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Cannabis sativa - L.

Common Name Hemp, Marijuana
Family Cannabidaceae
USDA hardiness 8-11
Known Hazards The plant is a narcotic (legally) in some countries[19, 76]. Its action is almost entirely on the higher nerve centres, it can produce an exhilarating intoxication with hallucinations and is a widely used street drug[4]. It has also been widely used in the past by mystics and sages wanting to communicate with the higher forces of nature. The nature of its effect does depend much on the temperament of the individual[4]. The use of cannabis is considered to be less harmful than alcohol or tobacco by many people, nevertheless its use has been banned in many countries of the world including most western countries, New Zealand and Australia.
Habitats Fluvial deposits on crags and stony slopes[74]. It is occasionally found as a casual on waste ground in Britain[17]. It is especially found as a weed of nitrogen-rich soils near human habitations[238]
Range W. Asia - Iran to India. A casual in Britain[17].
Edibility Rating    (4 of 5)
Other Uses    (4 of 5)
Weed Potential Yes
Medicinal Rating    (4 of 5)
Care (info)
Half Hardy Moist Soil Full sun
Cannabis sativa Hemp, Marijuana

Cannabis sativa Hemp, Marijuana


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Physical Characteristics

 icon of manicon of flower
Cannabis sativa is a ANNUAL growing to 2.5 m (8ft) by 0.8 m (2ft 7in).
See above for USDA hardiness. It is hardy to UK zone 9. It is in flower in July. The species is dioecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required). and is pollinated by Wind. The plant is not self-fertile.
It is noted for attracting wildlife.
Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. Suitable pH: mildly acid, neutral and basic (mildly alkaline) soils and can grow in very acid and very alkaline soils.
It cannot grow in the shade. It prefers moist soil.

UK Hardiness Map US Hardiness Map


Cannabis indica Lam. Cannabis ruderalis Janisch.

Plant Habitats

 Cultivated Beds;

Edible Uses

Edible Parts: Leaves  Oil  Seed
Edible Uses: Oil

Seed - raw or cooked. It can be parched and eaten as a condiment or made into cakes and fried[2, 85, 177, 183]. The seed is quite tasty, but it is very difficult to separate from the husk. We have tried grinding the seed, husk and all, and eating it this way, but it does then have a very gritty texture[K]. The seed contains about 27.1% protein, 25.6% fat, 7.4% carbohydrate, 6.1% ash[179]. A nutritional analysis is available calculated on a zero moisture basis[218]. A highly nutritious edible oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is obtained from the seed[105, 183]. Leaves. Used in soups[269]. The leaves contain 0.215% carotene[179].

References   More on Edible Uses

Figures in grams (g) or miligrams (mg) per 100g of food.
Seed (Dry weight)
  • 487 Calories per 100g
  • Water : 0%
  • Protein: 31.4g; Fat: 29.6g; Carbohydrate: 31.9g; Fibre: 23.5g; Ash: 7.1g;
  • Minerals - Calcium: 139mg; Phosphorus: 1123mg; Iron: 13.9mg; Magnesium: 0mg; Sodium: 0mg; Potassium: 0mg; Zinc: 0mg;
  • Vitamins - A: 518mg; Thiamine (B1): 0.37mg; Riboflavin (B2): 0.2mg; Niacin: 2.43mg; B6: 0mg; C: 0mg;
  • Reference: [ 218]
  • Notes:

Medicinal Uses

Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.
Analgesic  Anodyne  Anthelmintic  Antianxiety  Antibacterial  Anticonvulsant  Antiemetic  Antiperiodic  
Antirheumatic  Antispasmodic  Cancer  Cholagogue  Demulcent  Diuretic  Dysentery  
Emmenagogue  Emollient  Epilepsy  Febrifuge  Hypnotic  Laxative  Malaria  
Narcotic  Ophthalmic  Sedative  Tonic

