Edible Weeds | Urtica dioica | Stinging Nettle

Nettle image

Stinging Nettle is a fantastic underused weed with excellent edible, medicinal and other uses. The Young leaves are cooked as a potherb and added to soups etc. They can also be dried for winter use. Nettles are a very valuable addition to the diet, they are a very nutritious food that is easily digested and […]

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Reseda luteola and The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van eyck

Reseda luteola | Weld, Dyer's Rocket image

We watched a fascinating TV programme recently where a team of historical costume makers were tasked with making a high status gown as shown in a 15th century painting by Jan Van Eyck called the Arnolfini portrait . They used material produced using modern methods, but also examined how the dark green wool cloth would have […]

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