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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abies albaSilver Fir, Christmas Tree Fir, European Silver Fir, Silver23
Abies balsameaBalsam Fir35
Abies fraseriShe Balsam, Fraser fir, Southern Balsam Fir13
Afzelia africanaAfrican Mahogany22
Agathis dammaraAmboina Pine00
Agathis macrophyllaDakua00
Agathis mooreiPacific Kauri, Moore Kauri10
Agathis robustaQueensland Kauri00
Allanblackia floribundaVegetable Tallow. Tallow tree32
Aquilaria crassnaAgar Wood, Agarwood03
Aquilaria malaccensisAgar Wood, Eaglewood, Indian Aloewood, Aloeswood13
Aquilaria sinensisAgar Wood, Pak Muk Heung, White Wood Incense03
Araucaria araucanaMonkey Puzzle Tree51
Artocarpus heterophyllusJackfruit52
Astronium urundeuvaUrunday04
Azorella caespitosa 21
Azorella yareta 00
Balanites aegyptiacaDesert Date. Desert date, Soapberry tree32
Bursera simarubaGum Tree, Gumbo Limbo22
Callitris columellarisWhite Cypress-Pine00
Callitris endlicheriRed Cypress-Pine01
Canarium luzonicumManila Elemi43
Canarium schweinfurtiiAfrican elemi33
Cedrus libaniCedar Of Lebanon11
Chamaecyparis lawsonianaLawson Cypress, Port orford cedar, Oregon Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Lawson's Cypress01
Cistus creticusRock Rose, Cretan rockrose22
Cistus ladaniferLabdanum, Common gum cistus22
Commiphora myrrhaMyrrh, Myrrh Gum24
Commiphora wightiiGuggul, Indian bdellium-tree23
Copaifera coriaceaSapucaia tree24
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