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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Alliaria petiolataGarlic Mustard32
Alnus rubraRed Alder, Oregon Alder22
Amaranthus spinosusSpiny Amaranth23
Amorpha canescensLead Plant22
Amorpha fruticosaFalse Indigo, False indigo bush12
Anogeissus leiocarpaAfrican Birch24
Aralia nudicaulisWild Sarsaparilla43
Aralia racemosaAmerican Spikenard33
Arctium lappaGreat Burdock, Gobo45
Arctium minusLesser Burdock35
Aristolochia clematitisBirthwort02
Aristolochia rotundaSnakeroot02
Arnebia euchroma 02
Artemisia campestrisField Southernwood02
Artemisia ludovicianaWhite Sage, Louisiana Sage, Prairie Sage, Western Mugwort22
Aspalathus linearisRooibos33
Avena sativaOats, Common oat33
Azadirachta indicaNeem24
Bassia scopariaSummer Cypress, Burningbush22
Bellis perennisDaisy, Lawndaisy, English Daisy23
Betula pendulaSilver Birch, European white birch, Common Birch, Warty Birch, European White Birch33
Betula pubescensWhite Birch, Downy birch33
Canarium schweinfurtiiAfrican elemi33
Carapa guianensisAndiroba04
Carex arenariaSand Sedge22
Carlina acaulisStemless Carline Thistle22
Ceanothus velutinusSticky Laurel, Snowbrush ceanothus, Hooker's ceanothus22
Celosia argentea cristataLagos Spinach, Common Cockscomb43
Chenopodium vulvariaStinking Goosefoot. Arrach - Wormseed21
Clematis columbianaRock Clematis01
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