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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Ceroxylon alpinumWax Palm10
Copernicia pruniferaBrazilian Wax Palm, Carnauba Palm, Carnauba Wax33
Euphorbia antisyphiliticaCandelilla20
Myrica ceriferaWax Myrtle - Bayberry Wild Cinnamon, Southern Bayberry, Wax Myrtle, Southern Wax Myrtle33
Myrica pensylvanicaNorthern Bayberry31
Raphia fariniferaRaffia Palm30
Rhus succedaneaWax Tree12
Ricinus communisCastor-Oil Plant, Castorbean, Palma Christi, Wonder Tree, Castor Oil Plant14
Saccharum officinarumSugarcane, Purple Sugar Cane42
Simmondsia chinensisJojoba22
Stipa tenacissimaEsparto Grass, Esparto00
Syagrus coronataLicuri Palm, Ouricury palm32
Toxicodendron vernicifluumLacquer Tree01
Trachycarpus fortuneiChusan Palm, Chinese windmill palm, Windmill Palm22
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