Hemp, or more appropriately cannabis since the form grown for fibre contains much less of the medicinally active compounds, has a very long history of medicinal use, though it is illegal to grow in many countries since the leaves and other parts of the plant are widely used as a narcotic drug[4]. The leaves and the resin that exudes from them are the parts mainly used, though all parts of the plant contain the active ingredients[4]. Cannabis contains a wide range of active ingredients, perhaps the most important of which is THC. The principal uses of the plant are as a pain-killer, sleep-inducer and reliever of the nausea caused by chemotherapy, whilst it also has a soothing influence in nervous disorders[4]. Although cannabis does not effect a cure for many of the problems it is prescribed to treat, it is a very safe and effective medicine for helping to reduce the symptoms of many serious diseases. For example, it relieves the MS sufferer of the distressing desire to urinate, even when the bladder is empty. As long as it is used regularly, it also greatly reduces the pressure in the eye to relieve the symptoms of glaucoma. The whole plant is anodyne, anthelmintic, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antiperiodic, antispasmodic, cholagogue, diuretic, emollient, hypnotic, hypotensive, laxative, narcotic, ophthalmic and sedative[4, 7, 21, 46, 147, 176, 178, 192, 238, 243]. It is used to relieve some of the unpleasant side effects suffered by people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer - in particular it is very effective in removing the feelings of nausea and indeed helps to create an appetite and positive attitude of mind which is so important to people undergoing this treatment[K]. It has also been found of use in the treatment of glaucoma[200, 222, 238] and relieves the distressing constant desire to urinate that is suffered by many people with multiple sclerosis. Given to patients suffering from AIDS, it helps them to put on weight[238]. Since it strongly increases the desire for food it has been found of benefit in treating anorexia nervosa. It is used externally as a poultice for corns, sores, varicose veins, gout and rheumatism[218, 238]. Few plants have a greater array of folk medicine uses. Cannabis has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including alcohol withdrawal, anthrax, asthma, blood poisoning, bronchitis, burns, catarrh, childbirth, convulsions, coughs, cystitis, delirium, depression, diarrhoea, dysentery, dysmenorrhoea, epilepsy, fever, gonorrhoea, gout, inflammation, insomnia, jaundice, lockjaw, malaria, mania, menorrhagia, migraine, morphine withdrawal, neuralgia, palsy, rheumatism, scalds, snakebite, swellings, tetanus, toothache, uteral prolapse, and whooping cough[269]. The seed is anodyne, anthelmintic, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, emmenagogue, febrifuge, laxative, narcotic and tonic[218]. It is used to treat constipation caused by debility or fluid retention[238]. The seed is an important source of essential fatty acids and can be very helpful in the treatment of many nervous diseases. A high content of very active antibacterial and analgesic substances has been found in the plant[240]. It has bactericidal effects on gram-positive micro-organisms, in some cases up to a dilution of 1:150,000[240].

References   More on Medicinal Uses

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Other Uses

Fibre  Fodder  Oil  Paper  Repellent

A drying oil is obtained from the seed. It is used for lighting, soap making, paints, varnish etc[4, 7, 21, 46, 57, 171]. In the temperate zone, oil is produced from females which have been left to stand after the fibre-producing males have been harvested[269]. A varnish is made from the pressed seeds[269]. Seed is harvested from the female plants when most of it falls off when the plant is shaken. Best time of day to harvest seed is in early morning when fruits are turgid and conditions damp. As fruits dry out by mid-day, seed loss increases due to shattering. Usually stems are cut and the seeds shaken out over canvas sheets or beaten with sticks to extract the seeds[269]. A fibre is obtained from the stem. It is strong and very durable[171] and is used in making coarse fabrics, rope etc[1, 7, 21, 46, 57, 61]. Male plants produce the best fibres and they are harvested when the plants turn brown and the flowers begin to open[123, 171, 269]. When used for making paper the stems are harvested in the autumn and either retted or steamed until the fibres can be removed. The fibre is cooked for 2 hours or more with lye and then beaten in a ball mill or Hollander beater. The paper is off-white in colour[189]. A good companion plant for cabbages and other brassicas, it repels the cabbage white butterfly[4, 18, 20, 201] and also secretes a volatile essence from its roots that inhibits pathogenic micro-organisms in the soil[201]. Fodder/animal feed.

