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Index of Latin Names: V
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Cynanchum atratumBai WeiAsclepiadaceaeVincetoxicum atratum. (Bunge.)Morr.&Decne.12
Gaylussacia brachyceraBox HuckleberryEricaceaeVaccinium brachycerum. V. buxifolium.20
Gaylussacia frondosaDangleberry, Blue huckleberryEricaceaeVaccinium frondosum. V. venustum.30
Hebe salicifolia ScrophulariaceaeVeronica salicifolia.01
Hebe speciosaNew Zealand hebeScrophulariaceaeVeronica speciosa.00
Hebe x franciscanaHebeScrophulariaceaeVeronica decussata. V. elliptica. Hort non Forst.f. V. franciscana. V. lobelioides.00
Smilacina racemosaFalse SpikenardConvallariaceaeVagnera racemosa. Maianthemum racemosum. (L.)Link. Smilacena racemosa42
Vaccaria hispanicaCow Cockle, Cow soapwortCaryophyllaceaeV. pyramidata. V. segetilis. V. vulgaris. Saponaria vaccaria. L.13
Vaccinium alaskaenseAlaska BlueberryEricaceaeV. ovalifolium. non Smith.20
Vaccinium amoenumLarge-Cluster BlueberryEricaceae 20
Vaccinium angustifoliumLow Sweet Blueberry, Lowbush blueberryEricaceaeV. lamarckii. Camp. V. pennsylvanicun angustifolium. V. pensylvanicum. Lam. non Mill.31
Vaccinium angustifolium laevifoliumLow Sweet BlueberryEricaceaeV. pennsylvanicun angustifolium.30
Vaccinium arboreumFarkleberryEricaceaeBatodendron andrachniforme. Batodendron arboreum21
Vaccinium arbusculaDwarf bilberryEricaceaeVaccinium caespitosum. Vaccinium nivictum10
Vaccinium arctostaphylosCaucasian WhortleberryEricaceae 30
Vaccinium asheiRabbiteye BlueberryEricaceaePolycodium ashei. Harb.20
Vaccinium bracteatumSea BilberryEricaceaeAndromeda chinensis.11
Vaccinium brittonii EricaceaeV. angustifolium nigrum. (Wood.)Dole.10
Vaccinium caesarienseNew Jersey blueberryEricaceae 20
Vaccinium caespitosumDwarf BilberryEricaceae 31
Vaccinium ciliatum Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium constablaeiHillside BlueberryEricaceaeV. pallidum. Ait.30
Vaccinium corymbosumHigh-Bush Blueberry, American Blueberry, Swamp Blueberry, BlueberryEricaceae 41
Vaccinium crassifoliumCreeping BlueberryEricaceae 30
Vaccinium cylindraceum Ericaceae 20
Vaccinium darrowiiDarrow's blueberryEricaceae 10
Vaccinium deliciosumAlpine Blueberry, Cascade bilberryEricaceae 30
Vaccinium duclouxii Ericaceae 30
Vaccinium elliottiiElliott's blueberryEricaceae 10
Vaccinium erythrocarpumSouthern Mountain CranberryEricaceaeOxycoccus erythrocarpus. Hugeria erythrocarpa30
Vaccinium formosumSwamp Highbush Blueberry, Southern blueberryEricaceaeVaccinium australe30
Vaccinium fuscatumBlack Highbush BlueberryEricaceaeV. corymbosum atrococcum.30
Vaccinium hirsutumHairy HuckleberryEricaceaeCyanococcus hirsutus.30
Vaccinium hirtum Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium japonicum EricaceaeHugeria japonica. Nakai.20
Vaccinium koreanum Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium leucanthum Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium macrocarponAmerican Cranberry, CranberryEricaceaeOxycoccus macrocarpus. (Ait.)Pursh.31
Vaccinium melanocarpumGeorgia BlueberryEricaceaeV. stamineum melanocarpum. Mohr. Polycodium melanocarpum.20
Vaccinium membranaceumMountain Huckleberry, Thinleaf huckleberryEricaceaeV. myrtilloides. non Michx.31
Vaccinium modestum Ericaceae 30
Vaccinium mortiniaMortiñoEricaceaeV. floribundum. H.B.K.20
Vaccinium myrsinitesFlorida Evergreen Blueberry, Shiny blueberryEricaceaeV. nitidum.21
Vaccinium myrtilloidesSourtop Blueberry, Velvetleaf huckleberryEricaceaeV. canadense. Richards.31
Vaccinium myrtillusBilberry, WhortleberryEricaceaeVaccinium myrtillus oreophilum, Vaccinium oreophilum43
Vaccinium neglectumDeerberryEricaceae 20
Vaccinium nummularia Ericaceae 20
Vaccinium occidentaleWestern BlueberryEricaceae 20
Vaccinium oldhamii EricaceaeV. ciliatum. non Thunb.20
Vaccinium ovalifoliumBlack Huckleberry, Oval-leaf blueberryEricaceae 31
Vaccinium ovatumEvergreen Huckleberry, Florist's Huckleberry, Shot Huckleberry, Californian HuckleberryEricaceae 31
Vaccinium oxycoccosSmall CranberryEricaceaeOxycoccus oxycoccos. Oxycoccus palustris. O. quadripetalus. Oxycoccus vulgaris.41
