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Index of Latin Names: D
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Aralia elataJapanese Angelica Tree, Angelica TreeAraliaceaeDimorphanthus elatus.22
Bambusa odashimaeOdashimae BambooPoaceaeDendrocalamopsis edulis (Odash.) P.C.Keng. Leleba edulis Odash. Sinocalamus edulis (Odash.) P.C.Keng40
Cardamine bulbiferaCoral Root, Coralroot bittercressBrassicaceae or CruciferaeDentaria bulbifera20
Cardamine leucantha Brassicaceae or CruciferaeDentaria leucantha.21
Carpinus cordata BetulaceaeDistegocarpus cordata.00
Consolida regalisLarkspur, Royal knight's-spurRanunculaceaeDelphinium consolida.03
Cordyline australisCabbage TreeAgavaceaeDracaena australis. Forst.f.30
Cordyline indivisaCabbage TreeAgavaceaeDracaena indivisa.30
Cornus kousa chinensisJapanese DogwoodCornaceaeDendrobenthamia japonica. (Thunb.)Hutch.50
Dacrycarpus dacrydioidesKahikateaPodocarpaceaePodocarpus dacrydioides.20
Dacrydium cupressinumRimu, New zealand red pinePodocarpaceae 20
Dacryodes edulisBush Butter Tree, Butterfruit, African Plum, bush pear, bush plum, safouBurseraceaeCanarium edule Hook.f. Canarium mansfeldianum Engl. Canarium saphu Engl. Pachylobus albiflorus Guill52
Dactyladenia barteriMonkey FruitChrysobalanaceaeAcioa barteri (Hook.f. ex Oliv.) Engl. Acioa lanceolata Engl. Acioa tenuiflora Dinkl. & Engl. Griffo02
Dactylis glomerataCock's Foot, Orchardgrass, Ascherson's orchardgrassPoaceae or Gramineae 01
Dactyloctenium radulansButton Grass, ButtongrassPoaceae or GramineaeEleusine radulans.10
Dactylorhiza incarnataMarsh OrchidOrchidaceaeOrchis incarnata. O. latifolia. O. strictifolia.22
Dactylorhiza maculataSpotted OrchidOrchidaceaeOrchis maculata.22
Dahlia pinnataDahlia, Pinnate dahliaAsteraceae or CompositaeD. variabilis.10
Dahlia roseaDahlia, Pinnate dahliaAsteraceae or Compositae 11
Dalbergia baroniiPalissandre rouge des marais, hitsika, sovodranoFabaceaeNo synonyms are recorded for this name.00
Dalbergia cochinchinensisSiam Rosewood, Thailand RosewoodFabaceae 00
Dalbergia greveanaMadagascar RosewoodFabaceaeDalbergia ambongoensis Baill. Dalbergia eurybothrya Drake Dalbergia ikopensis Jum. Dalbergia isaloen02
Dalbergia hupeana Fabaceae or Leguminosae 11
Dalbergia latifoliaBlack Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Kala sheeshan, SatisalFabaceaeDalbergia latifolia Roxburgh02
Dalbergia louveliiAndramena, Volombodipona, Violet rosewoodFabaceae 02
Dalbergia melanoxylonAfrican Blackwood, Grenadilla, MpingoFabaceaeAmerimnon melanoxylon (Guill. & Perr.) Kuntze02
Dalbergia monticolaHazovola, tsiandalana, voamboanaFabaceae 00
Dalbergia nigraBrazilian RosewoodFabaceaeAmerimnon nigrum (Vell.) Kuntze Pterocarpus niger Vell.00
Dalbergia oliveriRedwoodFabaceaeDalbergia laccifera Laness. Dalbergia prazeri Prain00
Dalbergia retusaCocoboloFabaceaeAmerimnon lineatum (Pittier) Standl Amerimnon retusum (Hemsl.) Standl. Dalbergia hypoleuca Pittier D00
Dalbergia stevensoniiHonduras RosewoodFabaceae 00
Dalea candidaWhite Prairie CloverFabaceae or LeguminosaePetalostemon candidum. (Willd.)Michx.31