Special Uses

Attracts Wildlife

References   More on Other Uses

Cultivation details

Cannabis is very adaptable to soil and climatic conditions[269]. It prefers a rich loamy soil with plenty of humus[171] but it succeeds in ordinary garden soil[1] and also in calcareous soils[171]. When grown for fibre, it requires a mild temperate climate with at least 67cm annual rainfall, with abundant rain whilst the seeds are germinating and until young plants become established[269]. Cannabis thrives on rich, fertile, neutral to slightly alkaline, well-drained silt or clay loams with moisture retentive subsoils, it does not grow well on acid, sandy soils[269]. Of the many types of hemp, some are adapted to most vegetated terrains and climates[269]. Cannabis is reported to tolerate an annual precipitation range of 30 to 400cm, an average annual temperature range of 6 to 27°C and a pH in the range of 4.5 to 8.2[269]. Plants require little cultivation, except for weeding during early stages of growth. Hemp grows rapidly and soon crowds out weeds[269]. After the plants are 20 cm tall, weeding is abandoned. Hemp tends to exhaust the soil of nutrients, though some nutrients are returned to the soil after plants are harvested[269]. Hemp is commonly cultivated for its fibre, edible seed and oil in many areas of the world, it is also a socially acceptable drug in areas of Asia and the Middle East[238]. However, it is illegal to grow in Britain and many other western countries (plus Australia and New Zealand) because it contains certain narcotic principles and is a commonly used narcotic drug[20, 123, 238]. As Cannabis sativa has been cultivated for over 4,500 years for different purposes, many varieties and cultivars have been selected for specific purposes, as fibre, oil or narcotics. Drug-producing selections grow better and produce more drug in the tropics; oil and fibre producing plants thrive better in the temperate and subtropical areas. Many of the cultivars and varieties have been named as to the locality where it is grown mainly. However, all so called varieties freely interbreed and produce various combinations of the characters. The form of the plant and the yield of fibre from it vary according to climate and particular variety. Varieties cultivated particularly for their fibres have long stalks, branch very little, and yield only small quantities of seed. Varieties which are grown for the oil from their seed are short in height, mature early and produce large quantities of seed. Varieties grown for the drugs are short, much-branched with smaller dark-green leaves. Between these three main types of plants are numerous varieties which differ from the main one in height, extent of branching and other characteristics[269]. At least one variety has been selected for its virtually insignificant content of the narcotic principles[141]. This form is monoecious whereas most other forms are dioecious[141]. There is also said to be a tall Chinese form that has no narcotic effect[179]. However in 1999 even these varieties are illegal to grow in Britain without a special licence. Certain varieties do not form many side-shoots and these are the forms most commonly grown for their fibre[123]. Plants grown in warmer climates tend to be best for medicinal use, whilst those grown in more northerly latitudes produce the better fibre[4]. The seed is very attractive to birds and is often included in bird seed mixtures[7].

References   Carbon Farming Information and Carbon Sequestration Information

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Plant Propagation

Seed - sow in early spring in the greenhouse. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out into their permanent positions in early summer. Seeds germinate well at low temperatures, but not below 1°C[269]. The seed can also be sown outdoors in situ in mid spring.

Other Names

If available other names are mentioned here

Preferred Common Name = hemp. English: marijuana. Spanish: canamo; sinsemilla. French: chanvre. Russian: konoplya. Arabic: hashish; kannab. Chinese: ma fen; ta ma. Portuguese: canhamo. Brazil: maconha. Germany: Hanf. Hungary: kender. India: charas; ganja. Italy: canapa. Japan: asa. Netherlands: hennep. Poland: kenop. South Africa: dagga. Sweden: hampa.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Central Africa, China, East Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Haiti, Himalayas, India, Indochina, Indonesia, Iran*, Kenya, Laos, Libya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mediterranean, Middle East, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, North Africa, North America, Northeastern India, Pacific, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, PNG, Poland, Russia, Sao Tome and Principe, SE Asia, Siberia, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, West Africa, West Indies, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Weed Potential

Right plant wrong place. We are currently updating this section. Please note that a plant may be invasive in one area but may not in your area so it’s worth checking.

This plant can be weedy or invasive. In the US it is a noxious weed in: Illinois (marijuana) Noxious weed. Minnesota (hemp) Prohibited noxious weed. Missouri (marijuana) Noxious weed. Pennsylvania (marijuana) Noxious weed. West Virginia (marijuana) Noxious weed.

Conservation Status

IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants Status : This taxon has not yet been assessed.

Related Plants
Latin NameCommon NameHabitHeightHardinessGrowthSoilShadeMoistureEdibleMedicinalOther

Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water.


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Readers comment

Bruno D´almeida   Sat Jun 23 11:29:12 2001

I´m not a "user" of this plant, but since tobacco and alchool are institutionalized why not Cannabis sativa? Reasons are obvious - it reduces stress, it´s a "non violence inducing" drug (unlike alchool for ex.) and does not causes dependence (unlike nicotine or cafeine and theobromine - chocolate). I work in the Biotecnology area, and do think this issue sould be reviewed. Besides, it would end up with small "dealers" that earn money by selling Cannabis in the streets, sometimes being the plant chemicaly adulterated.

