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Index of Common Names: Z
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abelia trifloraIndian AbeliaCaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Anemarrhena asphodeloidesZhi MuAsphodelaceae 03
Bromus ramosusHairy BromePoaceae or GramineaeZerna ramosa. (Huds.)Lindm.01
Delphinium semibarbatumZalilRanunculaceaeD. zalil. Aitch.&Hemsl.01
Diospyros conzattiiZapote negro mont's, zapotillo.EbenaceaeDiospyros gomeziorum Provance & A.C.Sanders; Diospyros gomeziorum Provance & A.C.Sanders; Diospyros40
Ephedra intermediaZhong Ma HuangEphedraceae 14
Fritillaria thunbergiiZhe Bei MuLiliaceaeF. collicola. Hance. F. verticillata thunbergii.23
Lardizabala biternataZabala FruitLardizabalaceae 30
Microberlinia bisulcataZinganaFabaceaeBerlinia bifurcata (A.Chev.) Troupin Berlinia bisulcata (A.Chev.) Troupin00
Microberlinia brazzavillensisZinganaFabaceae 00
Microcycas calocomaPalma corchoCycadaceaeZamia calocoma Miq.00
Osmunda japonicaZenmaiOsmundaceae 20
Phyllostachys flexuosaZig-Zag Bamboo, Drooping timber bambooPoaceae or GramineaeBambusa flexuosa.30
Tesing-Testing CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing Botanic CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing Botanic2 CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing Botanic4 CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing_22july CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing3 CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing3 Harish HarishZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing3 Harish1 HarishZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing4 CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Tesing-Testing5 CaprifoliaceaeZabelia triflora. (Wallich.)Makino.00
Zamia sppZamia cycads. Pine cone cycadCycadaceaeSee individual species20
Zanthoxylum alatumWinged Prickly AshRutaceaeZ. armatum.32
Zanthoxylum clava-herculisHercules Club. Prickly Ash - Southern, Hercules' club, Southern Prickly AshRutaceaeZanthoxylum carolinianum. Zanthoxylum catesbianum. Zanthoxylum clavatum.23
Zanthoxylum planispinumWinged Prickly AshRutaceaeZ. alatum planispinum. Z. alatum subtrifoliatum.32
Zanthoxylum simulansSzechuan Pepper, Chinese-pepper, Prickly AshRutaceaeZanthoxylum acanthophyllum. Zanthoxylum argyi. Zanthoxylum podocarpum32
Zelkova serrataJapanese Zelkova, Saw Leaf ZelkovaUlmaceaeZ. acuminata. Z. formosa. Z. hirta. Z. keaki. Abelicea hirta. Corchorus hirtus. non L. C. serr10
Zieria smithiiSandfly BushRutaceaeZ. arborescens. Z. lanceolata.01
Zizania latifoliaManchurian Wild RicePoaceae or GramineaeZ. caducifolia.41
Ziziphus jujubaJujubeRhamnaceaeZiziphus mauritiana Lam. Z. sativa. Z. vulgaris. Z. zizyphus. (L.)Karsten. Rhamnus zizyphus.43
Zoysia japonicaKorean Lawn GrassPoaceae or GramineaeZ. pungens. non Willd. Z. pungens japonica. Osterdamia japonica.10
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