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Index of Latin Names: R
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acacia auriculiformisEar-Pod Wattle, Black Acacia, Earleaf, Black wattleFabaceaeRacosperma auriculiforme (Benth.) Pedley; Acacia auriculaeformis; Acacia moniliformis Griseb.10
Akebia quinataAkebia, Chocolate vine, Fiveleaf Akebia, Chocolate VineLardizabalaceaeRajania quinata.42
Annona mucosaWild SweetsopAnnonaceaeRollinia deliciosa Saff. Rollinia mucosa (Jacq.) Baill. Rollinia orthopetala A.DC. Rollinia pulchrin51
Berchemia lineata RhamnaceaeRhamnus lineatus.21
Boenninghausenia albiflora RutaceaeRuta alba02
Caragana jubataShag-SpineFabaceae or LeguminosaeRobinia jubata.01
Ceanothus cuneatusBuckbrush, Sedgeleaf buckbrush, Monterey ceanothusRhamnaceaeRhamnus cuneatus.21
Cotinus coggygriaSmoke Tree, European smoketree, Venetian Sumac, Wig Tree, Smoke TreeAnacardiaceaeRhus coggygria. R. cotinus.11
Dioscoreophyllum cumminsiiSerendipity Berry, Guinea potatoMenispermaceaeRhopalandria cumminsii Stapf, Rhopalandria lobata C.H.Wright, Dioscoreophyllum jollyanum Pierre ex D40
Garcinia brasiliensisBacupariClusiaceaeRheedia brasiliensis (Mart.) Planch. & Triana.42
Garcinia madrunoMadruno, Charichuela, MadronoClusiaceaeRheedia madruno (Kunth) Planch. & Triana.42
Lesquerella hybridsPerennial LesquerellaBrassicaceaeRecent work has shown that Lesquerella is indistinct from the genus Physaria and both genera have been united under Physaria. In addition, the former Lesquerella of the southeastern United States have been moved to the genus Paysonia since 2002.20
Marsippospermum grandiflorum JuncaceaeRostkovia grandiflora.00
Nasturtium officinaleWatercressBrassicaceae or CruciferaeRorippa nasturtium-aquaticum. (L.)Hayek. Sisymbrium nasturtium-aquaticum.43
Oxyria digynaMountain Sorrel, Alpine mountainsorrelPolygonaceaeRheum digynum.31
Polygonum sachalinenseGiant KnotweedPolygonaceaeReynoutria sachalinensis. (Freidrich.Schmidt.&Petrop.)Nakai.20
Ranunculus acrisMeadow Buttercup, Tall buttercup, Showy buttercupRanunculaceaeR. acer.12
Ranunculus aquatilisWater Crowfoot, White water crowfootRanunculaceaeR. diversifolius. R. heterophyllus. R. radicans.11
Ranunculus arvensisCorn ButtercupRanunculaceae 01
Ranunculus bulbosusBulbous Buttercup, St. Anthony's turnipRanunculaceae 12
Ranunculus californicusCalifornia ButtercupRanunculaceae 10
Ranunculus chinensisHui Hui SuanRanunculaceae 10
Ranunculus ficariaLesser Celandine - Pilewort, Fig buttercupRanunculaceaeFicaria verna. F. ranunculoides.12
Ranunculus flammulaLesser Spearwort, Greater creeping spearwortRanunculaceae 01
Ranunculus hirtus RanunculaceaeR. plebius.01
Ranunculus inamoeusGraceful ButtercupRanunculaceae 10
Ranunculus japonicusMao GenRanunculaceae 11
Ranunculus kochii RanunculaceaeR. edulis. Boiss.&Hohen.10
Ranunculus muricatusRough-Seed Buttercup, Spinyfruit buttercupRanunculaceae 01
Ranunculus nipponicus Ranunculaceae 10