   Mon Sep 10 20:22:54 2001

I don't know if you know but cannabis is actually the most botaniocally advanced plant in the world today and has many more uses than stated here to read a good book on the subject see 'the emporer wears no clothes' -i forget the author it's on amazon have a look.

J. Dean Hodgson   Thu Jan 26 2006

Thanks you for your work. Why would you call marijuana a narcotic? Truly, I think our government has never had reason to ban marijuana, and surely not hemp. James the Obscure

James Jaffrey (Mr Hemp)   Tue Feb 14 2006

Re: The Emporer Wears No Clothes. The author's name is Jack Herer I beieve that there are over 20,000 commercial uses for this GOD given wonder plant from paper plastic building materilas oils varnishes sealants textiles etc etc etc. It's time to re-educate the youth in the U.K. that it was law here during the 17th & 18th century that 10% of ALL arable alnd be dedicated to growing Hemp, Cannabis sativa L. The British empire that was was founded and maintained on hemp! Think about that one! All the sails rigging clothing charts varnishes sealant oil for the lamps all from the humble Hemp plant. Our farmers are at their collective wits end looking for alternatives and yet we have the very plant that could help alleviate their situation. Be a part of the solution and buy hemp products wherever possible. This is an excellent site, well done. Jim Jaffrey, (Mr Hemp)

A. Thinker   Fri Mar 17 2006

God loves us, and He gave us all we need to survive and even thrive. The proof is in the pot. He never created a more wonderful herb. And I am not just refering to the part I like the most. We could have cheap fuel, clean air, people who are employed and not hungry, angry or violent. We could have less war, more peace, better food through organic enrichment because of this great herb. Why are we so ignorant? We need to utilize what the Good Lord has so gracefully been handed to us. The Greed of the rich will destroy our planet. And they do not care about the welfare of people. How unfortunate.

kenny A   Mon Mar 20 2006

we all need to fly, man, like the last guy said, if we were all fried, we wouldnt have all of these problems. the great herb calms us and renews our long gone sense of peace. i believe that the world needs to legalise Gods great gift, so the world may be once again at peace like it was many many years ago.

medman   Fri Mar 24 2006

Well, Cannabis has both monoecious and dioecious versions. It is self-fertile in the case of hermaphroditic strains/individuals. Has been found to have a large impact on the PNS, not just the CNS. Is hearty (as an annual) well into zone 3. The native habitat for 3 of the primary subtypes (sativa, indica, and ruderalis respectively) are tropical rainforests, semi-arid mountainous areas, and the Russian Steppes. It does not grow well in extremely acidic or alkaline soils since those conditions prevent key nutrient uptake. When grown in very slightly acidic soils (6.5 to 6.8) it is one of the fastest growing land plants. Although THC used to be thought of as the medicinally active secondary metabolite, more recently it has been found that CBD(a "legal" compound found even in the fiber strains) exerts powerful effects, especially on the PNS and is the metabolite responsible for many benefits especially to MS sufferers.

Billy Barty   Wed Apr 12 2006

I would only add that there are two types of the drug-producing version: C. Sativa and C. Indica. C. Sativa's perceptual effects have been noted as being "high"; increasing energy, and stimulating creativity. This is primarily because C.Sat has a lopsidedly high amount of D9-THC vs. the other THCs. C. Indica is almost the opposite. It's effects have been noted as being "stoned", sedate, relaxing and stress-relieving. C.Indica has a much more balanced mix of D9THC vs. the other THCs. C.Sat is tall, lanky, light green with skinny leaves, long to mature, less drug yield. C. Indica is short, squat, dark green with fat leaves, quick maturing, more yield.

Kali Mist   Sun Apr 30 2006

A strain called 'KALI MIST' bred by 'Serious Seeds' is very effective with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, leaving you wide-awake and full of energy. This very uplifting Sativa leaves your eyes wide open, white and clear, (no red droopy eyes), no short-term memory loss plus your sight, hearing and memory are noticably enhanced, even with small doses. Kali Mist is a very unique & medicinally useful plant which is quite unlike any that I have ever tested. This plant should be legally available to the sick.

A.Jathoul   Sat Mar 31 2007

Billy Party is wrong. C. Ruderalis also makes THC. So does the newly discovered cannabis rasta.

