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Aloe vera - (L.)Burm.f.

Common Name Aloe Vera, Barbados aloe, First Aid Plant, Medicinal Aloe
Family Aloeaceae
USDA hardiness 9-11
Known Hazards Taken by mouth may cause cramping pain in the gastrointestinal tract and diarrhoea (reduce dose). Skin rashes with long term use of gel. Rare adverse effects are on heart rhythm, kidney damage and oedema. Long term use can cause electrolytes loss esp. potassium and may therefore enhance the effect of drugs that act on the heart (e.g. digoxin) [301].
Habitats Maritime sands and rocks[50].
Range Europe - Mediterranean.
Edibility Rating    (1 of 5)
Other Uses    (3 of 5)
Weed Potential No
Medicinal Rating    (5 of 5)
Care (info)
Frost Hardy Well drained soil Moist Soil Full sun
Aloe vera Aloe Vera, Barbados aloe, First Aid Plant, Medicinal  Aloe

Aloe vera Aloe Vera, Barbados aloe, First Aid Plant, Medicinal  Aloe


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Bloom Color: Orange, Yellow. Main Bloom Time: Early summer, Early fall, Early spring, Early winter, Late summer, Late fall, Late spring, Late winter, Mid summer, Mid fall, Mid spring, Mid winter. Aloe vera, also known as the medicinal aloe, is an evergreen perennial succulent. It is stemless or short-stemmed. Leaves are fleshy and thick with serrated margins on the leaves. It grows to 0.6 - 1m (24-39 in) tall with flower spikes up to 0.9 (35 in). Flowers are pendulous with a yellow tubular corolla to 3 cm (1.2 in). It is widely used in modern herbal practice. Edible Parts are the Leaves and Seeds. Medicinal Uses for Cancer, Emmenagogue, Emollient, Laxative, Miscellany, Purgative, Skin, Stimulant, Stomachic, Tonic, Vermifuge, Vulnerary. The clear gel contained within the leaf makes an excellent treatment for wounds, burns and other skin disorders. Yellow sap at the base of the leaf and contains anthraquinones which are a useful digestive stimulant and a strong laxative. These positive effects may be due to compounds such as polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones and andlectins. Other Uses include: Cosmetic and Pollution. Form: Rounded, Upright or erect.

Physical Characteristics

 icon of manicon of flower
Aloe vera is an evergreen Perennial growing to 0.8 m (2ft 7in) by 1 m (3ft 3in) at a slow rate.
See above for USDA hardiness. It is hardy to UK zone 8. It is in leaf all year, in flower from May to June. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs).
Suitable for: light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils, prefers well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. Suitable pH: mildly acid, neutral and basic (mildly alkaline) soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It prefers dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought.

UK Hardiness Map US Hardiness Map


Aloe barbadensis, Aloe vulgaris

Plant Habitats

 South Wall. By. West Wall. By.

Edible Uses

Edible Parts: Leaves  Seed
Edible Uses:

Leaves - cooked[105]. Very bitter, they are an emergency food that is only used when all else fails[177]. A gel in the leaves is sometimes used as an ingredient of commercial jellies[183]. Seed[105, 183]. An emergency food used when all else fails[177]. It is very unlikely that the seed will be produced in Britain[238].

References   More on Edible Uses

Medicinal Uses

Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.
Cancer  Emmenagogue  Emollient  Laxative  Miscellany  Purgative  Skin  Stimulant  
Stomachic  Tonic  Vermifuge  Vulnerary

