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Index of Latin Names: O
Latin NameCommon NameHabitHeightHardinessGrowthSoilShadeMoistureEdibleMedicinalOther
Achnatherum hymenoidesIndian Millet, Indian ricegrassPerennial0.6 7-10  LMHNM303
Anacamptis pyramidalisPyramidal OrchidPerennial0.3 5-9  LMHNDM21 
Atriplex truncataWedgescale SaltbushAnnual0.9 7-10  LMNDM204
Cephalostachyum pergracileTinwa BambooBamboo10.0 10-12 SLMHSNM303
Dactylorhiza incarnataMarsh OrchidBulb0.3 6-9  LMHSNM22 
Dactylorhiza maculataSpotted OrchidBulb0.6 4-8  LMHSNM22 
Fraxinus ornusManna Ash, Flowering ashTree9.0 5-6 SLMHNDM33 
Gymnadenia conopseaFragrant OrchidBulb0.3 6-9  LMHSNM22 
Ilex integraMochi TreeTree6.0 6-9  LMHSNM10 
Isodon inflexus Perennial0.6 -  LMHSNM10 
Macromeria viridifloraGiant Trumpets, Thurber's giant-trumpetsPerennial0.9 6-9  LMHNDM011
Matteuccia orientalis Fern0.6 4-8  LMHSM10 
Matteuccia struthiopterisOstrich FernFern1.0 2-7 MLMHSM212
Mirabilis nyctagineaWild Four O'clock Plant, Heartleaf four o'clockPerennial1.0 7-10  LMHSNM020
Ochlandra spp.Elephant grass, Clumping BambooBamboo6.0 10-12 FLMHSNM004
Ochroma pyramidaleBalsa WoodTree30.0 10-12 FLMHNM025
Ocimum basilicumSweet Basil, Common Basil, Thai Basil, Tropical BasilPerennial0.5 9-11 FLMNM432
Ocimum minimumBush BasilAnnual0.3 9-11  LMNM432
Ocimum tenuiflorumSacred BasilAnnual/Perennial1.0 10-12 FLMHNM442
Ocotea cymosaVarongyTree20.0 10-12 MLMFSNM204
Ocotea kenyensisTransvaal stinkwood, stinkhoutTree20.0 10-12 FLMHNM024
Ocotea porosaBrazilian-walnut, imbuiaTree18.0 10-12 SLMHNM004
Octomeles sumatranaIlimo TreeTree50.0 10-12 FMHNM224
Oemleria cerasiformisOso Berry, Indian plumShrub2.5 5-9  LMHSM21 
Oenanthe aquaticaWater Dropwort, Fineleaf waterdropwortPerennial1.5 0-0  LMHNWeWa02 
Oenanthe javanicaWater Dropwort, Java waterdropwort, Stolon waterdropwortPerennial1.0 5-11  LMHNWeWa323
Oenanthe peucidanifolia Perennial1.0 -  LMHNWe10 
Oenanthe pimpinelloidesMeadow Parsley, Corkyfruit waterdropwortPerennial1.0 7-10  LMHNMWe10 
Oenanthe sarmentosaWater Dropwort,Water parselyPerennial1.0 0-0  LMHNMWe311
Oenocarpus batauaPataua Palm. BatauaTree20.0 10-12 FMHNMWe323
Oenocarpus distichusPataua, Bacaba, White bacabaTree8.0 10-12 SLMHNM322
Oenothera albicaulisWhitest Evening PrimroseAnnual/Biennial0.3 4-8  LMNDM21 
Oenothera biennisEvening Primrose, Sun Drop, Common evening primroseBiennial1.2 4-8  LMNDM353
Oenothera brevipesGolden SuncupAnnual0.3 -  LMNDM20 
Oenothera elata hookeriHooker's Evening PrimroseBiennial/Perennial0.8 6-9  LMNDM212
Oenothera glaziovianaLarge-Flower Evening Primrose, Redsepal evening primroseBiennial1.5 3-7  LMNDM22 
Oenothera lamarckiana Biennial1.0 -  LMNDM10 
Oenothera odorata Perennial0.9 4-8  LMNDM102
Okoubaka aubrevilleiOkoubaka treeTree23.0 10-12 MLMHNDM042
Oldenlandia diffusaSnake-Needle GrassAnnual0.3 7-10  LMHSM03 
Olea europaeaOlive, African olive, European oliveTree10.0 8-10 SLMHNDM434
Olearia avicenniifoliaAkeakeShrub3.0 7-10  LMNM002
Olearia ilicifolia Shrub3.0 7-10  LMNM003
Olearia macrodonta Shrub6.0 7-10 MLMHNM003
Olearia paniculata Shrub6.0 8-11  LMHNM003
Olearia solandri Shrub4.0 8-11 SLMHNM003
Olearia traversii Shrub10.0 8-11 MLMHNM003
Olearia virgata Shrub3.5 6-9 FLMHNM003
Olearia x haastii Shrub2.5 7-10  LMHNM003
Olneya tesotaDesert ironwood, IronwoodTree9.0 0-0 MLMHSNM202
Ongokea goreBoleko NutTree30.0 10-12 MLMHSNDM224
Onobrychis viciifoliaSainfoinPerennial1.0 5-9  LMNM104
Onoclea sensibilisSensitive FernFern0.5 4-8 FLMHFSMWe222
