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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Agrimonia pilosaHairy Agrimony23
Alisma plantago-aquaticaGreat Water Plantain, ZE-XIE, European water plantain, American water plantain, Northern water plan13
Allium cepaOnion, Garden onion53
Allium cepa aggregatumPotato Onion43
Allium cepa ascalonicumShallot53
Allium cepa proliferumTree Onion, Walking Onion53
Allium sativumGarlic, Cultivated garlic55
Aloe arborescensCandelabra Aloe, Tree Aloe, Mountain Bush Aloe25
Anacardium occidentaleCashew, Caju53
Andrographis paniculataGreen Chireta, Creat, Nilavembu, Kirayat, Chuan Xin Lian, King of Bitters14
Anemarrhena asphodeloidesZhi Mu03
Aquilaria crassnaAgar Wood, Agarwood03
Archidendron jiringaJengkol, Jiringa42
Arctium lappaGreat Burdock, Gobo45
Arctium minusLesser Burdock35
Astragalus membranaceusHuang Qi05
Atractylodes japonicaJapanese Atractylodes23
Avena sativaOats, Common oat33
Baccharis genistelloidesCarqueja04
Bauhinia forficataBrazilian Orchid Tree04
Bombax ceibaRed Silk Cotton Tree, Kapok Tree22
Bowdichia virgilioidesAlcornoco02
Carex arenariaSand Sedge22
Catharanthus roseusMadagascar Periwinkle, Jasmine, Cayenne Old Maid Periwinkle14
Cichorium intybusChicory, Radicchio, Succory, Witloof43
Cirsium ochrocentrumYellow Spined Thistle22
Coccinia grandisIvy Gourd22
Coix lacryma-jobiJob's Tears33
Conyza canadensisCanada Fleabane, Canadian horseweed13
Costus aferSpiral Ginger, Ginger lily, White spiral costus.24
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