Aloe vera is a fairly well known herbal preparation with a long history of use. It is widely used in modern herbal practice and is often available in proprietary herbal preparations[K]. It has two distinct types of medicinal use. The clear gel contained within the leaf makes an excellent treatment for wounds, burns and other skin disorders, placing a protective coat over the affected area, speeding up the rate of healing and reducing the risk of infection[254] [K]. This action is in part due to the presence of aloectin B, which stimulates the immune system[254]. To obtain this gel, the leaves can be cut in half along their length and the inner pulp rubbed over the affected area of skin[K]. This has an immediate soothing effect on all sorts of burns and other skin problems[K]. The second use comes from the yellow sap at the base of the leaf. The leaves are cut transversally at their base and the liquid that exudes from this cut is dried[4]. It is called bitter aloes and contains anthraquinones which are a useful digestive stimulant and a strong laxative[254]. When plants are grown in pots the anthraquinone content is greatly reduced[254]. The plant is emmenagogue, emollient, laxative, purgative, stimulant, stomachic, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary[4, 21, 46, 57, 61, 165, 176]. Extracts of the plant have antibacterial activity[218]. Apart from its external use on the skin, aloe vera (usually the bitter aloes) is also taken internally in the treatment of chronic constipation, poor appetite, digestive problems etc[238]. It should not be given to pregnant women or people with haemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome[238, 243]. The plant is strongly purgative so great care should be taken over the dosage[238]. The plant is used to test if there is blood in the faeces[61]. This plant has a folk history of treatment in cases of cancer[218]. The German Commission E Monographs, a therapeutic guide to herbal medicine approve Aloe vera for constipation (see [302] for critics of commission E). In Chinese medicine it is used for fungal diseases. In Indian medicine it is used for stomach tumours, constipation, colic, skin diseases, amenorrhoea, worm infestation and infections [301]. Chemical Constituents: **Amino acids:** Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine **Anthraquinones:** Aloe-emodin, aloetic acid, aloin, anthracene, anthranol, barbaloin, chryscophanoic acid, emodin, ester of cinnamic acid, ethereal oil, isobarbaloin, resistannol **Enzymes:** Alkaline phosphatase, amylase, catalase, lipase, oxidase **Minerals:** Calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc **Prostanoids:** gamma-linolenic acid **Saccharides:** Aldopentose, cellulose, glucose, L-rhamnose, mannose **Vitamins:** Alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene, choline, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and E **Other:** Beta-sitosterol, cholesterol, gibberellin, lignins, salicylic acid, steroids, uric acid, triglycerides

References   More on Medicinal Uses

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Other Uses

Cosmetic  Miscellany  Pollution

The leaf extracts are used in skin-care cosmetic products[238, 254]. Plants have been grown indoors in pots in order to help remove toxins from the atmosphere. It is also unusual in that it continues to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in the dark, making it very suitable for growing in bedrooms[259].

Special Uses

Food Forest

References   More on Other Uses

Cultivation details

Landscape Uses:Container, Ground cover, Rock garden. Requires a well-drained soil and a very sunny position[1]. Plants are tolerant of poor soils[200]. If trying to grow this plant outdoors then it will need the sunniest and warmest area in the garden plus some protection from winter cold (a glass frame perhaps)[K]. This species is not very cold-hardy outdoors in Britain, it is best grown in a pot placed outdoors in the summer and put in a greenhouse for the winter[1]. It grows very well in a sunny windowsill[K]. Special Features:Attractive foliage, North American native, Naturalizing, Blooms appear periodically throughout the year, Attractive flowers or blooms. In garden design, as well as the above-ground architecture of a plant, root structure considerations help in choosing plants that work together for their optimal soil requirements including nutrients and water. The root pattern is rhizomatous with underground stems sending roots and shoots along their length [2-1].

References   Carbon Farming Information and Carbon Sequestration Information

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Plant Propagation

Seed - sow spring in a warm greenhouse. The seed usually germinates in 1 - 6 months at 16°c. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots of very well-drained soil when they are large enough to handle. Grow them on in a sunny part of the greenhouse for at least their first two winters. If trying them outdoors then plant them out in early summer to allow them to become established before the winter, and give them some protection from the cold in winter[K]. Division of offsets when available, usually in spring. The plants produce offsets quite freely and they can be divided at any time of the year as long as it is warm enough to encourage fresh root growth to allow re-establishment of the plants[K]. Pot up and grow on in the greenhouse until established.

Other Names

If available other names are mentioned here

AFRICA: Spain (Canarias)

Weed Potential

Right plant wrong place. We are currently updating this section. Please note that a plant may be invasive in one area but may not in your area so it’s worth checking.

Conservation Status

IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants Status :

Related Plants
Latin NameCommon NameHabitHeightHardinessGrowthSoilShadeMoistureEdibleMedicinalOther
Aloe arborescensCandelabra Aloe, Tree Aloe, Mountain Bush AloeShrub3.0 10-11 MLMSNDM253
Aloe camperiAloeShrub0.8 9-12 MLMSND041
Aloe feroxCape Aloe, Bitter Aloe, Red Aloe, Cape Aloe, Alligator Jaw AloeShrub3.0 9-11 SLMND253
Aloe macrosiphonTanzanian AloePerennial0.5 9-11 SLMSND041
Aloe perryiPerry's AloePerennial0.3 10-12 SLMND041
Aquilaria malaccensisAgar Wood, Eaglewood, Indian Aloewood, AloeswoodTree20.0 10-12 SLMHSNM133
Hesperaloe funiferaNew Mexico false yuccaPerennial1.8 6-9 SLMNDM002
Hesperaloe nocturna Perennial1.8 6-9 SLMNDM002
Yucca aloifoliaSpanish Bayonet, Aloe yucca, Dagger Plant, Yucca, Spanish BayonetTree7.5 8-10 SLMHSNDM312

Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water.


Expert comment

Aloe vera

Trevor P.