Dalea candida oligophyllaWhite Prairie CloverFabaceae or LeguminosaePetalostemon oligophyllum. (Torr.)Rydb.31
Dalea gattingeriPurpletasselsFabaceae or LeguminosaePetalostemon purpureum. (Vent.)Rydb. P. gattingeri. (A.A.Heller.)A.A.Heller.20
Dalea purpureaPurple Prairie CloverFabaceae or LeguminosaePetalostemon violaceum. Michx.21
Damasonium alismaThrumwortAlismataceaeD. stellatum. Actinocarpus damasonium.10
Daniellia ogeaAccra copal, Ogea copalFabaceaeCyanothyrsus ogea Harms Daniellia caudata Craib Daniellia fosteri Craib Daniellia punchii Craib Daniellia similis Craib Daniellia thurifera chevalieri J.L?onard00
Daniellia oliveriAfrican Copaiba Balsam TreeFabaceaeParadaniellia oliveri Rolfe22
Daphne bholua ThymelaeaceaeD. cannabina. pro parte. D. papyrifera.01
Daphne genkwaLilac DaphneThymelaeaceaeD. fortunei. Lindl.03
Daphne gnidiumFlax-Leaved DaphneThymelaeaceae 01
Daphne involucrata ThymelaeaceaeEriosolena involucrata. Van Tieghan.00
Daphne laureolaSpurge LaurelThymelaeaceae 01
Daphne mezereumMezereon, Paradise plant, February DaphneThymelaeaceae 02
Daphne odoraWinter Daphne, Fragrant DaphneThymelaeaceaeD. indica. Hort. D. japonica. Paxton. D. sinensis.02
Daphne oleoides ThymelaeaceaeD. buxifolia. Sibth.&Smith. D. glandulosa. D. jasminea. non Sibth.&Smith. D. lucida.11
Daphne papyracea ThymelaeaceaeD. cannabina. pro parte. D. odora. Don. non Thunb. D. papyrifera. pro parte.01
Daphne pseudomezereum Thymelaeaceae 00
Daphniphyllum himalense DaphniphyllaceaeGoughia himalayensis.11
Daphniphyllum macropodum DaphniphyllaceaeD. glaucescens. Hort. non Bl.10
Darmera peltataUmbrella Plant, Indian rhubarb, Indian Rubarb, Indian RubarbSaxifragaceaePeltiphyllum peltatum. (Torr.)Engl. Saxifraga peltata.20
Dasylirion simplex Liliaceae 20
Dasylirion texanumTexas sotolLiliaceae 20
Dasylirion wheeleriSotol, Common sotol, Bear Grass, Common Sotol, Desert SpoonAgavaceae 20
Datisca cannabinaAcalbir, AkalbirDatiscaceae 01
Datura inoxiaDowny Thorn Apple, PricklyburrSolanaceaeD. meteloides. DC.13
Datura metelThorn Apple, Angel's Trumpet, Hindu Datura, Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn AppleSolanaceaeD. alba. Nees. D. fastuosa. L.13
Datura quercifoliaOak Leaf Datura, Chinese thorn-appleSolanaceae 13
Datura stramoniumThorn Apple, Jimsonweed, Jamestown WeedSolanaceaeDatura inermis Juss. ex Jacq. Datura pseudostramonium Sieb. Bernh. Tromms 1933. Datura str04
Daucus carotaWild Carrot, Queen anne's lace, Carrot, Wild Carrot, Queen Anne's LaceApiaceae or Umbelliferae 23
Daucus carota sativusCarrotApiaceae or Umbelliferae 53
Daucus pusillusRattlesnake Weed, American wild carrotApiaceae or Umbelliferae 22
Daviesia horrida Fabaceae or LeguminosaeDaviesia latifolia. R.Br.01
Debregeasia edulis Urticaceae 21
Debregeasia hypoleuca UrticaceaeD. salicifolia. (D.Don.)Rendle.20
Debregeasia longifoliaWild RheaUrticaceaeD. velutina. Gaud.11
Debregeasia wallichiana Urticaceae 00
Decaisnea fargesiiBlue Sausage FruitLardizabalaceae 30
Decaisnea insignis Lardizabalaceae 20
Decemium appendiculatumWaterleafHydrophyllaceaeHydrophyllum appendiculatum. Michx.10
