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Index of Common Names: M
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abelmoschus moschatusMusk Mallow,Musk OkraMalvaceaeHibiscus abelmoschus.23
Abies firmaMomi Fir, Japanese FirPinaceaeA. bifida. A. momi.10
Acacia aneuraMulga AcaciaFabaceae or Leguminosae 30
Acacia catechuCutch tree, Catechu acaciaFabaceaeMimosa catechu L.f.;Mimosa catechoides Roxburgh;Acacia catechuoides Benth.;Acacia sandra Bedd.;12
Acacia dealbataMimosa, Silver wattleFabaceae or LeguminosaeA. decurrens dealbata.20
Acacia decurrensGreen WattleFabaceae or LeguminosaeMimosa decurrens.21
Acacia longifoliaSydney Golden Wattle, AcaciaFabaceae or LeguminosaeMimosa longifolia.30
Acacia murrayanaMurray’s wattle, Colony wattleFabaceaeAcacia frumentacea Tate. Acacia leptopetala auct. Racosperma murrayanum (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Pedley 32
Acer monoMapleAceraceaeA. pictum.21
Acer pectinatumMapleAceraceae 00
Acer pensylvanicumMoosewood, Striped maple, Moosewood, Pennsylvania MapleAceraceae 01
Acer spicatumMountain MapleAceraceae 22
Achillea ageratumMace, Sweet-nancyAsteraceae [Compositae]A. decolorans. Schrad. A. serrata.20
Achillea erba-rotta moschataMusk MilfoilAsteraceae or CompositaeA. moschata.02
Adiantum capillus-venerisMaidenhair Fern, Common maidenhair, Southern Maidenhair Fern, Venus Maidenhair Fern, Venus's Hair FePolypodiaceae 22
Aesculus sppHorse chestnutSapindaceaeMany. See individual species.44
Afzelia xylocarpaMakha Tree, Cambodia Beng TreeFabaceaeAfzelia cochinchinensis (Pierre) J.Léonard Afzelia siamica Craib. Pahudia cochinchinensis Pierre Pah22
Agastache mexicanaMexican Giant HyssopLamiaceae or Labiatae 30
Agave viviparaMescal CaseroAsparagaceaeAgave vivipera (incorrect). Many.30
Agoseris aurantiacaMountain Dandelion, Orange agoserisAsteraceae or CompositaeMacrorhynchus troximoides. Troxicum aurantiacum.21
Agoseris glaucaMountain Dandelion, Pale agoseris, False agoserisAsteraceae or CompositaeA. villosa. Rydb. Troxicum glaucum.11
Alangium platanifoliumAlangiumAlangiaceaeMarlea platanifolium.11
Albizia julibrissinMimosa, Silktree, Mimosa Tree,Fabaceae or LeguminosaeAcacia mollis. Acacia julibrissin.22
Alhagi manniferaManna TreeFabaceae or LeguminosaeA. maurorum. Hedysarum alhagi.22
Allanblackia stuhlmanniiMkani, MsamboClusiaceaeAllanblackia sacleuxii Hua Stearodendron stuhlmannii Engl.32
Allium angulosumMouse GarlicAlliaceae 32
Allium splendensMiyama-RakkyoAlliaceaeA. lineare. non Schrad.32
Alnus jorullensisMexican alder, Evergreen AlderBetulaceaeAlnus acuminata jorullensis (Kunth) Regel Alnus firmifolia Fernald00
Alnus tenuifoliaMountain Alder, Thinleaf alderBetulaceaeA. incana tenuifolia. (Nutt.)Breitung.12
Althaea officinalisMarsh Mallow, Common marshmallowMalvaceaeAlthaea sublobata. Althaea taurinensis. Althaea vulgaris. Malva officinalis.55
Amaranthus blitoidesMat AmaranthAmaranthaceae 20