CAMline is an evidence-based website on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for healthcare professionals and the public. It represents a successful collaboration of conventional and CAM organizations, interests and expertise.

Feb 24 2010 12:00AM




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Links / References

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Readers comment

giuseppe falabella   Thu Jul 10 17:00:56 2003

why aloe arborescens is not cited ? and the various studies on its utilisation on cancer treatement ?

Hugh Laue   Wed Jul 16 13:18:23 2003

The bitterness of the aloe leaf is only in the thin layer of sap between the outer surface of the leaf and the gelatinous interior. If this is peeled off the inner part of the leaf, after washing with warm water, has a bland taste and can be eaten. It is high in fibre and high molecular weight polysaccharides.

Peter Chase   Thu Sep 16 19:03:21 2004

I was told by a Maya curandera (natural healer) in Guatemala that aloe helps men avoid baldness, is good for the hair, etc., drink it in a tea or put the flesh in a salad of veg or fruit...is that good information?

Abhjit Deore   Sat Dec 18 04:58:33 2004

I have worked on aloe in my PG studies. Basicallly aloe is propagted by vegetative means using suckers.so crop improvement seems difficult in this crop because new plant will be identical to the parent plant.but options are available like micropropagation i.e. tissue culture techniques,induced mutation through irradiation

Janna   Mon May 23 19:59:06 2005

Help! I have a very large aloe, the lower leaves are all gone so there is probably a 5 inch stem with many leaves above this. The stem is probably about 2.5 inches thick. The leaves that are at the top are nice and firm and healthy but then the lower leaves are quite droopy. The stem is also very crooked as it has not grown straight up and I've had to stake it which is very difficult and doesn't seem to be working as well as I'd like. My question is that it has been falling over and I've heard that you can cut the plant a couple inches below the last leaf and replant it. Can you help I'm scared this will kill the plant and I don't really understand how to do it. I would just really like the plant to grow up instead of curving and falling. Also how do you keep the leaves nice and healthy so they don't bend like the lower ones. They seem to be fairly health most of the time but they still fall, I suspect just from the weight but also maybe from getting too little water or too much water at times. It also has many babies that I need to remove, can you tell me the best way to do this?

West   Sun Nov 20 2005

I have the same problem as Janna Mon May 23 19:59:06 2005. My plant is about two years old and I have repotted the smaller pups because the larger plants were growing to the side. Now the new leaves in the middle are growing straight while the older ones are still fallen over. Could you please give me more information on how to correct my plant's side-ways growth.

Dr.K.S.Jayashree   Thu Dec 15 2005

Aloe vera is a very efective remedy for dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation. the inner pulp (after removing the green layer)in the dose of 5grams once a day on empty stomach for three days consicutively if administred reduces the pain during menstruation. this should be adminsstered three days prior to expected date of menstruation. Kumari (aloe vera)leaf juice has therapeutic effect in Jaundice because ofits Hepartoprotective, and corrective effect. In younger children with constipation the juice should be given with sugar forbetter results.

reshma taj   Wed Feb 15 2006

please give me the upto date information regarding aloevera and what all the aspects going to be done in future.i am doing a project so that i need to know about the resaerch and projects are going on .

gurvin   Wed Mar 15 2006

can aloe help increase the rate of seed germination of other plants?

dab   Sun Apr 23 2006

Very use full website with loads of details about Aloe Vera and its benefits. It's about time someone started to answer the queries that being asked by green fingered lovers our there. dab

Nikhil Palor   Sat Jul 29 2006

I am the producer so as this site will help me to get the best seeds for the plantation purpose. if you have the information of the particular , aloe vera , or if any of the contract farming information could be available with you can make me assist with the production of the best products. I hail from Rajasthan , Sri Ganganagar , which will be suitable for the plantation of the best , ALOE VERA. ,,e-mail: [email protected]

Julia Driscoll   Mon Aug 28 2006

I have the same problem, my Aloe vera needs supporting as it is very unstable, and the bottom leaves are wilting, what should i do?

deborah jackson   Mon Aug 28 2006

can the gel from the plant be used comercially in gels and creams,and what would be the shelf life for such products?

Dr. Obi Udengwu   Thu Sep 7 2006

In your web page you put the family of aloe plants as Aloeaceae. As a botanist who is doing some work with Aloe plants,I will like to have the necessary references that changed the Aloe plants from Liliaceae family where they have always been to Aloeaceae.

Govind K. Bahroos   Fri Sep 8 2006

Respected Sir, I have three plant of Aleo vera, which I have grown in Mumbai.My plant is one and half years old.Now the new leaves in the middle are growing straight while the older ones are still fallening down. Please guide me for re-plantation as well as the method of using the inside pulp.Can it be used directly? Govind K. Bahroos

Lori   Sat Sep 16 2006

I am a raw foodist just learning about the wonders of raw Aloe Vera in smoothies. Where Can I buy Aloe Vera Barbadensis for internal use? I have heard that this is the best varity to use for eating the gel fresh. I only can find the Medicinal Aloe at the local nursaries and stores in my area. Any information would help. Thanks!