Greenspirit   Sun Dec 24 2006

Cannabis and all sub-species of cannabis are the greatest plant. Name one plant that has 1/5 the uses that cannabis has. Ignorance is killing our planet. Dont be fooled by the propaganda, look for the truth yourself, and when the time comes, everyone will be educated on this miracle plant. The U.S. government lost on the prohibition of alcohol and tabacco and got board so they propagated and bastardized the uses and benefits of cannabis until it was grinded into obscurity. Are planet is burning up, and if the people could just see that if we just threw cannabis seeds all around, it would reverse the greenhouse effect, i could feed and clothe all races, all countries, the world. One acre of cannabis is equal to seven acres of densly wooded forest, it grows faster and taller than any other plant, and has infinite uses. People cant argue with the facts. I do not consider myself a citizen of any country, I am a human being, like everyone one else, and I want and need to help save the planet. If anyone wants to start a movement, an organization to save mother nature, post another comment. Let's have a Green Planet, Green Peace, and a Green Soul.

pipsqueak   Thu Aug 2 2007

Re The Emperor Wears No Clothes mentioned above. I don't know about the actual author's name - I believe from looking through that site that Jack Herer is actually a strain of cannabis. Re legalisation - I have also learned in recent years what the whole world SHOULD know ... my memory is sketchy on the details, but basically the oil/petroleum industry back in the 1920s or so promised the powers that be huge financial reward in return for making hemp (cannabis) illegal. Why? Cos hemp oil was being successfully and cheaply used for everything they wanted their oil/petroleum to be used for (at a higher cost no doubt). Up until that time hemp (cannabis) was used widely and openly amongst nobility (snuff) and was a staple of any epothecary (drugstore [pharmacy]). So in case you didn't know ... that my friends is the reason why you can't openly enjoy a smoke wherever and whenever you feel like it. I now realise that those that are most against cannabis are those that have never used it, aren't aware of it's true worth to this world and don't actually know what they're against or why they're against it. Think about it - cannabis is never usually an issue ... until ignorant non-users make it an issue. With ZERO deaths directly attributed to the use of cannabis recorded in over 10,000 years of useage, somebody tell me .... why exactly does it remain illegal????

Is it that bad?   Fri Jan 25 2008

I cant believe how ignorant the politicians are. Marijuana should be legalized due to well... Everything. Yes it is a street rug used to get high. But the high is the least threatening out of every drug. But im not propagandizing for legal marijuana for the high Just like everyone else on this site knows Its properties that make it unlike any other plant. Its versatility, growth rate, and of course the uses of the plant. We really need to start a push in the united states. To legalize At least hemp. I know hemp is not Cannabis sativa and it contains little THC, but its a great crop it can be grown for hundreds if not thousands of uses If you want to use corn for oil that is only decently effective why not Use hemp? It can be produced into Food, Clothing, Oil, Medicinal remedy, and probably a lot more. I honestly think everyone who looks at this site or talks to friends need to spread the good uses of marijuana. Yes they are all good. This Taboo needs to end now. This plant could change the future for better. If its controlled and done right. Its right there in every state. The government should realize wasting money on those convicted of marijuana crimes is well wasting money. It costs an unbelievable amount to stop a natural plant that could be making them billions Thats my thoughts on it.

Vital Scherrer   Thu Feb 28 2008

There is a false teaching under "Known Hazards": The plant is not "narcotic" nor does it "produce ...hallucinations". This information is wrong, delusive and based on bias and defamation. So, it's dubious practice to just copy sources of information which are not based on empiric cognisance. On "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicinal_cannabis" it is recorded that it's mainly an "antiemetic". As a drug it is mind- or rather perception-expanding or -intensifying.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PiperAfloat (Registered Nurse in my country)   Tue Aug 26 2008

I understand that it does not act on the opioid receptors of the brain (as heroin and its kin do), so chemically it's not narcotic. It very, very rarely produces hallucinations as such. Depending on its strength, it can alter perceptions of the environment such that the distinction is moot.

jag   Fri Mar 7 2008

karoo site now defunct much of the archive has been moved to: http://www.sustainable.org.uk/hemp/

sustainable . org . uk

DMH   Sun Apr 6 2008

It is a shame that the government works so hard at trying to control the people of this great country,they have forgotten that they work for the people,We the people need to let the government know about "Popular sovereignty",if you don't know the meaning please look it up.It is time the government brought back jobs to the people and not bust them for a little smoke.

   Fri Apr 11 2008

good for labido

Gabe Chance   Sat May 3 2008

I just want to point out that technically, cannabis is not a narcotic. Narcotics are central nervous system depressants by definition. Cannabis is not a depressant, it is a cannabinoid, and that is something entirely different. It's okay though, the Museum of Natural History in NYC makes the same mistake.

