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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acer saccharumSugar Maple, Florida Maple, Hard Maple, Rock Maple42
Akebia trifoliataAkebia, Threeleaf Akebia42
Alangium chinense 03
Angelica gigasGiant Angelica, Purple Parsnip, Korean Angelica22
Campsis grandifloraTrumpet Creeper02
Coptis chinensisHuang Lian03
Cotoneaster frigidus 01
Crataegus cuneataSanzashi, Chinese hawthorn33
Dendranthema indicumChrysanthemum23
Drosera peltataSundew02
Euonymus alatusWinged Spindle Tree, Burningbush, Corky spindletree12
Euonymus alatus apterusWinged Spindle Tree12
Hydrangea paniculataPanicled hydrangea, Hybrid Hydrangea, PeeGee Hydrangea, Panicle Hydrangea12
Juglans californicaCalifornia Walnut, Southern California walnut21
Juniperus occidentalisWestern Juniper32
Juniperus osteospermaDesert Juniper, Utah juniper22
Leonurus macranthus 11
Lysimachia paridiformis 02
Mahonia aquifoliumOregon Grape, Hollyleaved barberry, Oregon Holly Grape, Oregon Holly33
Mahonia nervosaOregon Grape, Cascade barberry32
Mahonia pumilaDwarf Barberry32
Ostrya virginianaIronwood, Hophornbeam, Hop Hornbeam American, Hop Hornbeam Eastern01
Pedicularis canadensisCommon Lousewort12
Podocarpium oldhamii 21
Podocarpium podocarpum fallax 11
Rosa acicularisPrickly Rose22
Rosa x beanii 21
Rubus parviflorusThimbleberry33
Salvia apianaWhite Sage, Compact white sage31
Siegesbeckia orientalis pubescens 12
Sporobolus indicusSmut Grass, Rat-tail grass, West Indian dropseed11
Thlaspi arvensePennycress, Field pennycress22
Urceola micrantha 02
Uvularia sessilifoliaBellwort, Sessileleaf bellwort21
Vaccinium angustifoliumLow Sweet Blueberry, Lowbush blueberry31
Vernonia glaucaIronweed, Broadleaf ironweed01
Veronica undulataUndulate speedwell11
Viola diffusa 22
Viola pinnata 31
Wyethia mollisWoolly Wyethia, Woolly mule-ears41
Paraderris ellipticaDerris02
Trichanthera giganteaGiant trichanthera, Nacadero22
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