Prostrate Edible Shrubs

We’ve included five of our favourite Prostrate Edible Shrubs in a quick reference guide. Each plant card links to the original PFAF plant page.

The quick reference guide includes:

  • Height in Feet and Metres
  • The Hardiness Zone
  • Light and moisture requirements
  • Edible, Medicinal and Other Uses Rating

What is a prostrate shrub?

A Prostrate shrub is a woody plant with branches spreading along the ground, lying flat on the ground, or spreading along the ground for most of its length but with tips turning upwards.

Shrubs are perennial woody plants and have persistent woody stems above ground (compared with succulent stems of herbaceous plants). Usually, shrubs are distinguished from trees by their height and multiple branches. Some shrubs are deciduous (e.g. hawthorn) and others evergreen (e.g. holly).

Most definitions characterize shrubs as possessing multiple stems with no main trunk below. This is because the stems have branched below ground level. There are exceptions to this, with some shrubs having main trunks, but these tend to be very short and divide into multiple stems close to ground level without a reasonable length beforehand. Many trees can grow in multiple stemmed forms also while being tall enough to be trees, such as oak or ash.