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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Aleurites moluccanusCandle Nut, Country Walnut33
Anacardium occidentaleCashew, Caju53
Attalea speciosaBabassu, American Oil Palm, Motacu, Motacuchi42
Azadirachta indicaNeem24
Caesalpinia digynaTeri pods, Udakiryaka22
Ceiba pentandraKapok Tree, Cotton Tree, Suma'ma33
Croton tigliumCroton Oil Plant. Croton, Purging croton.03
Hevea brasiliensisPara Rubber Tree, Brazilian Rubber Tree20
Jatropha curcasPhysic Nut, Barbados Nut23
Licania rigidaOiticica00
Litsea calophyllaTagutugan30
Litsea glutinosaIndian Laurel. Brown bollygum, Maida lakri22
Melia azederachBead Tree, Pride of India, Chinaberry33
Parinari curatellifoliaMbola, Grys Appel42
Pongamia pinnataPongam, Karum Tree, Poonga-Oil Tree, Indian Beech03
Prunus armeniacaApricot43
Prunus armeniaca mandschuricaManchurian apricot43
Prunus pedunculata 21
Prunus sibiricaSiberian Apricot32
Prunus spinosaSloe - Blackthorn32
Rhus succedaneaWax Tree12
Ricinus communisCastor-Oil Plant, Castorbean, Palma Christi, Wonder Tree, Castor Oil Plant14
Sapindus saponariaSoapberry, Wild Chinaberry, Florida Soap Berry, Soap Nut, Soap Tree02
Sapium sebiferumVegetable Tallow, Chinese tallow, Popcorn Tree, Chinese Tallow Tree22
Semecarpus anacardiumMarking Nut Tree. Oriental Cashew23
Simarouba amaraParadise tree, bitterwood34
Terminalia belliricaBeleric Myrobalan23
Toxicodendron sylvestreYame-haze00
Toxicodendron vernicifluumLacquer Tree01
Trichilia emeticaBanket mahogany, Natal mahogany, 23
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