild Peach23
Prunus dawyckensisDawyck Cherry31
Prunus mahalebMahaleb Cherry31
Prunus mexicanaMexican Plum21
Prunus pumilaDwarf American Cherry, Sandcherry, Western sandcherry, Eastern sandcherry, Great Lakes sandcherry41
Prunus pumila susquehanaeDwarf American Cherry41
Prunus serrulaBirch Bark Cherry, Japanese flowering cherry21
Prunus sibiricaSiberian Apricot32
Prunus tenellaDwarf Russian Almond31
Pyrus betulaefoliaBirch-Leaved Pear21
Pyrus calleryanaCallery Pear20
Pyrus pashiaIndian Wild Pear31
Pyrus phaeocarpa 20
Pyrus regellii 20
Pyrus ussuriensisHarbin Pear, Chinese pear, Ussurian Pear40
Rhododendron luteumHoneysuckle Azalea00
Rosa multifloraJapanese Rose, Multiflora rose22
Syringa vulgarisLilac, Common lilac11
Vaccinium arboreumFarkleberry21
Viburnum lantanaWayfaring Tree, Wayfaring Tree Viburnum10
Vitis berlandieriSpanish Grape30
Vitis cinerea floridanaCurrant Grape30
Vitis labruscaNorthern Fox Grape, Fox grape31
Vitis ripariaRiverbank Grape30
Vitis rupestrisSand Grape30
Solanum torvumPea Eggplant, Turkey berry33
Annona atemoyaAtemoya50
Ficus racemosaCluster Fig32
Juglans neotropicaAndean Walnut32
Passiflora laurifoliaYellow Granadilla42
Citropsis gilletianaGillet's cherry-orange00
Solanum aethiopicumMock Tomato, Ethiopian nightshade32
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