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Index of Latin Names: H
Latin NameCommon NameHabitHeightHardinessGrowthSoilShadeMoistureEdibleMedicinalOther
Abelmoschus esculentusOkraAnnual1.0 5-11  LMHNM432
Abelmoschus manihotAibikaPerennial3.0 8-11 FLMHNM412
Abelmoschus moschatusMusk Mallow,Musk OkraPerennial2.0 8-11 FLMHNM23 
Anemopsis californicaYerba MansaPerennial0.5 7-10  LMHSNWeWa22 
Calocedrus decurrensIncense Cedar, California Incense CedarTree15.0 5-8 SLMHSNDM11 
Centella asiaticaGotu Kola, SpadeleafPerennial0.2 7-10  LMHSNMWe25 
Clappertonia ficifoliaBolo BoloShrub2.5 10-12 FLMNMWe014
Decemium appendiculatumWaterleafBiennial/Perennial0.4 -  LMHSMWe10 
Desmodium canadenseShowy tick-trefoilPerennial0.9 3-6 FLMHSNDM003
Equisetum scirpoidesDwarf scouring rushPerennial0.2 1-9 SLMHFSNMWe223
Habenaria intermedia Perennial0.5 -  LMHSNM20 
Habenaria sparsifloraSparse-flowered bog orchidPerennial0.6 0-0  LMHSNM10 
Hablitzia tamnoidesCaucasian spinachPerennial Climber3.0 3-9 FLMHFSNM401
Hackelia uncinatum Perennial0.7 -  LMHSNM02 
Hakea drupaceaSweet HakeaShrub2.0 8-11  LMHSNDM00 
Hakea sericeaSilky HakeaShrub3.0 8-11  LMHSNDM00 
Hakea subereaCork TreeTree5.0 -  LMHSNM10 
Halenia ellipticaSpurred GentianPerennial0.6 6-9  LMHSM02 
Halerpestes sarmentosa  0.0 -  LMHSNM02 
Halesia carolinaSilver-Bell Tree, Carolina silverbell, Mountain silverbellTree8.0 4-8 MLMNM10 
Halesia tetrapteraSilverbell or Mountain SilverbellTree10.0 4-8 MLMHFSNM202
Halimione portulacoidesSea PurslaneShrub0.8 -  LMHSNMWe30 
Halimodendron halodendronSalt Tree, Common salttreeShrub2.0 0-0  LMNDM000
Halogeton arachnoideus Annual0.3 -  LMHSNM10 
Haloxylon ammodendronSaxaulShrub2.0 0-0  LMNDM004
Haloxylon persicumSalt TreeTree4.5 -  LMNDM00 
Haloxylon sppSaxaulShrub8.0 10-12 SLMNDM324
Hamamelis virginianaWitch Hazel, American witchhazel, Common Witchhazel, Virginian Witchhazel, WitchhazelShrub5.0 3-8 SLMSNM15 
Hancornia speciosaMangaba Rubber Tree, MangabieraTree7.0 10-12 SLMNM323
Handroanthus guayacanGuayacanTree40.0 10-12 MLMHNM004
Handroanthus impetiginosusPau D'Arco, Pink Trumpet TreeTree20.0 10-12 FLMHNM243
Handroanthus serratifoliusYellow Trumpet TreeTree30.0 10-12 MLMHNM025
Haplopappus nuttallii Perennial0.3 -  LMHSNM11 
Haplopappus spinulosusSpiny IronplantShrub0.6 -  LMHSNDM01 
Hardenbergia violaceaCoral Pea, Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsaparilla, Vine LilacClimber2.0 9-11 FLMHSNM10 
Hebe brachysiphon Shrub2.0 6-9 FLMHNM00 
Hebe dieffenbachii Shrub1.2 8-11  LMHSNM002
Hebe 'Great Orme'Great Orme HebeShrub1.5 5-9  LMHNM003
Hebe rakaiensis Shrub1.0 5-9  LMHNM003
Hebe salicifolia Shrub4.5 6-9  LMNM013
Hebe speciosaNew Zealand hebeShrub1.5 6-9  LMNM002
Hebe x franciscanaHebeShrub2.5 9-11 SLMSNM003
Hedeoma pulegioidesAmerican Pennyroyal, American false pennyroyalAnnual0.3 5-9  LMHSNDM33 
Hedera helixIvy, English ivy, Algerian ivy, Baltic Ivy, Common IvyClimber15.0 5-11 MLMHFSNMWe034
Hedera nepalensisNepal IvyClimber15.0 7-10 MLMHFSNMWe02 
Hedychium coronariumButterfly Ginger, White garland-lily, Garland Flower, Butterfly LilyPerennial1.5 8-11 FLMHNMWe220
Hedychium gracile Perennial0.6 8-11  LMHNM10 
Hedychium spicatum Perennial1.5 7-10  LMHNM12 
Hedysarum alpinumAlpine SweetvetchPerennial0.6 4-8  LMHNM30 
Hedysarum arcticum Perennial0.3 -  LMHNM20 
Hedysarum borealeSweet Vetch, Utah sweetvetch, Northern sweetvetchPerennial0.1 3-7  LMHNM403