ROBERT LEE   Sat Sep 20 2008



Toni   Fri Nov 21 2008

Many studies show that THC kills cancer cells. With breast cancer it's opposite but CBD (Cannabis indica's main compound) has breast cancer limiting influence. Here's free HowToDoYourMedicine instructions -- www.phoenixtears.ca About studies you can find from Google "cannabis cancer research".

el'malik   Tue Jan 6 2009

AM not a user of THC but i think there is a need for a re-orientation of the public on their perception of THC as a narcotic and stigma on users.coz if it does half of what is stated here,i wonder why it is not sold in the pharmacy.

   Wed Mar 11 2009

i agree by paul gabbitas

herb-ert   Wed Apr 8 2009

You forgot galactogogue. (used to increase breast milk production)

Gazzy   Sun Apr 12 2009

To the people saying governments are ignorant, they are not; they know exactly how much use this plant could be to the world but politicians are and always have been in bed with business/money and if business doesn't want a plant that can threaten many industries (cotton, logging, plastics, fuel, and most importantly; medicine) legalised then it won't be. Think how much money would be lost due to legalisation, the huge drug war budget wouldn't be justifiable without cannabis prosecutions, the expansion of prisons wouldn't be needed, alcohol sales would fall which would also cause a lot of crime to fall..it's all about money. I'd also like to add that it's been found in studys that this plant can be effective in over 200 different types of cancer and has even been found to shrink tumours.. maybe thats why its illegal, cancer cure?

mootube   Thu May 7 2009

I forgot what I was going to say.

Chet   Mon Jun 8 2009

I'm Hungry...

newtothis   Fri Oct 9 2009

All... Please bare with me as I tell my small story about my limited experience with Cannabis. I am a 32yr. old husband of 14 yrs and father of 2 beautiful children. I started ddrinking alcohol when I was about 14 yrs. old, it was easy to get and if I got caught with it I would have to work off a $100 fine that my parents would pay. I never touched any type of illegal drugs while in HS or college, it was always alcohol for me. I actually could not stand anyone who smoked pot or did any type of Illegal drugs (MAN WAS I AN IDIOT!!!). I met my wife in HS and after we started to date I found out she smoked pot, I told her immediately that we were finished if she kept smoking the crap that I hated sooo much. After some discussion , she actually stopped smoking and we ended up getting married a few years later,keep in mind, I never stopped drinking. My wife and I have been married for close to 15 yrs. and I have pretty much been an alcoholic for the full 15 yrs.not realising until now that I was an alcoholic. While boozing it up for the past 14 yrs of marriage my wife and I constantly argued when I was drunk and when I wasn't drunk I stayed irrittable with a hangover so I could sometimes be a prick. My wife continuously told me to stop drinking (luckily she never left me), and I would promise her that I would. I realised I couldn't. This stuff had a strong hold on me and I liked it, but I knew it was going to destroy my marriage and potentially my life. About 2 1/2 months ago I decided to buy a 1/4 bag of weed ( I still do not know what made me buy the weed)..... I have no idea what kind, as like I said before ,I never dealt with illegal drugs before now. I think that what helped me was the fact that my wife was a stoner before and I figured she wouldn't care if I tried it. The first time I smoked the weed believe it or not, I put down the bottle of whiskey and haven't touched it since. I no longer crave the alcohol and my life has improved trmendously I am more focused on my family and I have more energy to do things with them rather than drinking all the time. Some may say well yeah you put down the bottle for a pipe......... WRONG!!! not only did I put the bottle down but I have yet to buy another bag of weed. I don't crave the weed like I did the alcohol, It took me about a month to finish the bag of weed and this was with my wife helping me :0).... Yes we had a great time finishing it off but we did not NEED anymore than what we had already. After this experience I would support the use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes by anyone over the age of 18yrs. of age especially if it kept them from drinking alcohol. I told my wife that if I ever saw my son or daughter with a beer in their hand, I would pour it out and hand them a joint.... and she said "I Told You So" dealt with illegal drugs before

Wesley Hayden   Fri Nov 27 2009

This very well could be the most benificial plant on this planet.

Describes the ingredients of home made organic Hemp milk and how to make it.   Jul 22 2011 12:00AM

Dear PFAF-Team, you should also add Hemp milk and all its further uses to this characterisation of Hemp. Hemp is an amazing plant with hundreds of uses, so let's promote it a bit more ;)
The Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk

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Subject : Cannabis sativa  
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