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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Ziziphus jujubaJujube43
Ficus caricaFig, Edible fig, Fig Common42
Malus domesticaApple52
Prunus salicinaJapanese Plum21
Prunus dulcisAlmond, Sweet almond43
Punica granatumPomegranate, Dwarf Pomegranate44
Prunus persica nucipersicaNectarine43
Citrus latifoliaCitrus Tahitian Lime42
Prunus armeniacaApricot43
Prunus armeniaca mandschuricaManchurian apricot43
Abutilon x hybridumChinese Lantern, Flowering Maple30
Arbutus unedoStrawberry Tree42
Callistemon citrinusCrimson Bottlebrush, Red Bottlebrush, Lemon Bottlebrush20
Camellia japonicaCamellia, Common Camellia, Japanese Camellia32
Camellia sasanquaCamellia, Sasanqua camellia31
Carpinus betulusHornbeam, European hornbeam, Common Hornbeam, European Hornbeam02
Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam, Blue Beech, Ironwood, American Hornbeam11
Cedrus deodaraDeodar, Deodar cedar02
Cedrus libaniCedar Of Lebanon11
Chaenomeles speciosaJapanese Quince, Flowering quince32
Chimonanthus praecoxWinter Sweet21
Chiococca albaWest Indian Snow Berry, David's rot, Skunk-root, Snowberry.02
Chrysobalanus icacoCoco Plum, Paradise Plum42
Citrus reticulataMandarin, Tangerine, Unshu orange, Satsuma Orange,Temple Orange, Tangerine33
Citrus sinensisSweet Orange43
Citrus x paradisiGrapefruit, Pomelo, Pamplemousse41
Clerodendrum trichotomumChou Wu Tong, Harlequin glorybower, Ferruginous clerodendrum, Harlequin Glory Bower13
Crataegus aestivalisEastern Mayhaw, May hawthorn, Mayhaw, Apple Hawthorn32
Crataegus canbyiCockspur hawthorn, Dwarf Hawthorn, Cockspur Hawthorn22
Crataegus crus-galliCockspur Thorn, Cockspur hawthorn, Dwarf Hawthorn22
Crataegus laevigataMidland Hawthorn, Smooth hawthorn, English Hawthorn35
Crataegus mollisRed Haw, Downy hawthorn42
Crataegus phaenopyrumWashington Thorn, Washington Hawthorn22
Eriobotrya japonicaLoquat, Japanese Loquat43
Escallonia rubraEscallonia, Redclaws, Red Escallonia00
Forsythia suspensaLian Qiao, Weeping forsythia13
Forsythia x intermediaGolden Bell, Border Forsythia00
Fremontodendron californicumFlannel Flower, California flannelbush, Common Flannel Bush02
Hydrangea anomalaHydrangea31
Ilex cornutaHorned Holly, Chinese holly12
Ilex crenataJapanese Holly, Box Leaved Holly10
Laburnum alpinumScotch Laburnum, Alpine Bea Tree, Alpine Golden Chain Tree01
Magnolia denudataLily Tree, Yulan Magnolia12
Magnolia grandifloraSouthern Magnolia, Bull Bay, Large-flowered Magnolia, Southern Magnolia22
Malus baccataChinese Crab, Siberian crab apple21
Malus floribundaJapanese Crab, Japanese flowering crab apple30
Malus hupehensisChinese Crab, Chinese crab apple, Tea Crabapple, Flowering Tea Crabapple20
Malus pumilaParadise Apple, Common Apple, Apple Tree42
Myoporum laetumNgaio, Ngaio tree, Mousehole Tree11
Olea europaeaOlive, African olive, European olive43
Podocarpus macrophyllusKusamaki, Yew plum pine, Buddhist Pine, Chinese Podocarpus, Chinese Yew Pine, Japanese Yew, Souther21
Poncirus trifoliataBitter Orange, Hardy orange, Trifoliat Orange, Japanese Hardy Orange32
Prunus americanaAmerican Plum, American Wild Plum, Wild Plum32
Prunus angustifoliaChickasaw Plum, Watson's plum, Hally Jolivette Cherry31
Prunus aviumWild Cherry, Sweet cherry42
Prunus persicaPeach, Flowering Peach, Ornamental Peach, Common Peach53
Pyracantha angustifoliaNarrowleaf firethorn, Pyracantha10
Pyracantha coccineaFirethorn, Scarlet firethorn, Pyracantha, Firethorn10
Pyrus calleryanaCallery Pear20
Sophora secundifloraMescal Bean, Texas Mountain Laurel01
Stewartia pseudocamelliaJapanese Stewartia10
Taxus baccataYew, English yew, Common Yew34
Tilia mongolicaMongolian Lime31
Tilia platyphyllosLarge Leaved Lime, Largeleaf linden, Bigleaf Linden53
Vitex agnus-castusAgnus Castus, Lilac chastetree, Vitex, Chastetree25
Wisteria floribundaJapanese Wisteria20
Wisteria sinensisChinese Wisteria11
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