Partridge Berry | Mitchella repens

Partridge Berry is an excellent creeping groundcover for a shady spot on neutral to acid soils that succeed in the shade of trees. It is prostrate, growing to 0.1 m (4in). As the plant creeps, the stems form new roots at the nodes.

Is Partridge Berry edible?

Partridge berry is a creeping, mat-forming, prostrate, evergreen subshrub with small, dark, glossy leaves and long-lasting red berries available in late summer. Flowers are fragrant. The slightly aromatic cranberry-sized fruit hangs well on the bush and has a faint wintergreen flavour. They are eaten raw but have little taste. Make tea from the leaves. Heat tolerant in zones 9 through 1.

How do you propagate Partridge Berry?

By Seed or Division of naturally layered stems in the spring. Cuttings.

Other Uses of  Partridge Berry

• Food Forest • Self-fertile • Ground cover • Wildlife • Scented

Mitchella repens

Family: Rubiaceae

Known Hazards: None known.

Habitats: Dry or moist knolls in woods, on sandy substrates.

Edibility Rating: 3

Other Uses: 4

Weed Potential: No

Medicinal Rating: 3

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