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Index of Latin Names: W
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Juglans cinereaButternut - White Walnut, ButternutJuglandaceaeWallia cinerea. Nux cinerea33
Warburgia salutarisPepperbark TreeCanellaceaeChibaca salutaris G.Bertol. Warburgia breyeri R.Pott24
Wasabia japonicaJapanese Horseradish, WasabiBrassicaceae or CruciferaeEutrema wasabi.41
Washingtonia filiferaDesert Fan Palm, California fan palm, California Washingtonia Palm, Petticoat Palm, Desert Fan PalArecaceae or PalmaeBrahea filamentosa. Brahea filifera. Livistona filamentosa. Neowashingtonia filamentosa. Neowashingt20
Weigela coraeensis Caprifoliaceae 10
Weigela decora Caprifoliaceae 10
Weigela floribundaCrimson weigelaCaprifoliaceae 10
Weigela floridaOldfashioned weigela, Rose Weigela, Old Fashioned WeigelaCaprifoliaceaeW. rosea. Calysphyrum floridum. Diervilla florida.00
Weigela hortensis Caprifoliaceae 10
Weigela japonica CaprifoliaceaeDiervilla japonica. D. versicolor.01
Weinmannia racemosaKamahiCunoniaceae 20
Wikstroemia japonica Thymelaeaceae 00
Wikstroemia sikokiana ThymelaeaceaeDiplomorpha sikokiana (Franch. & Sav.) Nakai00
Wisteria floribundaJapanese WisteriaFabaceae or LeguminosaeDolichos japonicus. Glycine floribunda. Kraunhia floribunda. Millettia floribunda. Rehsonia floribu20
Wisteria frutescensAmerican WisteriaFabaceae or LeguminosaeGlycine frutescens. Bradlea macrostachya. Kraunhia frutescens. Kraunhia macrostachya. Kraunhia macro10
Wisteria japonica Fabaceae or LeguminosaeMilletia japonica. Sieb.&Zucc.10
Wisteria sinensisChinese WisteriaFabaceae or LeguminosaeGlycine sinensis. Millettia chinensis. Rehsonia sinensis. Wisteria chinensis. Wisteria praecox11
Wisteria venustaSilky WisteriaFabaceae or LeguminosaeW. brachybotrys.12
Wisteria villosa Fabaceae or LeguminosaeRehsonia villosa. Wisteria brachybotrys. Wisteria chinensis10
Withania somniferaAshwagandha - Indian Ginseng, WithaniaSolanaceaePhysalis somnifera. Withania kansuensis. Withania microphysalis13
Wittsteinia vacciniaceaBaw-Baw BerryEpacridaceae 10
Wolffia arrhizaLeast Duckweed, Spotless watermealLemnaceae 40
Wolffia globosaKhai NamAraceae 40
Woodfordia fruticosaFire-flame bushLythraceaeGrislea punctata Buch.-Ham. ex Sm. Grislea tomentosa Roxb. Lythrum fruticosum L. Lythrum hunteri DC.22
Woodwardia radicansChain Fern, Rooting chainfernBlechnaceaeBlechnum radicans L.01
Wyethia amplexicaulisMulesears Wyethia, Mule-earsAsteraceae or CompositaeEspeletia amplexicaulis.31
Wyethia angustifoliaCalifornia Compass PlantAsteraceae or Compositae 21
Wyethia helianthoidesSunflower Wyethia, Sunflower mule-earsAsteraceae or Compositae 30
Wyethia longicaulisHumboldt MulesearsAsteraceae or Compositae 31
Wyethia mollisWoolly Wyethia, Woolly mule-earsAsteraceae or Compositae 41
Wyethia robusta Asteraceae or Compositae 10
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