Katri   Sat Sep 23 2006

I got an aloe plant from my grandma but now I am unsure if it is the right kind. Are there other strains of aloe that are not medicinal? My plant has quite a long stems on the biggest of them, up to 25cm. Also, it has a lot of pink colour on it, could this be because Gran had kept it outside and it is maybe not warm enough for aloe here in Finland?

Thomas Harris   Fri Oct 6 2006

Aloe Vera is the main source for the derivation of glyconutrients which have a well established body of anecdotal evidence for significant immune system boosting properties.


Avinash Kumar Mishra   Sun Jan 14 2007

Aloe Vera can be used to cure Dandruff.If Gel is applied on the scalp for twice a week for one month,it will cure it. Avinash Mishra New Delhi.9810211882

Trevor Colluney   Sun Jan 28 2007

My very large Aloe vera plant has finally pushed all its pups out of the large pot. I have rescued them and have them in a bowl with some liquid root promotor-however they seem to have gone qiute smelly and mushy after three weeksa and although the leaves are stong the root part is notv forcing any new growth. I dony want them(some 30 pups) to die what do I do next to save them. The mother/father plant is healthier than ever after getting ris of her crowded offspring

Ken Fern, Plants for a Future   Sun Jan 28 2007

The first thing you need to do is get the cuttings out of the liquid. Aloe is a succulent plant and grows best in fairly dry conditions and a well-drained soil. Putting the young plants in a liquid is one of the best ways of killing them! Young plants root best when planted straight into a sandy plant compost - use a good potting compost and then add about 30% by volume of sharp sand (do not use builders sand). Water well, but do not waterlog them, then do not water again until the compost is almost dry. If they haven't been too badly damaged by the liquid, then they should root well within a few weeks.

m.thomas   Fri Jan 26 2007

can aloe vera be used to cure low lebido (sex drive)of men? since it has a medicinal use i wonder how. i will appreciate some feed back. thanks.

Ken Fern, Plants for a Future   Mon Jan 29 2007

In response to M. Thomas' query about Aloe vera being used to treat low libido, there are many herbs and foods that can help increase libido in males, but I have never heard of Aloe vera being used in this way. There are many herbs that have been used in treating the condition. Please contact me at Plants for a Future if you would like more information on these.

Sarah Brotnov   Thu Mar 1 2007

ACNE WONDER! I have had wonderful experince with Aloe Vera plants in helping cure acne. Had tried many different alternatives within modern medicine (dermitologist) without any help. Basically all I got with modern medicine was stripped, painfull skin while at the same time submitting my body to the harful effects of antibiotics. I tried rubbing fresh aloe vera on my face and eye area and in an unbelievable short amount of time I was much, much better. I would certainly reccomend this to anyone with problems with pimples or achne. I recommended this to my brother in law who had achne pretty bad on his back and he also is almost completely clear now. I now rub aloe vera daily to keep my skin fresh. Why use all kinds of money and time with painful cures? Aloe vera is cheap and amazingly effective! Good luck all!

Bahamas Aloe   Sat Mar 24 2007

I have using raw aloes on my cold sore, for the past 2 days. It soothed it better than the onitments I had been using, and its gotten better, which is very surprising I've always thought modern medicine was better. Not so, luckily for me, I have several aloe plants growing in our front yard, and good words of advice from my grandmother who told me to use it.

chris   Mon Mar 12 2007

why are my aloe vera leaves are becoming watery and liquid inside?

Ken Fern, Plants for a Future   Tue Apr 24 2007

The most common reason I know of for the leaves becoming watery and liquid inside is cold damage. The plants are not very resistant to low temperatures and will suffer damage at about freezing point. The plant cells are frozen by the cold and then rupture when the temperature warms up. The plant can recover if the damage is not too severe, though individual leaves cannot be saved.

Govind K. Bahroos   Thu Dec 21 2006

Till September I had three plants of Aleo Vera. After getting guidance I replanted them. Now I have 14 plants of Aleo vera. I want to know various uses of it so that it can be utilised in proper manner. Kindly send your advice on E-mail:[email protected] With regards,Govind K. Bahroos(Mumbai,India)

Nadia   Mon Mar 19 2007

I have a healthy aloe with about 5 pups that are ready to be replanted. I am worried about not knowing how to pull each pup out with the roots properly, and then recentering the main plant without damaging it. Any advice? Thank you.