Ranunculus occidentalisWestern ButtercupRanunculaceaeR. occidentalis eisenii. (Kellogg.)Gray.10
Ranunculus pallasiiButtercup, Pallas' buttercupRanunculaceae 10
Ranunculus pennsylvanicusPennsylvania ButtercupRanunculaceaeRanunculus pensylvanicus11
Ranunculus quelpaertensis Ranunculaceae 10
Ranunculus repensCreeping Buttercup, Prairie Double-flowered Buttercup, Water Buttercup, Creeping ButtercupRanunculaceae 11
Ranunculus reptansCreeping SpearwortRanunculaceae 10
Ranunculus rivularis Ranunculaceae 01
Ranunculus sceleratusCelery-Leaved Buttercup, Cursed buttercupRanunculaceae 11
Ranunculus tachreoi Ranunculaceae 10
Ranunculus ternatus RanunculaceaeR. zuchharinii. Miq.01
Raphanus landraRadishBrassicaceae or CruciferaeR. raphanistrum landra.20
Raphanus maritimaSea RadishBrassicaceae or CruciferaeR. raphanistrum maritimus.20
Raphanus raphanistrumWild RadishBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 21
Raphanus sativusRadish, Cultivated radishBrassicaceae or CruciferaeR. raphinastrum sativus.43
Raphanus sativus caudatusRat-Tail RadishBrassicaceae or CruciferaePart of R. sativa (Cornucopia)33
Raphanus sativus nigerOriental RadishBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 43
Raphanus sativus oleiformisFodder RadishBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 33
Raphia fariniferaRaffia PalmArecaceaeMetroxylon ruffia (Jacq.) Spreng. Raphia kirkii Engl. ex Becc. Raphia lyciosa Comm. ex Kunth Raphia30
Raphia hookeriIvory Coast Raffia PalmArecaceaeRaphia angolensis Rendle Raphia gigantea A.Chev. Raphia longirostris Becc. Raphia maxima Pechu?l-Loe32
Raphia palma-pinusThatch palmArecaceaeSagus palma-pinus Gaertn. Raphia gaertneri G.Mann & H.Wendl. Raphia gracilis Becc.02
Raphia viniferaWine Raffia Palm. Wine PalmArecaceaeMetroxylon viniferum (P.Beauv.) Spreng. Raphia diasticha Burret Sagus raphia Poir. Sagus vinifera (P.Beauv.) Pers.30
Ratibida columniferaPrairie Coneflower, Upright prairie coneflower, Woolly Cinquefoil, Praire Coneflower, Mexican HatAsteraceae or CompositaeR. columnaris. Lepachys columnaris.11
Rauvolfia serpentinaRauwolfia, Ajmaline, Java devil-pepperApocynaceaeOphioxylon album Gaertn. Ophioxylon obversum Miq. Ophioxylon salutiferum Salisb. Ophioxylon serpenti04
Reaumuria hypericoides Tamaricaceae 01
Rehmannia glutinosaChinese Foxglove - Di HuangGesneriaceaeChirita chanetii. Rehmannia chinensis. Gerardia glutinosa. Digitalis glutinosa.13
Reichardia picroidesFrench Scorzonera, Common brighteyesAsteraceae or CompositaeR. macrophylla. Picridium vulgare.50
Reineckia carnea Convallariaceae 01
Reseda luteaWild Mignonette, Yellow mignonetteResedaceae 10
Reseda luteolaWeld, Dyer's RocketResedaceae 01
Reseda odorataMignonette, Garden mignonetteResedaceae 01
Reseda phyteumaRampion mignonetteResedaceae 10
Reutealis trispermaOtaheite Walnut, Lumbang TreeEuphorbiaceaeAleurites saponarius Blanco Aleurites trispermus Blanco Camerium trispermum (Blanco) Kuntze02