Amelanchier obovalisSouthern Juneberry, Coastal serviceberryRosaceaeMespilus canadensis obovalis.30
Ammophila arenariaMarram Grass, European beachgrassPoaceae or GramineaeA. arundinacea. Psamma arenaria.10
Ampelodesmos mauritanicusMauritanian grassPoaceae or GramineaeA. tenax. Arundo ampeldesmos. Arundo bicolor. Arundo festucoides. Arundo mauritanica. Arundo te00
Anacyclus pyrethrumMount Atlas Daisy, Chamomile Spanish, PellitoryAsteraceae or Compositae 02
Ancylobotrys petersianaMbohoya, Mwungo-wungo.ApocynaceaeAncylobotrys rotundifolia (Dew?vre) Pierre Landolphia angustifolia K.Schum. ex Engl. Landolphia mont40
Andromeda polifoliaMarsh Andromeda, Bog rosemaryEricaceae 21
Anredera cordifoliaMadeira Vine, Heartleaf madeiravineBasellaceae 20
Anthemis cotulaMayweed, Stinking chamomileAsteraceae or Compositae 12
Aralia continentalisManchurian SpikenardAraliaceae 20
Aralia mandschuricaManchurian Angelica TreeAraliaceae 22
Araucaria araucanaMonkey Puzzle TreeAraucariaceaeA. imbricata. Pinus araucana.51
Arbutus menziesiiMadrona, Pacific madrone, Pacific MadroneEricaceaeA. procera.32
Arbutus xalapensisMadrono, Texas madroneEricaceae 20
Arctostaphylos manzanitaManzanita, Whiteleaf manzanita, Konocti manzanita, Contra Costa manzanita, Roof's manzanita, WieslanEricaceaeA. pungens manzanita. Uva-ursi manzanita.31
Ardisia japonicaMarlberryPrimulaceae 03
Aristolochia contortaMa Dou LingAristolochiaceaeA. nipponica.13
Aristolochia debilisMa Dou LingAristolochiaceaeA. recurvilabra. Hance.13
Aristotelia chilensisMacquiElaeocarpaceaeA. macqui. Cornus chilensis31
Arjona patagonicaMacachiSantalaceaeA. tuberosa. non Cav.20
Arnebia benthamii BoraginaceaeMacrotomia benthamii.01
Arnebia euchroma BoraginaceaeMacrotomia euchroma. Royle.02
Arnica angustifolia alpinaMountain TobaccoAsteraceae or CompositaeA. alpina. (L.)Olin.03
Artemisia mexicanaMexican White SagebrushAsteraceae or CompositaeA. ludoviciana mexicana. (Willd.)Fern.01
Artemisia michauxianaMountain Sagewort, Michaux's wormwoodAsteraceae or CompositaeA. discolor. Dougl. ex D.C. A. vulgaris discolor.11
Artemisia vulgarisMugwort, Common wormwood, Felon Herb, Chrysanthemum Weed, Wild WormwoodAsteraceae or CompositaeAbsinthium spicatum. Artemisia affinis. Artemisia coarctata. Artemisia officinalis23
Artocarpus odoratissimusMarang, TerapMoraceaeArtocarpus mutabilis Becc. Artocarpus tarap Becc.40
Arundinaria sppRunning BambooPoaceaeMany. See individual species.31
Asplenium trichomanesMaidenhair Spleenwort, Dense spleenwort, Toothed spleenwort, Brightgreen spleenwortPolypodiaceae 11
Aster novi-belgiiMichaelmas Daisy, New York AsterAsteraceae or Compositae 00
Astragalus edulisMilkvetchFabaceae or Leguminosae 20
Astragalus glycyphyllosMilk Vetch, Licorice milkvetchFabaceae or Leguminosae 10
Astronium balansaeAstroniumAnacardiaceaeMyracrodruon balansae (Engl.) Santin00
Astronium urundeuvaUrundayAnacardiaceaeMyracrodruon urundeuva Allem?o04
Atriplex maximowiczianaMaximowicz's saltbushChenopodiaceae 20