Greg Howard   Sat Mar 31 2007

Spots....I have also found that the liquid from the leaf works wonders on spots. I suffered from acne in my late teens and ended on a course of something called Ruacutane(not sure of spelling) it worked at the time but the side affects were terrible. At 30 yrs I still suffer with a couple of spots a week and experimented with the juice / liquid from a leaf a couple of weeks ago and was amazed with the results. What I do now is remove the wilting leaves from the lower part of the plant or cut off the kinked leaves when needed (my plant will occasionally have a leaf that kinks and almost cuts itself from the hanging end - cut it off on the kink and the leaf still joined to the plant does not suffer), squeeze a little out and apply to the spot after my shower in the morning or at night. I put the remainder of the leaf in the fridge and when I need it again I just trim the end off to reveal fresh liquid.

Jesse Robinson   Sun Apr 8 2007

Does anyone know if Aloe Vera leaves can be stored in a freezer bag in the freezer and still be effective after thawing months later?

Emma   Mon May 14 2007

My aloe vera plant appears to have lots of small insects moving around in the soil, I really don't want to get rid of it, how can I save it? It's in a sunny warm part of my living room. Please help me!

kathy michaels   Sun Apr 22 2007

I am looking for a recipe for making a tea with the aloe vera plant. If you could e-mail a method for preparing aloe vera as a tea I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!

Drewfus   Wed May 2 2007

I have to say, Aloe Vera is one hardy plant. I started out with about 7 of them in pots when I moved into a house in Phoenix, Arizona, and they survived numerous transplants and moves as I changed my mind as to where I wanted them. I ignored them for the better part of the first 6 years I lived there and they survived my neglect. Then I started watering them with the lawn (about 1x per week) and man, did they take off. They more than doubled in number, and each time I moved them I ended up giving away their babies. The last time I did this, the babies filled the better part of my pickup truck bed. Remember, I started with about 7. The soil they were in varied from desert clay to sandy clay to topsoil mixed with clay. None did better or worse. They were planted on the north side of the house and suffered temperatures ranging from mid 30's (F) to 118 (F). Truly an amazing plant. I wish I had known you could eat it back then... If anyone knows how to cook with aloe, I'd love a recipe for gelatin-free aloe dessert. I've tried it and love it, and would like to make it at home. Other aloe food recipes are welcome too (howabout an upside-down aloe cake?) [email protected]

Rohit Malviya   Fri May 25 2007

It can be used as a conditioner....

Paul MacFadyen   Mon May 28 2007

My Aloe Vera has new leaves growing upright from the centre of the plant but the lower older leaves are spreading out almost horizontally. Is it ok? If not, what can I do to help it?

rose brown   Thu Jul 12 2007

where can I find pictures of different aloe plants, and which one is organic.Ihave one thats very bitter and one that is not bitter. I really love reading this site.

roger drapper   Wed Aug 8 2007

I have an aloe vera plant in a pot and it has produced baby aloe vera's.How do i remove the baby plants without damaging the mother plant?

M. A. Durgauhee   Sun Aug 12 2007

I haven't read everything from this current page but have found this page while trying to search on aloe vera gel, after having been referred to it by a friend of mine. I had been telling him that I wanted to get established on a physical and mental cleaning program and for some reason, he asked me if I wanted to know more about this product known as aloe vera gel. I have requested this information via e-mail from him and he hasn't yet got back to me on that and in the mean time I stepped on this page where I am currently posting at this point in time. I have added my e-mail address through the discussion monitoring section and would welcome further information from anyone else about aloe vera gel, that can possibly be further helpful for me.

SamWoe   Sun Sep 2 2007

Further Alert from 'Poisonous Plants' Canadian scientific site As with Aloe arborescens, ingestion of the latex can cause a cathartic (purging) reaction by irritating the large intestine. Aloe is a popular house plant due to its reputation as a healing plant for burns, cuts and other skin problems but contact dermatitis can occur in sensitive individuals. If you use Aloe, you should cut away the skin and inner layer of yellow juice leaving only the actual gel. The yellow juice, especially prominent in older plants, is the primary irritant in the cases of contact dermatitis. You should test a small area of skin, such as the inner forearm, for a reaction before more general use. Observation:- Powerful stuff this gel -

SamWoe   Sun Sep 2 2007

Look on numerous sites referring to Aloe Vera, there are wide differences (pictures) of what the authors claim to be Aloe Vera. With over 200 species in the Aloe family, not all are beneficial. Some may look similar, but with one of mine the gell burns -not heals. Beware this situation. I've recently seen pictures of a dozen or so, plants that are claimed to be Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a common name better the actual latin ones - that are OK. If in doubt test on a none injured part of your skin. The good gel will soothe, the dangerous stuff will cause a burn. Picture of a badun available.

