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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Adiantum venustumEvergreen Maidenhair Fern01
Akebia quinataAkebia, Chocolate vine, Fiveleaf Akebia, Chocolate Vine42
Androsace sarmentosaRock Jasmine02
Antirrhinum majusSnapdragon, Garden snapdragon11
Aquilegia brevistylaSmallflower columbine21
Aquilegia canadensisWild Columbine, Red columbine, Meeting Houses, Common Columbine22
Aquilegia coeruleaRocky Mountain Columbine, Colorado blue columbine, Dailey's columbine, White Colorado columbine21
Aquilegia flavescensColumbine, Yellow columbine21
Aquilegia formosaWestern Columbine22
Aquilegia formosa truncataColumbine22
Aquilegia jonesiiColumbine, Jones' columbine, Blue limestone columbine21
Aquilegia pubescensColumbine, Sierra columbine21
Aquilegia shockleyi 21
Boehmeria niveaRamie, Chinese Grass, Chinese Silk Plant22
Brassica rapa chinensisPak Choi41
Dianthus superbusFringed Pink23
Dioscorea tokoro 22
Dryopteris crassirhizomaCrown Wood-Fern14
Erysimum cheiriWallflower, Aegean wallflower02
Fritillaria imperialisCrown Imperial, Imperial fritillary, Crown Imperial Fritillary21
Galeopsis tetrahitCommon Hemp Nettle, Brittlestem hempnettle01
Glycine maxSoya Bean42
Glycine sojaWild Soya Bean32
Hibiscus sabdariffaRoselle33
Hypericum perforatumSt. John's Wort, Common St. Johnswort24
Inula britannicaXuan Fu Hua, British yellowhead03
Juniperus chinensisChinese Juniper, Sargent juniper02
Lamium albumWhite Dead Nettle23
Lathyrus aphacaYellow-Flowered Pea11
Lathyrus pratensisMeadow Vetchling01
Lepidium latifoliumDittander, Broadleaved pepperweed31
Linum hybridsPerennial Flax44
Linum usitatissimumFlax, Common flax43
Mimosa pudicaMorivivir, Sensitive Plant22
Nelumbo nuciferaSacred Water Lotus, Sacred lotus43
Nerium oleanderOleander, Rose Bay02
Patrinia scabiosifoliaEastern Valerian, Scabious Patrinia13
Pedicularis sceptrum carolinumLousewort11
Pimpinella saxifragaBurnet Saxifrage, Solidstem burnet saxifrage22
Polygonatum odoratumSolomon's Seal23
Potamogeton natansBroad-Leaved Pondweed, Floating pondweed31
Pulmonaria officinalisLungwort, Common lungwort, Jerusalem Sage, Jerusalem Cowslip23
Reseda odorataMignonette, Garden mignonette01
Sambucus racemosaRed Elder, Red elderberry, Rocky Mountain elder, European Red Elderberry32
Sambucus racemosa kamtschaticaRed Elder32
Tarchonanthus camphoratusCamphor Bush, Wild Camphor Bush13
Ulmus proceraEnglish Elm32
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