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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abies grandisGrand Fir, Giant Fir, Lowland White Fir22
Acacia aneuraMulga Acacia30
Adiantum capillus-venerisMaidenhair Fern, Common maidenhair, Southern Maidenhair Fern, Venus Maidenhair Fern, Venus's Hair Fe22
Agave utahensis discretaCentury Plant31
Agave utahensis eborispinaCentury Plant31
Anacamptis pyramidalisPyramidal Orchid21
Aralia hispidaBristly Sarsaparilla21
Arctostaphylos glaucaBigberry Manzanita22
Atriplex canescensGrey Sage Brush, Fourwing saltbush41
Banksia marginataSilver Banksia20
Bromus mangoMango, Mango brome20
Buddleia asiaticaBai Bei Feng11
Chenopodium pallidicauleCañihua30
Cicer arietinumChick Pea41
Clematis buchananiana 12
Coreopsis tinctoria atkinsonianaCoreopsis11
Corispermum declinatum 10
Cornus floridaFlowering Dogwood22
Cydonia oblongaQuince42
Dacrydium cupressinumRimu, New zealand red pine20
Dasylirion simplex 20
Dasylirion texanumTexas sotol20
Dasylirion wheeleriSotol, Common sotol, Bear Grass, Common Sotol, Desert Spoon20
Datura inoxiaDowny Thorn Apple, Pricklyburr13
Datura metelThorn Apple, Angel's Trumpet, Hindu Datura, Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple13
Datura quercifoliaOak Leaf Datura, Chinese thorn-apple13
Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus 23
Eucalyptus gummiferaRed Bloodwood13
Euphorbia serpyllifoliaThymeleaf Sandmat22
Fraxinus americanaWhite Ash12
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