Joan Tan   Mon Sep 10 2007

can Aloe vera cure pigmentation?

maryam   Sun Sep 16 2007

hi i want to know why the period of germination in aloe seeds is too long.can anybody help???

Ashford   Thu Oct 18 2007

According to the APG II revision of plant classification in 2003, the Aloe genus is now in the Asphodelaceae family, and no longer in the Aloeaceae or Liliaceae family.

Aloe- Wikipedia

A. Whittle   Mon Jan 21 2008

I juat used aloe on my face after washing and my pores appeard smaller and I had a smooth taught finish - wonderful!! - How do I propolgate the plant I have?

kisakye solomon   Mon Jan 21 2008

am interested in planting aloe vera because i have often heard of it as a good business idea how should i go about?all help is welcome.

   Sat Mar 8 2008

I have been using the gel from the aloe vera for years to relieve my shaving rash. It fantastic!

sanjay kapoor   Sun Mar 9 2008

as per vastu shastra we can keep this aloe vera plant in our house

julie   Mon Apr 7 2008

I have a mature aloe plant that has flowered for the first time this year What do I do with the stalk now that the flowers are all gone.

Sam Kabbani   Wed Apr 16 2008

Aloe Vera used in war and disaster ones. I do volunteering work in war and disaster zones since 27 years and I start to take with me aloe leafs where ever i can not take medicine for the shortage of cooling to preserve . I use aloe for disinfecting wounds, for dehydration, malnutrition, Burns, Ulcers and skin problem. Aloe leaf are easy to Carry and auto preserve . you just need to cut and leave in dry place for 24 hours so it take of the yellow biter liquid and seal it self for long time preservative.

Drees   Wed Apr 16 2008

when taking aloe orally, should the gel be taken in its pure form directly from the inner plant or should the gel be extracted from the thick outter leaf? Should it be diluted with water? I want to use it as as daily supplement

Glenda Adams   Fri Jun 13 2008

Bev A few years ago I came across research that suggested that Aloe Vera applied to the skin had a beneficial effect in 87% of psoriasis patients. Since then I have added a few drops of olive oil to the gel, (aloe vera gel is mildly astringent) and apply it to my limbs. I cant honestly say how it affects the psoriasis. However, within 10 minutes of using the gel I notice an increased positive feeling. It has actually alleviated mild stress, or depression symtoms. Also, I have tried drinking the gel, but do not get the same effect. Possibly I am absorbing B vitamins through the skin. Has anyone else experienced this?

amy   Sat Jun 14 2008

my aloe vera has been outside in the sunfor about 6 weeks but has started to turn a funnny brownish colour, is it dying, if so can it be saved i have 8 babies which look like they are doing the same......please help

Yannis   Wed Jun 18 2008

Does anyone know of any evidence of aloe vera curing hives (urticaria)?

Hernando Esquivel   Thu Aug 7 2008

I am drinking Aloe Vera Barbadensis for my many problems and find it of great help. My chronic constipation is under control; my cholesterol level going low, and my weight is going down slowly. My problem is to frow more plants here with the cold winter (Australia Zone 3) I am drinking the compelete leaf; after chopping and making a drink with water in the mixer. Hernando Esquivel [email protected]

anita   Wed Sep 17 2008

A vet has told me to use aloe vera roasted - and the gel extracted - for dog rash, and it's helping. He says heating it gets rid of the yellow sap which can cause muscle contractions. I wonder if this is the reason for alo vera's tightening effect on skin. My dog loves to eat the gel. And it's good for her.

ifeoma   Wed Oct 8 2008

can the plant be chewed every day as a weight check or to hepl reduce weight

tashi   Mon Nov 24 2008

i want to know if aloe vera is good for pregnent woman

JOHNSON MWANGI   Wed Dec 17 2008

Am a retired teacher in Riftvallely Kenya who would want to venture in aloe growing mostly Barberdensis please could someone inform me of some of the prospective buyers and exporters of this products mostly in Kenya.I would also appreciate if some organizations or individuals are willing to join me on this journey for efficiency, personally I have moved a few steps ahead. I would also request Rose N. Mwangi from Nanyuki to write to me on her progress on aloe growing. One can reply through [email protected] thanks in advance.

RAJESH C PANDEY   Thu Dec 18 2008

i am a psychologist and come to know the benefit of alovera before last month and i used these produt over my father who have diabeties and mother who have arteritis, shock to senn my parents after one month thanks for the alover and this bussiness if want to know more mail me at [email protected]

ashish   Sun Dec 28 2008

dear sir, I would like to grow Aloe vera in my farm so i request you please give me guidence for the same thanks and regards, ashish shah, anand gujarat india

Jackie   Wed Dec 31 2008

does anyone know where I can get aloe vera seeds by email? Its hard to find the plants in Northern Ireland. I have two plants and they are doing well on my window sill. I would like to try growing more from seed.