Deguelia utilisBarbasco, cube, timbo, nicou, lancepodFabaceaeDerris nicou auct Derris utilis (A.C.Sm.) Ducke Lonchocarpus nicou auct Lonchocarpus nicou utilis (A.C.Sm.) A.M.G.Azevedo03
Deinanthe bifida Hydrangeaceae 10
Delphinium brachycentrumNorthern larkspurRanunculaceae 00
Delphinium brunonianum Ranunculaceae 00
Delphinium caeruleum Ranunculaceae 01
Delphinium cashmerianum Ranunculaceae 01
Delphinium denudatum Ranunculaceae 01
Delphinium elatumCandle larkspur, English LarkspurRanunculaceae 01
Delphinium glaucumGiant Larkspur, Sierra larkspurRanunculaceae 00
Delphinium menziesiiMenzies' LarkspurRanunculaceae 01
Delphinium nudicauleRed Larkspur, LarkspurRanunculaceae 01
Delphinium nuttallianumLarkspur, Twolobe larkspurRanunculaceae 00
Delphinium semibarbatumZalilRanunculaceaeD. zalil. Aitch.&Hemsl.01
Delphinium staphisagriaStavesacreRanunculaceae 02
Dendranthema indicumChrysanthemumAsteraceae or CompositaeChrysanthemum indicum. L.23
Dendranthema lavandulifolium Asteraceae or CompositaeChrysanthemum indicum boreale. C. boreale.22
Dendranthema nubigenum Asteraceae or Compositae 00
Dendranthema x grandiflorumChrysanthemum, Cut Mum, Garden Mum, Pot Mum, Florist's ChrysanthemumAsteraceae or CompositaeChrysanthemum x morifolium. Ramat. C. sinense.23
Dendrobium nobile OrchidaceaeD. lindleyanum. D. coerulescens.02
Dendrocalamus asperGiant Bamboo, Dragon bamboo, Sweet bambooPoaceaeArundarbor bitung (Schult.) Kuntze Arundo aspera (Schult.f.) Oken Arundo piscatoria Lour. Bambusa as40
Dendrocalamus brandesiiVelvet Leaf Bamboo, Clumping BambooPoaceaeArundarbor brandisii (Munro) Kuntze. Bambusa brandisii Munro30
Dendrocalamus giganteusGiant Bamboo, Bhalu bans, Dhungre bansPoaceaeBambusa gigantea Wall. ex Munro Sinocalamus giganteus (Munro) Keng f.21
Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiTama Bamboo. Tufted bambooPoaceaeBambusa monogynia Griff. Dendrocalamus edulis Munro Dendrocalamus maximus Kuntze Sinocalamus hamiltonii (Nees & Arn. ex Munro) T.Q.Nguyen.30
Dendrocalamus hookeriBhalu bans, Bhutan Green BambooPoaceaeBambusa altissima E.G.Camus Bambusa globifera Griseb. Bambusa hookeri (Munro) Rivi?re & C.Rivi?re Sinocalamus hookeri (Munro) T.Q.Nguyen20
Dendrocalamus latiflorusSweet Bamboo, Sweet bamboo shoot, Taiwan giant bambooPoaceaeBambusa latiflora (Munro.) Kurz Sinocalamus latiflorus (Munro.) McClure.40
Dendrocalamus membranaceusWhite bambooPoaceaeBambusa membranacea (Munro) Stapleton & N.H.Xia Dendrocalamus longifimbriatus Gamble Oxytenanthera lacei Gamble Sinocalamus longifimbriatus (Gamble) T.Q.Nguyen30
Dendrocalamus strictusMale Bamboo. Calcutta Stricta or BambooPoaceaeArundo hexandra Roxb. ex Munro Bambos stricta Roxb. Bambusa glomerata Royle ex Munro Bambusa hexandra Roxb. ex Munro Bambusa pubescens Lodd. ex Lindl. Bambusa stricta (Roxb.) Roxb. Bambusa tanaea Buch.-Ham. ex Wall. Bambusa verticillata Rottler ex Munro Dendrocalamus prainiana Varmah & Bahadur Nastus strictus (Roxb.) Sm.31
Dendrostellera arenaria   00
Dentaria diphyllaCrinklerootBrassicaceae or CruciferaeCardamine diphylla. (Michx.)Wood.42
Dentaria laciniataCut-Leaved ToothwortBrassicaceae or CruciferaeCardamine laciniata.30

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