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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Acacia cowleanaHall’s Creek wattle32
Adansonia digitataBaobab, Judas Fruit, Monkey Bread Tree33
Afzelia xylocarpaMakha Tree, Cambodia Beng Tree22
Albizia lucidiorPotka siris tree00
Alchornea cordifoliaChristmas Bush24
Alnus acuminataAlder02
Alnus jorullensisMexican alder, Evergreen Alder00
Arachis glabrataPerennial peanut10
Arachis pintoiPinto peanut00
Azadirachta indicaNeem24
Azolla filiculoidesAzolla, Pacific mosquitofern00
Blighia sapidaAkee, ackee apple or ayee32
Calliandra calothyrsusRed Calliandra, Powderpuff, Kaliandra00
Calopogonium caeruleumWild jicama00
Calopogonium mucunoidesCalopo, Wild ground nut00
Calotropis proceraAuricula Tree, Dead Sea Apple, Sodom Apple13
Carapa guianensisAndiroba04
Casuarina equisetifoliaShe Oak, Common Ru, Australian Pine, Horsetail Casuarina12
Casuarina oligodonShe-oak, kilu00
Chamaecrista rotundifoliaRound-leaf cassia00
Chamaecrista rotundifoliaRound-leaf cassia00
Chamaecytisus proliferusTagasaste. Tree lucerne.00
Cordia alliodoraEcuador laurel, Cypre, Onion Cordia, Laurel Blanco22
Croton megalocarpusCroton tree02
Cynometra alexandriUganda ironwood, Muhimbi00
Dacryodes edulisBush Butter Tree, Butterfruit, African Plum, bush pear, bush plum, safou52
Dactyladenia barteriMonkey Fruit02
Dalbergia cochinchinensisSiam Rosewood, Thailand Rosewood00
Dalbergia latifoliaBlack Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Kala sheeshan, Satisal02
Desmodium cinereumRensoni. Tickclover00
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