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Acacia cowleana

Usually occurs on sandy or stony soils. It suits warm semi arid regions. It can stand long periods of drought. It grows in Northern Australia. It cannot tolerate fire. It cannot tolerate frost. It can grow in arid places. Grows…

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Acacia concinna

Rain forest, disturbed forest, open grassland, fields, creek sides, in open areas often a sprawling shrub; also recorded from limestone; at elevations from 50 – 1050 metres. Love

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Acacia angustissima

It is a subtropical plant. Hillsides, rock slopes, summits and in grassland with other shrubs, often in deciduous or semi-deciduous forest. Mostly on rather dry, often rocky, brushy slopes or in thin forest, frequent in pine-oak forest, sometimes in hedges,…

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Acacia auriculiformis

A riparian species, ringing perennial rivers and semi-perennial creeks, and tending to form discontinuous populations along drainage systems. Savannahs, woodlands, swamp edges, coastal savannas, grasslands, monsoon forests and regrowth. Love

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