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Index of Latin Names: M
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acacia catechuCutch tree, Catechu acaciaFabaceaeMimosa catechu L.f.;Mimosa catechoides Roxburgh;Acacia catechuoides Benth.;Acacia sandra Bedd.;12
Acacia decurrensGreen WattleFabaceae or LeguminosaeMimosa decurrens.21
Acacia longifoliaSydney Golden Wattle, AcaciaFabaceae or LeguminosaeMimosa longifolia.30
Aesculus sppHorse chestnutSapindaceaeMany. See individual species.44
Agoseris aurantiacaMountain Dandelion, Orange agoserisAsteraceae or CompositaeMacrorhynchus troximoides. Troxicum aurantiacum.21
Alangium platanifoliumAlangiumAlangiaceaeMarlea platanifolium.11
Amelanchier obovalisSouthern Juneberry, Coastal serviceberryRosaceaeMespilus canadensis obovalis.30
Arnebia benthamii BoraginaceaeMacrotomia benthamii.01
Arnebia euchroma BoraginaceaeMacrotomia euchroma. Royle.02
Arundinaria sppRunning BambooPoaceaeMany. See individual species.31
Astronium balansaeAstroniumAnacardiaceaeMyracrodruon balansae (Engl.) Santin00
Astronium urundeuvaUrundayAnacardiaceaeMyracrodruon urundeuva Allem?o04
Cacalia peltifolia Asteraceae or CompositaeMiricacalia peltifolia.10
Calamus spp.Rattan PalmArecaceaeMany. See individual species.22
Calathea allouiaSweetcorn Root, Guinea ArrowrootMarantaceaeMaranta allouia Aubl.; Phrynium allouia Aubl.; Also as Allouya americana (Lamk.); Curcuma americana40
Camelina sativaGold Of PleasureBrassicaceae or CruciferaeMyagrum sativum.30
Carpobrotus acinaciformisHottentot FigAizoaceaeMesembryanthemum acinaciforme.20
Carpobrotus edulisHottentot Fig,AizoaceaeMesembryanthemum edulis.22
Carya hybridsHybrid and neohybrid hickoriesJuglandaceaeMany. See individual species.43
Chenopodium spp.Perennial quinoaAmaranthaceaeMany. See individual species.53
Citrullus colocynthisPerennial egusi, Bitter-appleCucurbitaceaeMisspelt as Citrullus colocynthus. Citrullus colocynthoides Pangalo. Citrullus pseudocolocynthis M.Roem. Colocynthis officinalis Schrad. Colocynthis vulgaris Schrad. Cucumis colocynthis L.32
Corylus hybrids & neohybridsHybrid & Neohybrids, Hazel, FilbertBetulaceaeMany. See individual species.52
Couepia bracteosaPajuraChrysobalanaceaeMoquilea bracteosa (Benth.) Walp. Moquilea rufa Barb.Rodr.40
Crataegus tanacetifoliaTansy-Leaved ThornRosaceaeMespilus tanacetifolia.52
Disphyma australePig's FaceAizoaceaeMesembryanthemum australe.10
Dracocephalum parviflorumAmerican DragonheadLamiaceae or LabiataeMoldavica parviflora. (Nutt.)Britton.11
Ensete ventricosumEthiopian Banana, Abyssinian bananaMusaceaeMusa ensete. M. ventricosum.20
Eriobotrya japonicaLoquat, Japanese LoquatRosaceaeMespilus japonica. Photinia japonica.43
Gluta lacciferaLacquer treeAnacardiaceaeMelanorrhoea laccifera Pierre00
Gluta usitataBurmese Varnish TreeAnacardiaceaeMelanorrhoea usitata Wall.02
Gossypium hirsutumUpland CottonMalvaceaeMany21
Grindelia hirsutulaGumweed, Gum PlantAsteraceaeMany but with a low confidence level.03
Helianthus hybridsPerennial SunflowerAsteraceaeMany. See individual species.42
Lactuca sibiricaPrickly lettuceAsteraceae or CompositaeMulgedium sibiricum. Sonchus sibiricus.22
Lepidium spp.Perennial LepidiumBrassicaceaeMany. See individual species.53
Linum hybridsPerennial FlaxLinaceaeMany. See individual species.44
Liparis japonica OrchidaceaeMicrostylis japonica.10
Lophomyrtus bullata MyrtaceaeMyrtus bullata.20
Maackia amurensisChinese Yellow Wood, Amur maackiaFabaceae or LeguminosaeCladrastis amurensis.10
Macadamia hildebrandiiCelebes nutProteaceaeThis name is unresolved, but some data suggest that it is synonymous with Lasjia hildebrandii (Steenis) P.H.Weston & A.R.Mast .40
Macadamia integrifoliaMacadamia, Macadamia nutProteaceae 40
Macadamia ternifoliaMacadamia Nut, Gympie nutProteaceaeHelicia ternifolia F.Muell. Unresolved40
Macadamia tetraphyllaQueensland Nut, Macadamia nutProteaceae 40
Macleaya cordataPlume PoppyPapaveraceaeBocconia cordata. B. yedoensis.01
Maclura cochinchinensisCockspur Thorn, Thorny CockspurMoraceaeCudrania cochinchinensis (Lour.) Kudo & Masam. Cudrania javanensis Trécul. Maclura javanica Blume. V22
Maclura pomiferaOsage Orange, Bois D'ArcMoraceaeM. aurantiaca. Toxylon pommifera.12
Maclura tinctoriaFustic TreeMoraceaeBroussonetia plumerii Spreng. Broussonetia tinctoria (L.) Kunth Broussonetia zanthoxylon (L.) Mart.22
Macromeria viridifloraGiant Trumpets, Thurber's giant-trumpetsBoraginaceaeOnosmodium thurberi01
