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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Arundinaria giganteaCanebrake bamboo, Cane Reed, Giant cane31
Bactris gasipaesPeach Palm, Pupunha52
Bambusa bambosGiant Thorny Bamboo33
Bambusa nutansNodding Bamboo, Mai bong20
Bambusa oldhamiiRyoku-Chiku, Giant Timber Bamboo, Oldham's Bamboo20
Bambusa polymorphaBurmese bamboo, Jama Betua20
Bambusa vulgarisCommon Bamboo32
Ensete ventricosumEthiopian Banana, Abyssinian banana20
Musa acuminataDwarf Banana, Edible banana52
Musa basjooJapanese Banana22
Phyllostachys bambusoidesMadake, Japanese timber bamboo41
Phyllostachys edulisMoso-Chiku, Tortoise shell bamboo41
Phyllostachys glauca 30
Phyllostachys nudaNude Sheath Bamboo40
Dendrocalamus asperGiant Bamboo, Dragon bamboo, Sweet bamboo40
Dendrocalamus giganteusGiant Bamboo, Bhalu bans, Dhungre bans21
Dendrocalamus latiflorusSweet Bamboo, Sweet bamboo shoot, Taiwan giant bamboo40
Gigantochloa hasskarlianaAwi Tela40
Metroxylon amicarumCaroline Ivory Nut Palm31
Metroxylon saguSago Palm40
Musa textilisAbaca00
Thyrsostachys siamensisMonastery Bamboo40
Bambusa blumeanaSpiny Bamboo. Spiny bamboo, Thorny bamboo20
Bambusa heterostachyaMalay Dwarf Green00
Bambusa tuldaBengal Bamboo. Spineless Indian bamboo20
Cephalostachyum pergracileTinwa Bamboo30
Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiTama Bamboo. Tufted bamboo30
Dendrocalamus hookeriBhalu bans, Bhutan Green Bamboo20
Dendrocalamus membranaceusWhite bamboo30
Dendrocalamus strictusMale Bamboo. Calcutta Stricta or Bamboo31
Eugeissona utilisStilt-root Palm. Wild Borneo sago palm20
Gigantochloa verticillataWhorled bamboo, Giant stripy bamboo30
Gigantochloa albociliataClumping bamboo30
Gigantochloa apusWatho. Tabashir Bamboo20
Gigantochloa atroviolaceaBlack Bamboo. Giant Black bamboo20
Gigantochloa levisBulo semilang, Buloh seremai, Bolo32
Melocanna bacciferaBerry Bamboo. Mali bamboo32
Bambusa atraClumping Bamboo. Long pipe bamboo.20
Dendrocalamus brandesiiVelvet Leaf Bamboo, Clumping Bamboo30
Gigantochloa baluiClumping Bamboo20
Lingnania chungiiClumping Bamboo, white bamboo, tropical blue bamboo00
Arundinaria sppRunning Bamboo31
Bambusa pervariabilisClumping Bamboo30
Bambusa textilisClumping Bamboo. Weaver's bamboo30
Guadua angustifoliaClumping Bamboo. Guadua00
Ochlandra spp.Elephant grass, Clumping Bamboo00
Schizostachyum sppClumping Bamboo23
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