Baccharis vimineaMule's FatAsteraceae or CompositaeB. glutinosa. B. salicifolia. (Ruiz.&Pavon.)Pers.11
Bambusa heterostachyaMalay Dwarf GreenPoaceaeBambusa diversistachya Munro Bambusa latispiculata (Gamble) Holttum Gigantochloa heterostachya Munro Gigantochloa latispiculata Gamble00
Basella albaMalabar Spinach, Indian Spinach, Ceylon spinach,BasellaceaeB. cordifolia. B. rubra.42
Bauhinia vahliiMalu Creeper, Adda Leaf, Pahur Camel's Foot CreeperFabaceaeBauhinia racemosa Vahl23
Bauhinia variegataMountain EbonyFabaceae or Leguminosae 12
Berberis buxifoliaMagellan BarberryBerberidaceaeB. dulcis.42
Brassica creticaMustardBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 20
Brassica oleracea medullosaMarrow-Stem KaleBrassicaceae or Cruciferae 40
Brassica rapa nipposinicaMizunaBrassicaceae or CruciferaeB. rapa nipposinica.40
Brassica rapa perviridisMustard SpinachBrassicaceae or CruciferaeB. rapa komatsuna.30
Bromus breviaristatusMountain BromePoaceae or GramineaeB. marginatus breviaristatus (Buckl.)Beetle.10
Bromus mangoMango, Mango bromePoaceae or Gramineae 20
Bromus marginatusMountain BromePoaceae or Gramineae 10
Buddleia officinalisMi Meng HuaBuddleiaceaeBuddleja officinalis02
Bulbinella hookeriMaori OnionAsphodelaceaeAnthericum hookeri.10
Burchardia umbellataMilkmaidsColchicaceae 20
Cacalia peltifolia Asteraceae or CompositaeMiricacalia peltifolia.10
Caesalpinia decapetalaMysore Thorn, ShooflyFabaceae or LeguminosaeC. sepiaria. Roxb.02
Calamus spp.Rattan PalmArecaceaeMany. See individual species.22
Calathea allouiaSweetcorn Root, Guinea ArrowrootMarantaceaeMaranta allouia Aubl.; Phrynium allouia Aubl.; Also as Allouya americana (Lamk.); Curcuma americana40
Calochortus aureusMariposa Lily, Golden mariposa lilyCalochortaceaeC. aureus. S.Wats.20
Calochortus gunnisoniiMariposa Lily, Gunnison's mariposa lilyCalochortaceae 21
Calochortus pulchellusMount Diablo Globelily, Mt. diablo fairy-lanternCalochortaceae 20
Caltha palustrisMarsh Marigold, Yellow marsh marigoldRanunculaceae 22
Camelina sativaGold Of PleasureBrassicaceae or CruciferaeMyagrum sativum.30
Campanula lactifloraMilky BellflowerCampanulaceae 30
Campanula lasiocarpaMountain harebellCampanulaceae 20
Canarium luzonicumManila ElemiBurseraceaeCanarium carapifolium G.Perkins Canarium oliganthum Merr. Canarium polyanthum G.Perkins Canarium tri43
Carduus nutansMusk Thistle, Nodding plumeless thistleAsteraceae or Compositae 22
Carpobrotus acinaciformisHottentot FigAizoaceaeMesembryanthemum acinaciforme.20
Carpobrotus edulisHottentot Fig,AizoaceaeMesembryanthemum edulis.22
Carya hybridsHybrid and neohybrid hickoriesJuglandaceaeMany. See individual species.43
Carya tomentosaMockernut,White Heart Hickory, Mockernut HickoryJuglandaceaeC. alba. non Nutt. Juglans tomentosa.31
Cassia leiandraMarimariFabaceaeCassia moschata Benth.40
Castanospermum australeMoreton Bay ChestnutFabaceae or Leguminosae 41
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