Macrotomia perennis BoraginaceaeMacrotomia perennis.11
Macrozamia spp.Burrawang, CycadsCycadaceaeMany. See individual species.20
Madhuca longifoliaButter Tree. Mahua, IllipeSapotaceaeBassia latifolia Roxb. Bassia longifolia L. Madhuca indica J.F.Gmel. Madhuca latifolia (Roxb.) J.F.MacBr.32
Madia densifoliaShowy TarweedAsteraceae or CompositaeM. elegans densifolia. (Greene.)Keck.20
Madia dissitifloraGrassy TarweedAsteraceae or CompositaeM. gracilis. (Smith.)Keck.20
Madia elegansCommon Madia, Showy tarweed, Spring madia, Wheeler's tarweedAsteraceae or Compositae 20
Madia glomerataMountain TarweedAsteraceae or Compositae 21
Madia sativaChile Tarweed, Coast tarweedAsteraceae or CompositaeM. viscosa.30
Magnolia acuminataCucumber Tree, Cucumber MagnoliaMagnoliaceae 03
Magnolia campbellii Magnoliaceae 00
Magnolia denudataLily Tree, Yulan MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeM. conspicua. Salisb. M. heptapeta. (Buch-Hoz.)Dandy.12
Magnolia dodecapetalaBwapen mawonMagnoliaceaeAnnona dodecapetala Lam. Magnolia fatiscens Rich. ex DC. Magnolia linguifolia L. ex Descourt. Magnol00
Magnolia grandifloraSouthern Magnolia, Bull Bay, Large-flowered Magnolia, Southern MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeM. foetida. M. virginiana foetida.22
Magnolia hypoleucaWhitebark MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeM. obovata.22
Magnolia kobusKobus magnolia, Northern Japanese MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeM. precosissima. M. thurberi.11
Magnolia liliifloraMu-Lan, Woody Orchid, Lily MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeM. obovata. non Thunb. M. purpurea. M. quinquepeta. (Buc-Holz.)Dandy. Lassonia quinquepeta.03
Magnolia macrophyllaBigleaf MagnoliaMagnoliaceae 01
Magnolia officinalisHou PoMagnoliaceae 03
Magnolia stellataStar MagnoliaMagnoliaceae 10
Magnolia virginianaLaurel Magnolia, SweetbayMagnoliaceaeM. glauca.13
Mahoberberis aquisargentii Berberidaceae 12
Mahonia aquifoliumOregon Grape, Hollyleaved barberry, Oregon Holly Grape, Oregon HollyBerberidaceaeBerberis aquifolium. Berberis fascicularis. Odostemon aquifolium.33
Mahonia bealeiBeale's barberry, Leatherleaf MahoniaBerberidaceae 32
Mahonia confusa Berberidaceae 32
Mahonia flavida Berberidaceae 20
Mahonia fortuneiFortune's MahoniaBerberidaceaeBerberis fortunei.32
Mahonia fremontiiMahonia, Fremont's mahoniaBerberidaceae 32
Mahonia ganpinensis Berberidaceae 12
Mahonia gracilipes Berberidaceae 22
Mahonia gracilisMexican BarberryBerberidaceae 20
Mahonia haematocarpaMexican Barberry, Red barberryBerberidaceaeBerberis haematocarpa.32
Mahonia japonica Berberidaceae 32
Mahonia lomariifoliaChinese hollygrapeBerberidaceae 32
Mahonia napaulensis BerberidaceaeM. acanthifolia. G.Don. Berberis napalensis. Spreng.32
Mahonia nervosaOregon Grape, Cascade barberryBerberidaceaeM. glumacea. Berberis glumacea. B. nervosa.32
Mahonia neviniiNevin's barberryBerberidaceaeBerberis nevinii.32
Mahonia pinnataCalifornia Barberry, Wavyleaf barberry, Island barberry, Creeping Holly GrapeBerberidaceaeM. aquifolium fascicularis. M. fascicularis. Berberis pinnata.32
Mahonia pumilaDwarf BarberryBerberidaceaeBerberis pumila32
Mahonia repensCreeping Oregon Grape, Creeping barberry, Grape OregonBerberidaceaeM. nana. Berberis nana. B. repens.33
Mahonia swaseyiTexas Mahonia, Texas barberryBerberidaceae 32
Mahonia trifoliolataMexican Barberry, AlgeritaBerberidaceaeBerberis ilicifolia. B. roemeriana. B. trifoliata. B. trifoliolata.32
Mahonia x media Berberidaceae 32
Maianthemum canadenseCanada Beadruby, Canada mayflowerConvallariaceaeM. bifolium.11
Maianthemum dilatatumWild Lily Of The Valley, False lily of the valleyConvallariaceaeM. kamtschaticum.21
Malpighia emarginataAcerola, Barbados CherryMalpighiaceaeMalpighia berteroana Spreng. Malpighia glabra Hort. Malpighia lanceolata Griseb. Malpighia punicifol40
Malpighia glabraEscobillo, AcerolaMalpighiaceaeBunchosia parvifolia S.Watson Malpighia biflora Poir. Malpighia dicipiens Sessé & Moc. Malpighia fal41
Malus angustifoliaSouthern Crab, Southern crab appleRosaceae 20
Malus baccataChinese Crab, Siberian crab appleRosaceaePyrus baccata.21
Malus baccata mandschuricaManchurian AppleRosaceae 40
Malus bracteata RosaceaeM. coronaria lancifolia.20
Malus brevipes Rosaceae 20
Malus coronariaGarland Crab, Sweet crab appleRosaceae 31
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