Reynoutria japonicaJapanese knotweed.PolygonaceaeFallopia compacta (Hook.f.) G.H.Loos & P.Keil. Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Ronse Decr. Pleuropterus cuspidatus (Siebold & Zucc.) H.Gross. Pleuropterus zuccarinii (Small) Small. Polygonum compactum Hook.f. Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. Polygonum hachidyoense Makino. Polygonum reynoutria Makino. Polygonum reynoutria f. colorans Makino. Polygonum sieboldii de Vriese ex L.H.Bailey [Illegitimate]. Polygonum zuccarinii Small. Reynoutria compacta (Hook.f.) Nakai. Reynoutria hachidyoensis (Makino) Nakai. Reynoutria hachijoensis Nakai ex Jotani. Reynoutria hastata Nakai ex Ui. Reynoutria henryi Nakai. Reynoutria uzenensis (Honda) Honda. Tiniaria japonica (Houtt.) Hedberg33
Rhagodia candolleanaCoastal SaltbushChenopodiaceae 00
Rhagodia nutansClimbing SaltbushChenopodiaceae 20
Rhagodia parabolicaMealy SaltbushChenopodiaceae 10
Rhagodia spinescensSpiny SaltbushChenopodiaceae 20
Rhamnella franguloides RhamnaceaeR. japonica. Microrhamnus franguloides.10
Rhamnus alaternusItalian BuckthornRhamnaceae 00
Rhamnus carolinianusIndian Cherry, Oak, Carolina BuckthornRhamnaceaeFrangula caroliniana.21
Rhamnus catharticaCommon BuckthornRhamnaceaeCervispina cathartica (L.) Moench03
Rhamnus croceusRed BerryRhamnaceae 20
Rhamnus dahuricaDahurian BuckthornRhamnaceae 11
Rhamnus frangulaAlder BuckthornRhamnaceaeFrangula alnus. Mill. Frangula dodonei03
Rhamnus globosalokaoRhamnaceae 00
Rhamnus grandiflora Rhamnaceae 20
Rhamnus japonicaJapanese buckthornRhamnaceaeR. globosus. Sieb.&Zucc. non Bunge.11
Rhamnus leptophyllus Rhamnaceae 10
Rhamnus lycioides RhamnaceaeR. graecus. R. oleoides.00
Rhamnus nepalensis Rhamnaceae 11
Rhamnus persicus RhamnaceaeR. kurdicus. Boiss.&Hoh.20
Rhamnus purpureus Rhamnaceae 01
Rhamnus purshianaCascara SagradaRhamnaceaeFrangula purshiana. (DC.)Cooper., Rhamnus purshiana23
Rhamnus saxatilisAvignon Berry, Rock buckthornRhamnaceaeR. infectoria. L.00
Rhamnus saxatilis tinctoriusDyer's BuckthornRhamnaceaeR. tinctoria. Waldst.&Kit.00
Rhamnus triquetra Rhamnaceae 01
Rhamnus utilisChinese BuckthornRhamnaceae 00
Rhamnus virgatus RhamnaceaeR. hirsutus.11
Rhaphiolepis indicaIndian HawthornRosaceaeCrataegus indica.10
Rhaphiolepis umbellataJapanese HawthornRosaceaeR. japonica. R. ovata. Laurus umbellata.10
Rhaponticum scariosum rhaponticum Asteraceae or CompositaeCentaurea rhaponticum. L. Rhaponticum scabiosa. Leuzea rhapontica01
Rhaponticum uniflorum Asteraceae or Compositae 10
Rheum australeHimalayan RhubarbPolygonaceaeR. emodi. Wall.33
Rheum compactum Polygonaceae 20
Rheum coreanum Polygonaceae 01
Rheum nobileSikkim RhubarbPolygonaceae 32
Rheum officinaleChinese RhubarbPolygonaceae 13
Rheum palmatumTurkey Rhubarb, Chinese Rhubarb - Da Huang, Chinese rhubarbPolygonaceaeRheum potaninii, Rheum qinlingense, Rhabarbarum palmatum Moench: Unresolved35
Rheum palmatum tanguticumDa HuangPolygonaceaeR. tanguticum. (Reg.)Maxim.35
Rheum rhaponticumRhubarb, Garden rhubarbPolygonaceae 23
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