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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Actinidia argutaTara Vine50
Actinidia chinensisKiwi42
Actinidia deliciosaKiwi Fruit51
Actinidia kolomiktaKiwi40
Actinidia polygamaSilver Vine42
Adansonia digitataBaobab, Judas Fruit, Monkey Bread Tree33
Aegle marmelosBael Tree, Golden Apple, Bengal Quince33
Allium fistulosumWelsh Onion52
Berberis aristataChitra, Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric43
Berberis vulgarisEuropean Barberry, Common barberry33
Boscia senegalensisAizen, Boscia42
Brassica rapa campestrisWild Turnip21
Cakile maritimaSea Rocket, European searocket20
Campanula latifoliaLarge Campanula, Giant bellflower31
Campanula persicifoliaHarebell, Peachleaf bellflower40
Campanula rapunculoidesCreeping Bellflower, Rampion bellflower31
Campanula rapunculusRampion40
Campanula versicolor 50
Capsella bursa-pastorisShepherd's Purse32
Capsicum frutescensTabasco Pepper, Cayenne pepper34
Cardamine glacialis 20
Cardamine pratensisCuckoo Flower32
Cercis canadensisRedbud, Eastern redbud, Mexican redbud,Texas redbud32
Chrysanthemum coronarium spatiosumChop-Suey Greens32
Citrus aurantiumBitter Orange, Sour orange, Bergamot orange33
Citrus hystrixKaffir Lime32
Citrus ichangensisIchang Papeda22
Citrus latifoliaCitrus Tahitian Lime42
Citrus limonLemon45
Citrus reticulataMandarin, Tangerine, Unshu orange, Satsuma Orange,Temple Orange, Tangerine33
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