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Index of Latin Names: K
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Actinidia kolomiktaKiwiActinidiaceaeKolomikta mandschurica. Regel. Trochostigma kolomikta. Rupr.40
Aster yomena Asteraceae or CompositaeKalimeris yomena. Kitam.10
Carthamus lanatusDistaff ThistleAsteraceae or CompositaeKentrophyllum lanatum. (L.)D.C.11
Cedrelopsis greveiKatrafay, KathrafayRutaceaeKatafa crassisepalum Costantin & Poiss.24
Euonymus latifolius CelastraceaeKalonymus latifolius. (Mill.)Prokh.00
Funtumia elasticaWest African Rubber Tree. Lagos silk rubberApocynaceaeKibatalia elastica (Preuss) Merr. Kixia elastica Preuss02
Kadsura coccinea Schisandraceae 21
Kadsura heteroclita Schisandraceae 20
Kadsura japonica Schisandraceae 21
Kadsura longepedunculata SchisandraceaeKadsura peltigera. Rehd.&Wils.22
Kadsura oblongifolia Schisandraceae 20
Kalimeris incisa Asteraceae or Compositae 10
Kalimeris laureana Asteraceae or Compositae 10
Kalimeris pinnatifidaJapanese AsterAsteraceae or CompositaeAster cantoniensis. Boltonia cantoniensis. (Blume.)Franch.&Savat.10
Kalmia angustifoliaSheep LaurelEricaceae 02
Kalmia latifoliaMountain Laurel, Calico Bush, IvyEricaceaeK. lucida.02
Kalmia polifoliaSwamp Laurel, Bog laurelEricaceaeK. glauca.02
Kalopanax sciadophylloides AraliaceaeAcanthopanax sciadophylloides.10
Kalopanax septemlobusTree Aralia, Castor araliaAraliaceaeK. pictus. (Thunb.)Nakai. K. ricinifolium. Acanthopanax ricinifolium. Acer pictum. Acer septemlobus.21
Kerria japonicaBachelor's Button, Japanese rose, Jew's Mallow, Japanese KerriaRosaceae 11
Keteleeria davidiana Pinaceae 00
Khaya anthothecaWhite Mahogany, East African MahoganyMeliaceaeGarretia anthotheca Welw. Khaya agboensis A.Chev. Khaya euryphylla Harms Khaya nyasica Stapf ex Bake02
Khaya senegalensisDryzone MahoganyMeliaceaeSwietenia senegalensis Desr.23
Kickxia elatineFluellen, Sharpleaf cancerwortScrophulariaceaeLinaria elatine01
Kinugasa japonicaKinugasasoTrilliaceaeTrillium japonicum.10
Kirkophytum lyallii AraliaceaeStilbocarpa lyallii. J.B.Armst.10
Knautia arvensisField Scabious, Field scabiosaDipsacaceaeScabiosa arvensis.02
Knightia excelsaRewarewaProteaceae 10
Kniphofia uvariaRed Hot Poker , Common Torch Lily, Torch Lily, Poker Plant, TritomaAsphodelaceaeK. aloides.00
Koeleria macranthaJune Grass, Prairie JunegrassPoaceae or GramineaeK. cristata. K. gracilis. K. pyramidata. Aira cristata.11
Koelreuteria paniculataGolden Rain Tree, Varnish TreeSapindaceae 21
Kosteletzkya pentacarpos Malvaceae 30
Kuhnia eupatorioides Asteraceae or Compositae 01
Kummerowia stipulaceaKorean Lespedeza, Korean cloverFabaceae or LeguminosaeLespedeza stipulacea. Maxim.01
Kummerowia striataCommon Lespedeza, Japanese cloverFabaceae or LeguminosaeHedysarum striatum. Lespedeza striata. (Thunb.)Hook.&Arn.21
Kunzea muelleri Myrtaceae 11
Kunzea pomifera Myrtaceae 10
Leptospermum ericoides MyrtaceaeKunzea ericoides.11
Musa x paradisiacaBananaMusaceaeKarkandela × malabarica Raf. Musa × acutibracteata M.Hotta, Musa × alphurica Miq. Musa × aphurica Ru52
Pycnanthemum albescensWhiteleaf Mountain MintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia albescens (Torr.&Gray)Kuntze.01
Pycnanthemum flexuosumMountain Mint, Appalachian mountainmintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia flexuosa.12
Pycnanthemum incanumHoary Mountain MintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia incana.12
Pycnanthemum muticumCluster Mountain MintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia mutica.10
Pycnanthemum pilosumMountain Mint, Whorled mountainmintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia pilosa.20
Pycnanthemum virginianumVirginia Mountain MintLamiaceae or LabiataeKoellia virginiana.22
Schisandra grandiflora SchisandraceaeKadsura grandiflora.40
Xyris carolinianaCarolina Yelloweyed GrassXyridaceaeKotsjiletti flexuosa. Ramotha floridana. Xyris canadensis. Xyris fimbriata. Xyris flexuosa. Xyris gl01
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