Briana Yandle   Sun Jan 18 2009

ref: re potting. I have an Aloe plant which is about 6 years, I re-pot it every year taking out the pups and re potting them. The plant grows up from the centre; I find the leaves around the edge naturally wilt and die off. I harvest these leaves first. When it comes rounds to re-potting the plant can be very top heavy with a large amount of stem left bear. I simply cut the plat of leaving a 2" stem, which I plant back in the fresh soil. I give it a bit more attention for a few weeks, and find it soon develops new roots. As result the plant has very long and fat healthy leaves and the plant flowers about every 2 years, when the flowers die of I simple cut down the tem which is left.

JulesR.   Sat Feb 14 2009

I have a house full of aloe vera plants all started from one given to me in a pot about four years ago. I haven't seen any flowers yet. Is there a reliable website which might help identify exactly which species I have so that I can look after them better and make more use of them? Thank you

Mrs. Deepa   Fri Feb 20 2009

We have a garden of Aloe vera leaves. We want to learn how to preserve for future use.

C.   Tue Feb 24 2009

Aloe turns brown because of sunburn. You cannot take a plant from a house to outside immediately, even if it was formerly growing in a sunny window. Bring it out and put into dappled shade first, gradually moving it into full sun over the course of a week, as with any houseplant.

Nitin   Mon Mar 9 2009

Aloe pulp can be used in mild fever after sprinkle black piper and salt for test. It is used in Indian villages sinse very long period.

david   Thu Mar 26 2009

There are quite a few other useful Aloes that will grow in cooler climates, slow growth & worthwhile productivity may be a problem. Aloe arborescens, hardy to zone 9 is used to treat burns, was actually used in Hiroshima, & Aloe ferox, also zone 9, has been made into preserves and eaten (The Cactus Cookbook-Joyce L Tate) there are a number of others not much explored.

   Thu Apr 16 2009

In nutshell for every problem in life use Aloe vera....

DR. PARDEEP KUMAR   Fri Apr 24 2009


Barkha Kumawat   Wed May 27 2009

Hello! I have done M.Sc. in Food Sc. and Tech. & doing my PhD research on aloe vera processing. to make it quality research, I want to do some part of my research from a institutes where i can get good infrastructure for same. please suggest me institutes list who can help in same concern. Thanks & Regards

Rebecca   Tue Jun 2 2009

Hi, i am interested in starting an aloe vera farm in greece and would love any tips in relation to growth, harvest, product manufacture! anything and everything would be helpful. thankyou.

DUSHYANT MISHRA   Thu Jun 4 2009

ACNE WONDER! I have had wonderful experince with Aloe Vera plants in helping cure acne. Had tried many different alternatives within modern medicine (dermitologist) without any help. Basically all I got with modern medicine was stripped, painfull skin while at the same time submitting my body to the harful effects of antibiotics. I tried rubbing fresh aloe vera on my face and eye area and in an unbelievable short amount of time I was much, much better. I would certainly reccomend this to anyone with problems with pimples or achne. I recommended this to my brother in law who had achne pretty bad on his back and he also is almost completely clear now. I now rub aloe vera daily to keep my skin fresh. Why use all kinds of money and time with painful cures? Aloe vera is cheap and amazingly effective! Good luck all!

faisal shaikh   Fri Jul 24 2009

hi i want to start agriculture of aloe vera. can i have total detail about this subject with production, manufacturing and marketing and selling.

Lia D   Thu Sep 3 2009

Thank you for the information you have given me, but i have a question that needs to be answered ASAP. My group mates and i are making a liquid soap out of organic ingridients and one ingredient there was aloe vera. There was this question that if we want to make it organic and environment-friendly, what would be the effect/s of aloe vera to other plants. my question is, what does aloe vera really do to other plants? does it help plans grow or germinate faster ? anyway, thanks you again! :D

mamake   Sat Sep 12 2009

Hi Lia D Aloe vera can be intergrown with other crops especially legumes like beans. The legumes help the soil maintain nutrients