Vaccinium padifoliumMadeiran WhortleberryEricaceaeV. arctostaphylos. non L. V. maderense.20
Vaccinium parvifoliumRed Bilberry, Red huckleberryEricaceae 31
Vaccinium praestansKamchatka BilberryEricaceae 40
Vaccinium salicinum EricaceaeV. uliginosum salicinum. (Cham.)Hulten.20
Vaccinium scopariumGrouseberry, Grouse whortleberryEricaceaeV. erythrococcum. V. microphyllum. non Bl. V. myrtillus microphyllum.21
Vaccinium simulatumupland highbush blueberryEricaceaeCyanococcus simulatus. Vaccinium stamineum sericeum20
Vaccinium smallii Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium sprengelii EricaceaeV. donnianum. Wight.10
Vaccinium stamineumDeerberryEricaceaeV. candicans.30
Vaccinium tallapusae Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium tenellumSmall-Cluster BlueberryEricaceaeCyanococcus tenellus (Aiton) Small10
Vaccinium uliginosumBog BilberryEricaceae 31
Vaccinium vacciniaceum Ericaceae 10
Vaccinium vacillansDryland BlueberryEricaceaeV. torreyanum. Cyanococcus vacillans.30
Vaccinium virgatumRabbit-Eye Blueberry, Smallflower blueberryEricaceae 10
Vaccinium vitis-idaeaCowberry, Lingonberry, Northern mountain cranberry, CranberryEricaceae 32
Vachellia karrooCape Thorn TreeFabaceaeAcacia capensis E.Mey. Acacia hirtella E.Mey. Acacia horrida (L.) Willd. Acacia inconflagrabilis Ger21
Vachellia niloticaGum Arabic TreeFabaceaeAcacia nilotica (L.) Delile. Acacia adansonii Guill. & Perr. Acacia adstringens (Schumach.) Berhaut. Acacia arabica (Lam.) Willd. Acacia benthamii Rochebr., nom. illeg. Acacia nebneb Adans. Acacia neboued Baill. Acacia scorpioides (L.) W. Wight. Acacia subalata Vatke. Acacia taitensis Vatke. Mimosa adstringens Schumach. Mimosa arabica Lam. Mimosa nilotica L. Mimosa scorpioides L.22
Vachellia seyalShittim WoodFabaceaeAcacia hockii De Wild. Acacia seyal Delile Acacia stenocarpa Hochst. ex A.Rich.22
Vachellia tortilisUmbrella ThornFabaceaeAcacia heteracantha Burch. Acacia raddiana Savi. Acacia spirocarpa Hochst. ex A.Rich. Acacia tortili22
Valeriana amurensis Valerianaceae 10
Valeriana capitataValerian, Captiate valerianValerianaceae 11
Valeriana celtica Valerianaceae 11
Valeriana ciliataTobacco RootValerianaceaeValeriana edulis var. ciliata (Torr. & A. Gray) B. Boivin.10
Valeriana dioicaMarsh Valerian, Woods valerianValerianaceae 11
Valeriana fauriei Valerianaceae 01
Valeriana hardwickii Valerianaceae 03
Valeriana jatamansiIndian ValerianValerianaceaeV. jatamansii. Jones.03
Valeriana obovataTobacco RootValerianaceaeV. edulis. Nutt.21
Valeriana occidentaliswestern valerianValerianaceae 11
Valeriana officinalisValerian, Garden valerianValerianaceaeValeriana baltica Pleijel. Valeriana exaltata J.C. Mikan23
Valeriana phu Valerianaceae 21
Valeriana sambucifolia ValerianaceaeV. officinalis sambucifolia. (Mikan.f.)Celak.23
Valeriana sitchensisAmerican Valerian, Sitka valerianValerianaceae 13
Valeriana toluccana Valerianaceae 22
Valeriana uliginosaMountain ValerianValerianaceae 02
Valerianella carinataKeeled-Fruited Cornsalad, European cornsaladValerianaceae 20
Valerianella chenopodifolia Valerianaceae 20
Valerianella eriocarpaItalian Corn SaladValerianaceae 30
Valerianella locustaCorn Salad, Lewiston cornsaladValerianaceaeV. olitoria.40
Valerianella radiataBeaked CornsaladValerianaceae 20
Vallisneria americanaWater Celery, American eelgrassHydrocharitaceaeV. gigantea. Gaertn.10
Vallisneria spiralisEel GrassHydrocharitaceae 12
Vangueria infaustaAfrican medlarRubiaceaeCanthium infaustum (Burch.) Baill. Vangueria barnimiana Schweinf. Vangueria campanulata Robyns Vangu42
Vanilla planifoliaVanillaOrchidaceaeEpidendrum rubrum Lam. Myrobroma fragrans Salisb. Notylia planifolia (Jacks. ex Andrews) Conz. Notyl42
Vasconcellea x heilborniiBabacoCaricaceaeCarica chrysopetala Heilborn Carica pentagona Heilborn Carica x heilbornii V.M.Badillo40
Vateria indicaWhite DammarDipterocarpaceaeThis name is unresolved.32
Veratrum albumWhite Hellebore, White false helleboreMelanthiaceae 02
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