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Index of Common Names: Q
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acacia podalyriifoliaQueensland Silver Wattle, Pearl wattleFabaceae or Leguminosae 10
Agathis robustaQueensland KauriAraucariaceae 00
Amelanchier stoloniferaQuebec Berry, Running serviceberryRosaceaeA. spicata. non (Lam.)K.Koch.51
Artemisia annuaQing Hao, Sweet sagewortAsteraceae or Compositae 14
Aspidosperma quebracho-blancoQuebrachoApocynaceae 02
Astragalus henryiQin Ling Huang QiFabaceae or Leguminosae 10
Atriplex lentiformisQuail Bush, Big saltbush, Quailbush,Chenopodiaceae 31
Camassia quamashQuamash, Small camas, Utah small camas, Walpole's small camasHyacinthaceaeC. esculenta. Lindl.51
Castanopsis cuspidataJapanese ChinquapinFagaceaeQuercus cuspidata.20
Chenopodium auricomumQueensland BluebushChenopodiaceae 20
Chenopodium quinoaQuinoa, Goosefoot, Pigweed, Inca WheatChenopodiaceaeChenopodium album leucospermum (Schrad.) Kuntze Chenopodium canihua Cook Chenopodium hircinum millea50
Cinchona pubescensQuinine tree, Red Bark, Cinchona, Quina, Quinquina, Quinine Bark, Peruvian Bark, Jesuit's BarkRubiaceaeCinchona caloptera Miq. Cinchona chomeliana Wedd. Cinchona colorata Laubert ex B.D.Jacks. Cinchona c25
Cocculus orbiculatusQueen coralbeadMenispermaceaeC. thunbergii. C. trilobus. Cebatha orbiculata. Menispermum trilobum.12
Crataegus champlainensisQuebec hawthornRosaceae 42
Crataegus submollisQuebec HawthornRosaceae 42
Cydonia oblongaQuinceRosaceaeC. vulgaris. Pyrus cydonia.42
Filipendula rubraQueen Of The Prairie, MeadowsweetRosaceae 01
Gentiana macrophyllaQin JiaoGentianaceae 13
Macadamia tetraphyllaQueensland Nut, Macadamia nutProteaceae 40
Parajubaea cocoidesQuito PalmArecaceae or Palmae 10
Peucedanum praeruptorumQian HuApiaceae or Umbelliferae 02
Quassia amaraBitterwood, Amargo BarkSimaroubaceaeQuassia alatifolia Stokes Quassia officinalis Rich.24
Quercus acutissimaSawthorn OakFagaceaeQ. serrata. non Thunb.22
Quercus brantiiBarro, Brant's oakFagaceaeQuercus aegilops brantii (Lindl.) A.Camus. Quercus baneica Djav.-Khoie. Quercus oophora Kotschy. Quercus persica belangeri A.DC. Quercus persica longicupulata Djav.-Khoie. Quercus persica ovoidea Djav.-Khoie. Quercus persica retrosquamata Djav.-Khoie. Quercus saii Djav.-Khoie. Quercus squamulosa Djav.-Khoie.32
Quercus cerrisTurkey Oak, European turkey oakFagaceaeQ. lanuginosa.32
Quercus cocciferaKermes OakFagaceaeQ. pseudococcifera.32
Quercus dentataJapanese Emperor Oak, Daimyo oakFagaceaeQ. daimio.22
Quercus frainettoHungarian Oak, Italian Oak, Forest Green OakFagaceaeQ. conferta. Kit.42
Quercus fruticosa FagaceaeQ. humilis.32
Quercus gambeliiShin Oak, Gambel oak, Rocky Mountain White OakFagaceaeQ. utahensis. (ADC.)Rydb.32
Quercus glaucaRing-cup oak , Ring Cupped Oak, Blue Japanese OakFagaceaeQ. annulata. Cyclobalanopsis glauca.32
Quercus ilex ballotaHolm OakFagaceaeQ. ballota. Q. rotundifolia.52
Quercus insignisChicalabaFagaceaeQuercus davidsoniae Standl. Quercus schippii Standl. Quercus seibertii C.H.Mull. Quercus strombocarpa Liebm. Quercus tomentocaulis C.H.Mull.12
Quercus ithaburensis macrolepisValonia OakFagaceaeQ. aegilops macrolepis. Q. graeca. Q. macrolepis. Kotschy.42
Quercus kelloggiiCalifornian Black Oak, Black OakFagaceaeQ. californica. Q. sonomensis. Q. tinctoria californica.32
Quercus laevisAmerican Turkey Oak, Turkey oakFagaceaeQ. catesbaei.22
Quercus leucotrichophora FagaceaeQ. incana. Roxb.22
Quercus lobataCalifornian White Oak, Valley oakFagaceaeQ. hindsii.22
Quercus marilandicaBlackjack OakFagaceaeQ. cuneata. Q. nigra. non L.22
Quercus mongolica grosseserrata FagaceaeQ. crispula.22
Quercus muehlenbergiiYellow Chestnut Oak, Chinkapin oakFagaceaeQ. acuminata. non Roxb. Q. prinus acuminata.32
Quercus nigraWater OakFagaceaeQ. aquatica.22
Quercus petraeaSessile Oak, Durmast oakFagaceaeQ. sessiliflora. Q. sessilis.23
Quercus phillyreoidesBlack ridge oak,FagaceaeQuercus phillyraeoides32
Quercus prinusRock Chestnut OakFagaceaeQ. montana. Willd.42
Quercus pubescensDowny OakFagaceaeQ. lanuginosa.22
Quercus roburPedunculate Oak, English oakFagaceaeQuercus longaeva. Quercus pedunculata.43
Quercus rubraRed Oak, Northern red oakFagaceaeQ. borealis. Q. digitata.32
Quercus semecarpifolia FagaceaeQ. aquifolioides.22
Quercus shumardiiShumard Oak, Schneck oakFagaceaeQ. schneckii. Q. texana. non Buckl.22
Quercus stellataPost OakFagaceaeQ. minor. Q. obtusiloba.32
Quercus suber occidentalisCork OakFagaceaeQ. occidentalis.22
Quercus undulataWavyleaf OakFagaceaeQ. x pauciloba. Rydb.22
Quercus variabilisChinese Cork OakFagaceaeQ. bungeana. Q. chinensis. non Abel.22
Quercus velutinaBlack OakFagaceaeQ. tinctoria.23
Quercus x hybridBurgambel oakFagaceaeQuercus macrocarpa x gambelii32
Rhodiola rhodanthaQueen's Crown, Redpod stonecropCrassulaceaeSedum rhodanthum. A.Gray.10
Santalum acuminatumQuandongSantalaceae 11
Simarouba amaraParadise tree, bitterwoodSimaroubaceaeQuassia simaruba L.f. Simarouba opaca (Engl.) Radlk. ex Engl. Zwingera amara (Aubl.) Willd.34
Solanum septemlobumQing Qi.Solanaceae 10
Stillingia sylvaticaQueen's DelightEuphorbiaceaeStillingia angustifolia.01
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