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Index of Common Names: W
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abies pindrowWest Himalayan FirPinaceaeA. webbiana pindrow.00
Acacia coriaceaWiry Wattle, Acacia, Leather LeafFabaceae or Leguminosae 30
Aciphylla colensoiWild SpaniardApiaceae or Umbelliferae 20
Aconitum lycoctonumWolfsbaneRanunculaceae 11
Aconitum lycoctonum vulpariaWolfbaneRanunculaceaeA. vulparia. Reichenb.11
Aconitum uncinatumWild Monkshood, Southern blue monkshoodRanunculaceae 01
Actaea pachypodaWhite BaneberryRanunculaceaeA. pachypoda. Elliott.02
Ageratina altissimaWhite Snakeroot, RichweedAsteraceae or CompositaeEupatorium ageratoides. E. rugosum. E. urticaefolium,02
Ageratina occidentalisWestern SnakerootAsteraceae or CompositaeEupatorium occidentalis.01
Albizia proceraWhite Siris, Tall Albizia, Forest SirisFabaceaeAcacia procera (Roxb.) Willd. Mimosa elata Roxb. Mimosa procera Roxb.12
Allium ampeloprasumWild Leek, Broadleaf wild leekAlliaceae 53
Allium dregeanumWild OnionAlliaceae 32
Allium fistulosumWelsh OnionAlliaceae 52
Allium mutabileWild OnionAlliaceaeA. canadense.(qv) is probably the correct name for this species.32
Allium tricoccumWood Leek, RampAlliaceae 42
Allium ursinumWild GarlicAlliaceae 53
Alnus rhombifoliaWhite AlderBetulaceae 12
Anemone nemorosaWood Anemone, European thimbleweedRanunculaceaeAnemanthus nemorosus Fourr. Pulsatilla nemorosa Schrank. Ranunculus nemorosus Garsault [Invalid].01
Anemone quinquefoliaWind Flower, Wood anemone, Twoleaf anemone, NightcapsRanunculaceae 01
Angelica sylvestrisWild Angelica,Woodland angelicaApiaceae or UmbelliferaeA. montana. Brot.32
Annona mucosaWild SweetsopAnnonaceaeRollinia deliciosa Saff. Rollinia mucosa (Jacq.) Baill. Rollinia orthopetala A.DC. Rollinia pulchrin51
Apium graveolensWild Celery. Ajmod, Ajwain-ka-patta (Indian)Apiaceae or UmbelliferaeApium celleri. Apium decumbens. Celeria graveolens. Carum graveolens.33
Aponogeton distachyosWater Hawthorn, Cape pondweed, VleikosAponogetonaceae 20
Aquilegia canadensisWild Columbine, Red columbine, Meeting Houses, Common ColumbineRanunculaceae 22
Aquilegia formosaWestern ColumbineRanunculaceae 22
Aralia nudicaulisWild SarsaparillaAraliaceae 43
Argemone albifloraWhite Prickly Poppy, Bluestem pricklypoppyPapaveraceaeA. alba.01
Artemisia absinthiumWormwood, Absinthium.Asteraceae or CompositaeAbsinthium officinale Brot. Artemisia pendula Salisb.. Artemisia rhaetica Brügger.13
Artemisia lactifloraWhite MugwortAsteraceae or Compositae 02
Artemisia ludovicianaWhite Sage, Louisiana Sage, Prairie Sage, Western MugwortAsteraceae or Compositae 22
Artemisia ludoviciana gnaphalodesWhite SageAsteraceae or CompositaeA. gnaphalodes. Nutt.02
Artemisia tilesiiWormwood, Tilesius' wormwoodAsteraceae or CompositaeA. unalaskensis. Rydb.12
Asarum caudatumWild Ginger, British Columbia wildgingerAristolochiaceae 32
Asarum sieboldiiWild GingerAristolochiaceae 02
Asclepias eriocarpaWoollypod MilkweedAsclepiadaceaeA. fremontii. A. kotolo.22
Asplenium ruta-murariaWall Rue, Lance aspleniumPolypodiaceae 02
Aster lanceolatusWhite Panicle AsterAsteraceae or CompositaeA. hesperius. A. paniculatus.01
Astragalus hoantchyWu La Te Huang QiFabaceae or Leguminosae 11
Atriplex elegansWheelscale SaltbushChenopodiaceae 20
Atriplex truncataWedgescale SaltbushChenopodiaceaeObione truncata.20
Attalea butyraceaWine PalmArecaceaeAttalea gomphococca Mart. Attalea humboldtiana Spruce Attalea macrocarpa (H.Karst.) Wess.Boer Attale40
Avena fatuaWild OatsPoaceae or Gramineae 21
Azolla pinnataWater Fern, Ferny or Red AzollaAzollaceaeNo synonyms are recorded for this name.00
Baptisia australisWild Indigo, Blue wild indigo, Blue False IndigoFabaceae or LeguminosaeB. exaltata.02
Baptisia lacteaWild IndigoFabaceae or LeguminosaeB. leucantha. Torr.&Gray.01
Baptisia pendulaWhite False Indigo, False IndigoFabaceae or Leguminosae 00
Baptisia tinctoriaWild Indigo, HorseflyweedFabaceae or LeguminosaeBaptisia gibbesii. Podalyria tinctoria. Sophora tinctoria.13
Bauhinia petersianaWhite bauhinia, Zambezi coffeeFabaceaeBauhinia macrantha Oliv. Bauhinia serpae Ficalho & Hiern Perlebia macrantha (Oliv.) A.Schmitz Perlebia petersiana (Bolle) A.Schmitz32
Benincasa hispidaWax GourdCucurbitaceaeB. cerifera.33
Betula occidentalisWater BirchBetulaceaeBetula beeniana, Betula elrodiana, Betula fontinalis, Betula obovata32
