Edible Shoots: Find and Use Edible Plant Shoots

A new glossary search term called ‘shoots’ was created when we recently added additional tropical plants to the Plants For A Future database.

Select Edible Shoots on the Search Page (homepage)

The new glossary item, which is marked on the Plant Pages under Edible Uses, allows you to search specifically for edible plant shoots (tip: clicking on the tab opens all plants with edible shoots).

Edible Part ‘Shoots’ on the Plant Pages (see Abelmoschus manihot for example)

The glossary item accommodates several plants where only the shoots are eaten, for example, bamboos. We’ve also added the edible shoots glossary item to all temperate plants where appropriate, including asparagus.

The database now includes 829 plants with edible shoots.

Plant shoots are young stems that are often high in nutrients. Depending on the plant, shoots can be quite tender and sweet (such as a baby asparagus spear). Their freshness and lightness provide a counterbalance to savoury or starchy foods, bringing out unique flavours in other ingredients. It’s critical to obtain new shoots that haven’t yet hardened; look for vibrant green colours and snap rather than chop them.