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Index of Latin Names: U
Latin NameCommon NameHabitHeightHardinessGrowthSoilShadeMoistureEdibleMedicinalOther
Chasmanthium latifoliumIndian Woodoats, Wild Oats Grass, North American Wild Oats, Northern Sea Oats, Spanglegrass River OaPerennial1.0 4-10 MLMSNM103
Disporum sessileJapanese Fairy BellsPerennial0.6 4-8 FLMHSM10 
Disporum viridescens Perennial0.6 -  LMHFSM10 
Distichlis palmeriNipa. Palmer saltgrass, NyPa Wild WheatPerennial0.4 10-12 FLMHSNMWeWa402
Laportea canadensisCanadian Wood NettlePerennial1.0 0-0  LMHSNM312
Oreocnide integrifoliaWild RheaTree12.0 10-12 SLMHFSMWe004
Oxandra laurifoliaYaya, lancewoodTree10.0 10-12 MLMHNM004
Panicum maximumGuinea grass. Green panic grassPerennial2.0 10-12 FLMFSNDM122
Uapaca kirkianaWild LoquatTree12.0 10-12 MLMSNM423
Ugni molinaeUñi, Chilean guavaShrub2.0 7-11 MLMHNDM503
Ulex europaeusGorse, Common gorseShrub1.5 5-9 FLMHNDM115
Ulex parviflorus Shrub1.5 6-9 FLMHNDM003
Ullucus tuberosusOllucoPerennial0.3 8-10  LMNM300
Ulmus alataWinged ElmTree15.0 6-9 FLMHSNM202
Ulmus americanaAmerican Elm, Gray Elm, Water ElmTree25.0 3-9 MLMHSNM223
Ulmus davidianaJapanese ElmTree15.0 4-8  LMHSNM201
Ulmus glabraWych Elm, Table-top Scotch Elm, Scotch ElmTree30.0 5-7 FLMHSNM322
Ulmus japonicaJapanese ElmTree35.0 4-8  LMHSNM211
Ulmus laciniata Tree10.0 4-8  LMHSNM20 
Ulmus macrocarpa Tree10.0 4-8  LMHSNDM211
Ulmus parvifoliaChinese Elm, Lacebark ElmTree18.0 5-10 MLMHSNM212
Ulmus proceraEnglish ElmTree35.0 5-9 FLMHSNM323
Ulmus pumilaSiberian Elm, Hybrid elmTree15.0 4-9 FLMHSNDM223
Ulmus rubraSlippery ElmTree20.0 3-7 MLMHSNM253
Ulmus thomasiiRock ElmTree30.0 - SLMHSNM102
Ulmus villosaCherry Bark ElmTree25.0 4-8  LMHSNM102
Ulmus wallichiana Tree35.0 5-9  LMHSNM113
Umbellularia californicaCalifornia Laurel, California BayTree25.0 7-10 MLMHNM423
Umbilicus rupestrisPennywortPerennial0.3 6-9  LMSNM31 
Uncaria guianensisCat's ClawClimber30.0 10-12 FLMNM242
Uncaria rhynchophylla Climber0.0 -  LMHSNM021
Uncaria tomentosaCat's ClawClimber25.0 10-12 FLMSNM242
Uniola paniculataSea Oats, Sea Oats GrassPerennial2.5 7-11 MLMSNM202
Urceola micrantha Climber50.0 -  LMHSNM02 
Urera bacciferaNettle Tree, Chichaste, OrtigaShrub4.0 10-12 FLMHSNMWe024
Urginea maritimaSea Squill, Red squillBulb1.0 8-11  LMNDM031
Urochloa mosambicensisSabi grass, Gonya grass, Bushveld signal grassPerennial1.2 10-12 FLMHSNM202
Urospermum dalechampii Perennial0.5 5-9  LMHSNM10 
Urtica angustifolia Perennial1.5 -  LMHSNM303
Urtica breweriStinging nettlePerennial1.0 0-0  LMHSNM323
Urtica californicaStinging Nettle, California nettlePerennial1.8 3-10  LMHSNM224
Urtica cannabina Perennial1.5 - MLMHSNM303
Urtica dioicaStinging Nettle, California nettlePerennial1.2 3-10 FLMHSNM554
Urtica gracilisStinging NettlePerennial1.5 -  LMHSNM333
Urtica holosericeaStinging NettlePerennial2.5 -  LMHSNM322
Urtica hyperborea Perennial0.3 -  LMHNM303
Urtica incisaScrub NettlePerennial1.8 -  LMHSNM303
Urtica laetevirens Perennial1.0 -  LMHSNM303
Urtica lyalliiStinging NettlePerennial1.2 -  LMHSNM333
Urtica parviflora Perennial0.5 -  LMHSNM313
Urtica piluliferaRoman NettleAnnual0.6 -  LMHNM333
Urtica platyphylla Perennial1.8 -  LMHSNM303
Urtica proceraStinging Nettle, California nettlePerennial1.5 0-0  LMHSNM323
Urtica serraCalifornia nettlePerennial1.5 0-0  LMHSNM323
Urtica thunbergiana Perennial0.8 -  LMHSNM303
Urtica urensAnnual NettleAnnual0.6 -  LMHNM333
Utricularia vulgarisBladderwortPerennial0.0 4-8  LMHNWa11 
Uvularia grandifloraFairybells, Merry Bells, Bellwort, Largeflower bellwortPerennial0.3 4-9 MLMFSM03 
Uvularia perfoliataBellwort, Perfoliate bellwortPerennial0.4 4-8  LMFSM22 
Uvularia sessilifoliaBellwort, Sessileleaf bellwortPerennial0.3 4-8 FLMFSM21 

Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water. Rating: 1 = Minor 5 = Great.

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