Thomas Sandbjerg Ejsing   Thu Sep 24 2009

Aloe Vera product can maby help against Stretch marks Stretch marks are the ar you can get when your skin is played strongly in connection with overweight, pregnancy, influence of drugs, illness or hormonal influence. Stretch marks can look very dramatic out, depending on how worn they are. As many probably know, is the skin elasticity. Stretch marks result from changes in the connective tissues (glycosaminoglycader), which means that the elastic fibers shrink from each other. Slender women in good shape can easily be risking getting stretch marks. But mostly it is women who are overweight to get them. While we can be predisposed to it, and thereby avoids not stretch marks completely. However, they are often very pale with time, and it has been a comfort to many of the pregnant women and others. Studies have previously shown that stretch marks can be seen as a special type of scars in the skin. And it needed to be that you have to stimulate cell activity in the leather skin, thereby increasing the production of collagen. When you do this replace the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin that is broken, and skin elasticity are restored. It is extremely important to use sunscreen with high protection factor throughout the period until the stretch marks are gone. There are two different types of Skin medicines for the treatment of stretch marks. One type is for example. aloe vera creams, this helps the skin flexibility. However, they are most effective example. during pregnancy or in the process where you start seeing the first stretch marks. The second type contains vitamin A acid in varying strengths and can only be obtained on prescription from a doctor. You can achieve a reduction or removal of existing stretch marks Aloe Vera drink, will also help to bring the body and skin the vitamins and minerals it must have, aloe vera-velvære.dk have an Aloe Vera drink is cold-pressed. The good thing about it is cold pressed, is that aloe vera thereby retain more of the healing effect. The gel is unique composition and can conveniently be called a vitamin bomb. 100 ml. drink a day is equivalent to 400 grammes of fruit and vegetables. We also discovered that B12, C and vitamin E was easier to absorb when applied aloe vera drink. Please note it should be extracted from the pure gel, which were not considered in particular Aloe Vera drink of Aloe Vera Power - aloevera-velvære.dk To incorporate the similarity of B12 was enhanced, perhaps not so surprising since we only provide enough B12 in a healthy gut, but the gel also pushing other vitamins in the right direction, offers hope that the Aloe Vera drink may create much healthier people than before thought. Aloe Vera Gel helps also to incorporate the similarity of C and vitamin E and B12. Contains 18 amino acids, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E. Also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and chloride, trace elements of magnesium and zinc. and many others occurring minerals and vitamins (200 biologically active substances). Aloe Vera Gelly from aloe vera-wellness is organic and without parabens, this gel is good for skin damage. The affected site cleaned thoroughly before the application. Tractor quickly, improves wound healing and provides nicer ar. Can help to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy, but not old stretch marks! Also a good body cream with aloe vera can be recommended. USDA Organic seal Organically Produced Certified OTCO Texas Department of Agriculture Oregon Tilth certified for GNP by the International Aloe Science Council OneCert AloeVera Power I/S Thomas Sandbjerg Ejsing

AloeVera Power I/S vitamins and minerals, pregnant women, flexibility, composition, good shape, skin elasticity, drugs, medicines, pregnancy, collagen, stretch marks, scars, connective tissues, sunscreen, elastic fibers

A. Chandran   Wed Oct 21 2009

Hi kindly to provide the details related to the Aloe Vera cultivation and types.... then the purpose of usage of pharma or other related areas....

Grewal,R .1 nov.2009   Sun Nov 1 2009

Hello i am doing my M.sc in food and nutrition.so can i have brief detail of processing, production and sensory evaluation of aloe vera.

ajaz ahmad   Thu Nov 26 2009

hello me ajaz ahmad nd i am doing research on aloe vera in safia science college bhopal. my objective in research is improvement of aloe vera by using biofertilizers .for i need some sugesstions from u that hw can i improve it by any alternative method.thanks KHUDDA HAFIZ.e mail ;[email protected]

Stephanie   Sun Nov 29 2009

So i had an aloe plant a couple years ago. I put the aloe oil on my lips one day, and when i took it off it gave me brown spots on my lips! They are still on my lips to this day! After reading this i figured it was because the aloe plant i had had brown spots? Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of these brown spots on my lips??

makeup remover   Thu Jan 7 2010

Aloe vera has also been used to strengthen and improve the immune system because of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes it contains, as well as restoring vital amino acids your body needs. Aloe vera has also been used to strengthen and improve the immune system because of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes it contains, as well as restoring vital amino acids your body needs.


   Dec 26 2010 12:00AM

I am a great fan of Aloe vera and make sure i have a plant everywhere i live. One use i have not seen anyone mention is as a substitute for KY jelly as a vaginal lubricant. It is the best stuff i have ever found for this - does not have much of a flavour, is wonderfully slippery, not sticky and has the advantage of being soothing too! A warning for first time users - it can tingle and give you a 'warm' feeling - but this can be a plus! I also use it for sunburn, shaving rash, and all sorts of minor burns and scalds. I mostly use it straight from the leaf - cutting the leaves open lengthwise and applying it just like that (i do take the precaution of trimming off the spikey edges first!). As a lubricant i do also buy commercially produced tubes of the gel, simply for convenience sake. I prefer the organically produced stuff if i can get it, and get the ones with the smallest amount of additives. I can't rate this plant too highly!

   Aug 23 2011 12:00AM


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