Hedysarum boreale mackenziiLiquorice RootPerennial0.1 3-7  LMHNM40 
Hedysarum hedysaroidesAlpine French HoneysucklePerennial0.4 4-8  LMHNM30 
Hedysarum occidentaleLiquorice Root, Western sweetvetchPerennial0.1 4-8  LMHNM40 
Hedysarum sachalinense Perennial0.5 -  LMHNM20 
Hedysarum vicioides Perennial0.7 3-7  LMHNM20 
Heimia myrtifolia Shrub1.5 7-10  LMHNM11 
Heimia salicifoliaErva De Vida, Shrubby yellowcrestShrub3.0 7-10  LMHNM11 
Heldreichia rotundifolia Perennial0.3 -  LMHSNM20 
Helenium amarumBitter Sneezeweed, SneezeweedAnnual0.6 0-0  LMHNM010
Helenium autumnaleSneezeweed, Common sneezeweed, Fall sneezeweed, Mountain sneezeweed, False SunflowerPerennial1.8 3-8 FLMHNM020
Helenium hoopesiiOwls Claws, Orange SneezeweedPerennial0.9 4-8 MLMHSNM11 
Helenium puberulumRosillaAnnual/Perennial1.5 7-10  LMHNM11 
Helianthemum canadenseFrostweed, Longbranch frostweedPerennial0.4 6-9  LMNDM02 
Helianthemum nummulariumCommon Rockrose, Sun Rose, Rock RoseShrub0.5 5-8 FLMHSNM01 
Helianthus annuusSunflower, Common sunflowerAnnual3.0 6-9 FLMHSNDM525
Helianthus cusickiiCusick's sunflowerPerennial0.6 7-10 FLMHNDM310
Helianthus decapetalusThinleaf sunflowerPerennial1.2 2-8 MLMHSNM002
Helianthus doronicoides Perennial1.8 4-8  LMHNM20 
Helianthus giganteusGiant SunflowerPerennial3.6 4-8 FLMHNM300
Helianthus hybridsPerennial SunflowerPerennial3.6 4-11 FLMHNDM422
Helianthus laetiflorusShowy Sunflower, Cheerful sunflowerPerennial2.0 4-8  LMHNM20 
Helianthus lenticularisWild SunflowerAnnual3.0 -  LMHNM30 
Helianthus maximilianiiMaximillian Sunflower, Maximillian DaisyPerennial2.4 5-10 MLMHNM300
Helianthus pauciflorusStiff Sunflower, Prairie SunflowerPerennial1.5 3-7 FLMHNDM401
Helianthus petiolarisPrairie SunflowerAnnual3.0 4-8  LMHNDM210
Helianthus strumosusPaleleaf Woodland SunflowerPerennial2.0 4-8  LMHNM21 
Helianthus tuberosusJerusalem ArtichokePerennial2.4 4-8 FLMHNDM413
Helichrysum apiculatumCommon Everlasting FlowerShrub0.6 8-11  LMHSNM01 
Helichrysum arenariumEverlasting FlowerPerennial0.3 4-8  LMNDM02 
Helichrysum italicumCurry PlantShrub0.6 7-10  LMNDM20 
Helichrysum orientale Perennial0.3 6-9  LMNDM00 
Helichrysum stoechas Perennial0.5 7-10  LMNDM01 
Helicostylis tomentosaLetterhout, Letter WoodTree20.0 10-12 MLMHNM423
Heliopsis helianthoidesFalse sunflower, Oxeye sunflowerPerennial1.5 3-9 FLMHSNDM202
Heliotropium arborescensHeliotrope, Garden heliotrope, Cherry Pie, HeliotropeShrub1.0 9-11 MLMHNM01 
Heliotropium ellipticum Perennial0.3 -  LMHSNDM01 
Helleborus foetidusStinking Hellebore, Setterwort, Bear's Foot, Bearsfoot, Setterwort, Stinkwort, Stinking HelleborePerennial0.8 6-9 MLMHSM02 
Helleborus nigerBlack HelleborePerennial0.3 3-7  LMHSM02 
Helleborus viridisGreen HelleborePerennial0.3 5-9  LMHSM02 
Helwingia chinensis Shrub1.5 7-10  LMHFSM11 
Helwingia himalaica Shrub2.5 -  LMHFSM10 
Helwingia japonica Shrub1.5 7-10  LMHSNM10 
Helwingia liukiuensis Shrub1.5 -  LMHFSM10 
Hemerocallis altissima Perennial1.2 -  LMHSNDM41 
Hemerocallis aurantiaca Perennial0.8 5-9  LMHSNDM412
Hemerocallis bulbiferum Perennial0.0 -  LMHSNDM41 
Hemerocallis citrinaCitron daylilyPerennial0.8 4-8  LMHSNDM412
Hemerocallis coreana Perennial0.4 0-0  LMHSNDM410
Hemerocallis darrowianaDay LilyPerennial0.1 0-0  LMHSNDM412

Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water. Rating: 1 = Minor 5 = Great.

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