Betula platyphyllaWhite Birch, Asian white birch,BetulaceaeBetula alba subsp. tauschii, Betula latifolia, Betula platyphylla var. japonica, Betula verrucosa va22
Betula pubescensWhite Birch, Downy birchBetulaceaeBetula alba var. pubescens, Betula alba subsp. pubescens33
Brasenia schreberiWater ShieldCabombaceaeB. peltata.32
Brassica oleraceaWild Cabbage, Broccoli, Tronchuda cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Kohlrabi, Sprouting broccoliBrassicaceae or CruciferaeB. sylvestris.42
Brassica rapa campestrisWild TurnipBrassicaceae or CruciferaeB. campestris autumnalis. B. rapa campestris. (L.)Clapham.21
Brassica tournefortiiWild Turnip-Rape, Asian mustardBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 20
Brucea antidysentericaWaginosSimaroubaceaeBrucea abyssinica Spreng. Brucea ferruginea L'H?r. Brucea salutaris A.Chev.14
Bryonia albaWhite BryonyCucurbitaceae 12
Calla palustrisWater ArumAraceae 22
Callitriche hermaphroditicaWater Starwort, Northern water-starwortCallitrichaceaeC. autumnalis. L.00
Callitris columellarisWhite Cypress-PineCupressaceaeC. arenosa. C. glauca.00
Calopogonium caeruleumWild jicamaFabaceaeStenolobium caeruleum Benth.00
Caltha leptosepalaWestern Marsh Marigold, Howell's marsh marigold, Sulphur marsh marigoldRanunculaceaeC. rotundifolia.21
Camassia leichtliniiWild Hyacinth, Large camas, Suksdorf's large camasHyacinthaceaeC. esculenta leichtlinii. Chlorogalum leichtlinii.40
Cardamine flexuosaWavy Bittercress,Woodland bittercressBrassicaceae or CruciferaeC. sylvatica.20
Carduus crispusWelted Thistle, Curly plumeless thistleAsteraceae or Compositae 11
Carex aquatilisWater sedge, Sitka sedgeCyperaceae 10
Carya aquaticaWater HickoryJuglandaceaeJuglans aquatica.10
Casimiroa edulisWhite Sapote, Mexican AppleRutaceaeFagara bobacifolia (A.Rich.) Krug. & Urb. Zanthoxylum araliaceum Turcz. Zanthoxylum bombacifolium A.53
Cassia sieberianaWest African LaburnumFabaceaeCassia kotschyana Oliv.14
Cassiope tetragonaWhite Arctic Mountain HeatherEricaceaeAndromeda tetragona.00
Castilleja linariaefoliaWyoming Indian PaintbrushScrophulariaceae 12
Catabrosa aquaticaWater WhirlGrassPoaceae or GramineaeGlyceria aquatica.11
Cercis occidentalisWestern Redbud, California RedbudFabaceae or Leguminosae 30
Ceroxylon alpinumWax PalmArecaceae or Palmae 10
Ceroxylon quindiuenseWax PalmArecaceae or Palmae 10
Ceroxylon utileWax PalmArecaceae or Palmae 10
Chamaecyparis thyoidesWhite Cypress, Atlantic white cedar, Coast White Cedar, Southern White Cedar, White CypressCupressaceaeC. sphaeroidea. Cupressus thyoides. Thuja sphaeroidea.01
Chenopodium ambrosioides anthelminticumWormseedChenopodiaceaeC. anthelminticum.23
Chenopodium virideWhite Goosefoot, PigweedChenopodiaceae 20
Chimonanthus praecoxWinter SweetCalycanthaceaeC. fragrans. Lindl. Calycanthus praecox. Meratia praecox.21
Chiococca albaWest Indian Snow Berry, David's rot, Skunk-root, Snowberry.RubiaceaeChiococca anguifuga DC. Chiococca racemosa L.02
Chrysosplenium americanumWater Mat, American golden saxifrageSaxifragaceae 10
Cirsium eriophorumWooly ThistleAsteraceae or CompositaeCarduus eriophorus. Cnicus eriophorus.20
Cirsium hookerianumWhite ThistleAsteraceae or Compositae 20
Cirsium undulatumWavy-Leaved Thistle, Tracy's thistleAsteraceae or Compositae 31
Citrullus lanatusWater MelonCucurbitaceaeC. vulgaris.43
Clarkia purpureaWinecup clarkiaOenotheraceaeGodetia albescens. G. viminea10
Clematis chinensisWei Ling XianRanunculaceaeC. minor. Lour.12
Clematis ligusticifoliaWhite Clematis, Western white clematis, California clematis,Ranunculaceae 02
Clinopodium vulgareWild BasilLamiaceae or LabiataeCalamintha clinopodium. Calamintha vulgaris.21
Commelina erecta angustifoliaWhitemouth DayflowerCommelinaceaeC. angustifolia. Michx.21
Cornus occidentalisWestern DogwoodCornaceaeC. pubescens. Nutt. non Willd.11
Crataegus opacaWestern MayhawRosaceaeC. aestivalis. Torr.&Gray. pro parte.32
Crataegus phaenopyrumWashington Thorn, Washington HawthornRosaceaeC. cordata.22
Cucumis melo agrestisWild MelonCucurbitaceae 32
Cucurbita maximaWinter SquashCucurbitaceae 53
Cycloloma atriplicifoliumWinged PigweedChenopodiaceae 21
Cymopterus purpurescensWidewing SpringparsleyApiaceae or Umbelliferae 30
Dalea candidaWhite Prairie CloverFabaceae or LeguminosaePetalostemon candidum. (Willd.)Michx.31
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