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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abies spectabilisHimalayan Fir02
Aconitum heterophyllum 12
Aconitum palmatum 01
Acorus gramineusGrass-leaved Sweet Rush, Japanese Sweet Flag, Dwarf Sweet Flag33
Aesculus parvifloraBottlebrush buckeye21
Ajuga bracteosaBugle, Lungememen01
Anemopsis californicaYerba Mansa22
Artemisia annuaQing Hao, Sweet sagewort14
Benincasa hispidaWax Gourd33
Berberis aristataChitra, Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric43
Bupleurum chinenseBei Chai Hu23
Bupleurum falcatumThorow-Wax22
Buxus sempervirensBox, Common box, American Boxwood12
Caesalpinia decapetalaMysore Thorn, Shoofly02
Calycanthus floridusCarolina Allspice, Eastern sweetshrub, Strawberry Bush, Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice32
Cannabis sativaHemp, Marijuana44
Castanea pumilaChinquapin, Ozark chinkapin42
Castanea pumila asheiChinquapin41
Ceratophyllum demersumHornwort, Coon's tail11
Cimicifuga foetidaFoetid Bugbane13
Citrus limonLemon45
Clematis chinensisWei Ling Xian12
Cornus amomumSilky Dogwood12
Cornus chinensis 23
Cornus floridaFlowering Dogwood22
Cornus nuttalliiMountain Dogwood, Pacific dogwood, Western Dogwood12
Cornus officinalisShan Zhu Yu, Asiatic dogwood, Japanese Cornel Dogwood43
Corydalis ambigua 13
Corydalis govaniana 02
Cudrania tricuspidataSilkworm Thorn, Storehousebush22
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