Ononis repensRest Harrow, Common restharrowPerennial0.6 5-9  LMHNDM21 
Ononis spinosaSpiny Rest HarrowPerennial0.6 5-9  LMHNDM223
Onopordum acanthiumScotch Thistle, Scotch cottonthistleBiennial1.5 5-9 SLMHSNDM211
Onopordum illyricumCotton Thistle, Illyrian cottonthistleBiennial1.3 6-9  LMHSNM100
Onosma bracteatum Perennial0.4 -  LMNDM021
Onosma echioidesOnosmaPerennial0.3 6-9  LMNDM011
Onosma frutescens Perennial0.3 7-10  LMNDM001
Onosma hispidum Perennial0.4 -  LMNDM11 
Ophioglossum reticulatumAdder's tongue fernFern0.2 10-12 MLMSNMWe421
Ophioglossum vulgatumAdder's Tongue, Southern adderstongueFern0.3 4-8  LMHNM12 
Ophiopogon japonicusSnake's Beard, Dwarf lilyturf, Mondo Grass, Monkey Grass, Dwarf LilyturfPerennial0.3 7-11 SLMSNMWeWa232
Ophrys apiferaBee OrchidPerennial0.5 6-9  LMHSNDM22 
Ophrys araneola Perennial0.5 6-9  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys bertolonii Perennial0.4 6-9  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys bombyliflora Perennial0.3 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys fuscaBrown Bee OrchidPerennial0.4 6-9  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys holosericaLate Spider OrchidPerennial0.6 5-9  LMHSNDM22 
Ophrys insectiferaFly OrchidPerennial0.5 5-9  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys iricolor Perennial0.3 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys luteaYellow Bee OrchidPerennial0.3 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys scolopaxWoodcock OrchidPerennial0.5 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys sphegodesEarly Spider OrchidPerennial0.5 5-9  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys tenthrediniferaSawfly OrchidPerennial0.5 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Ophrys vernixia Perennial0.3 7-10  LMHSNM22 
Oplopanax horridusDevil's ClubShrub2.0 4-8  LMHFSM221
Oplopanax japonicus Shrub3.0 5-9  LMHFSM21 
Opopanax chironiumOpopanaxPerennial1.8 5-9  LMHNDM012
Opuntia compressaEastern Prickly Pear, Prickly Pear CactusPerennial0.2 8-10 FLMND312
Opuntia dilleniiDillen prickly pear, Perennial1.0 10-12 MLMNDM303
Opuntia erinaceaMojave Prickly PearPerennial0.5 8-11  LMND202
Opuntia ficus-indicaPrickly Pear, Barbary figPerennial5.0 8-11  LMND323
Opuntia fragilisPrickly Pear, Brittle pricklypearPerennial0.1 7-10  LMND212
Opuntia howeyi Perennial0.0 -  LMND202
Opuntia imbricataTree CholaPerennial3.0 8-11  LMND202
Opuntia littoralisWestern Prickly PearPerennial0.6 -  LMND202
Opuntia macrorhizaTwist-Spine Prickly PearPerennial0.1 8-11  LMND202
Opuntia microdasysBunny Ears, Angel's-wingsPerennial0.6 7-10  LMND202
Opuntia phaeacanthaBastard Fig, Tulip pricklypearPerennial0.5 8-11  LMND212
Opuntia polyacanthaPlains Prickly Pear, El Paso pricklypear, Grizzlybear pricklypear, Navajo Bridge pricklypear, HairspPerennial0.2 3-7  LMND312
Opuntia ramosissimaBranched Pencil ChollaPerennial0.6 7-10  LMND302
Opuntia tomentosaVelvet prickly pear, Woollyjoint PricklypearPerennial4.5 9-12 MLMNDM303
Orchis coriophoraBug OrchisBulb0.3 4-8  LMHNM22 
Orchis italica Bulb0.3 4-8  LMHNM22 
Orchis laxifloraMarsh OrchisBulb0.8 4-8  LMHNMWe22 
Orchis masculaEarly Purple OrchisBulb0.6 4-8  LMHSNDM22 
Orchis militarisMilitary OrchisBulb0.6 4-8  LMHSNM22 
Orchis morioGreen-Winged Orchid, Green-winged orchidBulb0.3 4-8  LMHNDM22 

Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water. Rating: 1 = Minor 5 = Great.

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