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Index of Latin Names: G
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Agalinis tenuifoliaSlenderleaf False FoxgloveScrophulariaceaeGerardia tenuifolia.01
Agrostemma githagoCorncockle, Common corncockleCaryophyllaceaeGithago segetum. Lychnis githago.11
Antennaria dioicaCatsfoot, Stoloniferous pussytoesAsteraceae or CompositaeGnaphalium dioicum. Antennaria hibernica. Antennaria insularis. Cyttarium dioicum.02
Apios priceanaTraveler's delightFabaceae or LeguminosaeGlycine priceana.50
Asperula tinctoriaDyer's WoodruffRubiaceaeGalium triandrum.00
Bulnesia arboreaVerawoodZygophyllaceaeGuaiacum arboreum (Jacq.) DC. Zygophyllum arboreum Jacq.00
Caesalpinia echinataPau Brasil, Brazil Wood, Indian SavinFabaceaeGuilandina echinata (Lam.) Spreng.02
Catabrosa aquaticaWater WhirlGrassPoaceae or GramineaeGlyceria aquatica.11
Clarkia bilobaTwolobe clarkia, Mariposa clarkia, Brandegee's clarkiaOenotheraceaeGodetia biloba. Dur.11
Clarkia purpureaWinecup clarkiaOenotheraceaeGodetia albescens. G. viminea10
Cleome gynandraAfrican Spider Flower, SpiderwispCapparidaceaeGynandropsis gynandra. (L.)Briq. G. pentaphylla. DC.02
Coniogramme japonicaBamboo FernPolypodiaceaeGymnogramma japonica. Dyctyogramma japonica.01
Cruciata laevipesCrosswort, Smooth bedstrawRubiaceaeGalium cruciata.22
Daphniphyllum himalense DaphniphyllaceaeGoughia himalayensis.11
Diploterigium glaucum GleicheniaceaeGleichenia japonica. Spreng.10
Gagea luteaYellow Star Of BethlehemLiliaceaeG. sylvatica.10
Gaillardia pinnatifidaBlanket Flower, Red dome blanketflowerAsteraceae or Compositae 21
Galactites tomentosa Asteraceae or Compositae 10
Galanthus nivalisSnowdrop, Common SnowdropAmaryllidaceae 01
Galax urceolataBeetleweed, WandflowerDiapensiaceaeG. aphylla. non L.01
Galega officinalisGoat's Rue, Professor-weedFabaceae or LeguminosaeG. bicolor. G. persica. G. tricolor.23
Galeopsis bifidaSplitlip hempnettleLamiaceae or LabiataeG. tetrahit bifida.00
Galeopsis ladanumBroadleaf Hemp Nettle, Red hempnettleLamiaceae or Labiatae 00
Galeopsis segetumDowny Hemp NettleLamiaceae or LabiataeG. dubia. G. ochroleuca.02
Galeopsis speciosaLarge Flowered Hemp Nettle, Edmonton hempnettleLamiaceae or Labiatae 00
Galeopsis tetrahitCommon Hemp Nettle, Brittlestem hempnettleLamiaceae or Labiatae 01
Galinsoga parvifloraGallant SoldierAsteraceae or Compositae 21
Galium aparineGoosegrass, Coachweed, Catchweed, StickywillyRubiaceaeAparine hispida, Aparine vulgaris, Asterophyllum aparine, Galium charoides23
Galium borealeNorthern BedstrawRubiaceae 22
Galium gracile Rubiaceae 12
Galium mollugoHedge Bedstraw, False baby's breathRubiaceaeG. elatum. G. erectum.12
Galium odoratumSweet Woodruff, Sweetscented bedstraw, BedstrawRubiaceaeAsperula odorata.33
Galium spuriumFalse CleaversRubiaceaeG. vaillantii.DC.12
Galium tinctoriumThreepetal BedstrawRubiaceae 01
Galium triflorumFragrant BedstrawRubiaceae 12
Galium verumLady's Bedstraw, Yellow Spring bedstraw, Wirtgen's bedstrawRubiaceae 32
Garcinia brasiliensisBacupariClusiaceaeRheedia brasiliensis (Mart.) Planch. & Triana.42
Garcinia gardnerianaBacupari, achachaClusiaceaePossibly a a synonym of Garcinia brasiliensis Mart.(also in the database).40
Garcinia hanburyiSiam gamboge. Hanbury's garciniaClusiaceaeGarcinia morella pedicellata Hanbury01
Garcinia kolaBitter KolaClusiaceaeGarcinia akawaensis Spirlet; Garcinia bergheana Spirlet; Garcinia giadidii De Wild.34
Garcinia madrunoMadruno, Charichuela, MadronoClusiaceaeRheedia madruno (Kunth) Planch. & Triana.42
Garcinia mangostanaMangosteen, ManggisClusiaceaeNo synonyms are recorded for this name.52
Garcinia xanthochymusMysore Gamboge. Gamboge, Himalayan garciniaClusiaceaeGarcinia pictoria (Roxb.) Engl. Garcinia tinctoria (DC.) W. Wight Xanthochymus pictorius Roxb. Xanthochymus tinctorius DC.20
Garrya ellipticaCoast Silk Tassel, Wavyleaf silktasselGarryaceae 02
Garrya fremontiiFever Bush, BearbrushGarryaceae 01
Gastrodia cunninghamii Orchidaceae 20
Gastrodia elataTien MaOrchidaceae 23
Gastrodia sesamoidesPotato OrchidOrchidaceae 20
Gaultheria adenothrix EricaceaeAdendromeda adenothrix. Diplycosia adenothrix.30
Gaultheria antipodaSnowberryEricaceaeG. epiphyta. G. erecta.20
Gaultheria appressaWhite WaxberryEricaceae 20
Gaultheria cumingiana Ericaceae 22
Gaultheria depressaMountain SnowberryEricaceaeG. antipoda depressa.20
Gaultheria fragrantissimaFragrant WintergreenEricaceaeG. ovalifolia.22
Gaultheria griffithianum Ericaceae 20
Gaultheria hispidaSnowberryEricaceae 21
Gaultheria hispidulaCreeping SnowberryEricaceaeChiogenes hispidula. Vaccinium hispidulum.41
Gaultheria humifusaAlpine Wintergreen, Alpine spicywintergreenEricaceaeG. myrsinites. Vaccinium humifusum.40
Gaultheria insana EricaceaePernettya furens. P. furiens.11
Gaultheria japonicaCreeping SnowberryEricaceae 41
Gaultheria macrostigma EricaceaeG. antipoda microphylla. G. depressa microphylla. G. perplexa. Pernettya macrostigma. Colenso.20
Gaultheria mucronataPrickly heathEricaceaeArbutus mucronata. Pernettya mucronata. P. speciosa.40
Gaultheria myrsinoides EricaceaePernettya prostrata. (Cav.)DC.20
Gaultheria nummularioides EricaceaeG. nummularia. G. repens.20
Gaultheria ovatifoliaMountain Checkerberry, Western teaberryEricaceae 30
Gaultheria procumbensCheckerberry, Eastern teaberry, Teaberry, Creeping WintergreenEricaceaeGaultheria repens Raf. [Illegitimate]. Brossaea procumbens (L.) Kuntze. Gaultheria humilis Salisb.43
Gaultheria pumila EricaceaeAndromeda empetrifolia. Arbutus pumila. Pernettya empetrifolia. P. magellanica. P. pumila. (L.f.)Hoo20
Gaultheria pumila leucocarpa EricaceaeArbutus leucocarpa. Pernettya andina. P. gayana. P. leucocarpa. P. pumila leucocarpa.20
Gaultheria pyroliifolia EricaceaeG. pyrolifolia.20
Gaultheria pyroloides EricaceaeG. pyroloides. pro parte.30
Gaultheria rigida EricaceaePernettya rigida. (Bert.)DC.10
Gaultheria sclelophylla Ericaceae 20
Gaultheria shallonShallon, SalalEricaceae 52
Gaultheria trichophylla Ericaceae 20
Gaultheria x wisleyensis EricaceaeGaulnettya wisleyensis. Gaulnettya 'Wisley Pearl', Gaulthettya wisleyensis.20
Gaylussacia baccataBlack HuckleberryEricaceaeG. resinosa. Andromeda baccata. Vaccinium resinosum.41
Gaylussacia brachyceraBox HuckleberryEricaceaeVaccinium brachycerum. V. buxifolium.20
Gaylussacia dumosaDwarf HuckleberryEricaceaeLasiococcus dumosus. Vaccinium dumosum. V. hirtellum.30
Gaylussacia frondosaDangleberry, Blue huckleberryEricaceaeVaccinium frondosum. V. venustum.30
Gaylussacia ursinaBear HuckleberryEricaceaeDecachaena ursina. (M.A.Curtis.)Small. Vaccinium ursinum.20
Geijera parvifloraAustralian WillowRutaceaeG. pendula.01
Geitonoplesium cymosumScrambling LilyPhilesiaceae 20
Gelsemium sempervirensFalse Jasmine, Yellow Jessamine, Evening Trumpetflower, Carolina JasmineLoganiaceaeG. nitidum.04
Genista germanica Fabaceae or LeguminosaeG. villosa. Cytisus dalmaticus. Visiani.01
Genista hispanicaSpanish GorseFabaceae or Leguminosae 01
Genista tinctoriaDyer's Greenweed, Common Woadwaxen, BroomFabaceae or Leguminosae 12
Gentiana acaulisGentianGentianaceae 03
Gentiana andrewsiiClosed Bottle Gentian, Dakota gentianGentianaceae 03
Gentiana crassicaulis Gentianaceae 03
Gentiana cruciata Gentianaceae 12
Gentiana dahurica GentianaceaeG. kurroo brevidens.03
Gentiana decumbens Gentianaceae 01
Gentiana kurroo Gentianaceae 03
Gentiana luteaYellow GentianGentianaceaeAsterias hybrida. Asterias lutea. Coilantha biloba. Gentiana major.15
Gentiana macrophyllaQin JiaoGentianaceae 13
Gentiana manshurica Gentianaceae 03
Gentiana pannonica Gentianaceae 13
Gentiana pneumonantheMarsh GentianGentianaceae 02
Gentiana puberulentaDowny gentianGentianaceae 03
Gentiana punctataSpotted GentianGentianaceae 13
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