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Date Posted: 08/12/2010
Blog Heading: Trees for Health forest garden

Trees for Health, a charity which is a partner of PFAF, is helping to start the planting of a forest garden this Sunday, 12 December, near Modbury, Devon. The person who designed it will give a short explanation of forest gardening, bring Martin Crawford's book and explain how she designed this particular project.

If there is anyone listening in via this blog who is in the area, do get in touch with Liz at [email protected] Best wishes, Chris

PS More info:

Hi, I'm extending details of our event this Sunday out to you, either because you have a permaculture or woodland or similar interest & may want to come or tell other people. Please pass on! Best wishes, Liz
Dear All
This Sunday we are helping to plant a forest garden near Modbury. This is the start of a new project & we will be helping to plant the first 50 trees, more plants to be added gradually. Its the first time we have got involved in this permaculture method of growing food & other useful plants for our future. But its a system very much in line with our principles. There will be an overview of the system of forest gardening & how this particular project was designed, also a chance to peruse Martin Crawford's (Agroforestry Research Trust) new book & learn about trees with edible/ other uses that can grow in our climate.
So do come along & get involved!
It will be from 11am - 4pm. Soup will be provided at lunchtime, plus tea & there is a compost loo! There is a very muddy path to walk up so come prepared with wellies/other boots. Also bring gardening gloves if you have them, suitable weather gear & food to go with soup! Bring a bowl/cup & spoon for your soup.
If you come through Modbury from the Kingsbridge direction, then go out the other side of the village & continue until you see a left turning signposted 'Orcheton'. If you come from the other direction (Yealmpton or Ermington), follow the signs for Modbury but before you get to the village, you will see the turning to Orcheton on the right. It is off the A379 so from Yealmpton its on the same road & from Ermington road you will have just joined the A379.
Turn in the Orcheton road & go for about 1 1/2 miles, go over a little river bridge & look for Orcheton Quay, which is a farm, just after the bridge. Pull into the yard & we will meet here at 11am. If you come later follow the signs to the planting site.
Please share lifts, particularly because this site is a little out of our usual area, do get in touch if you can offer or need a lift. I will be going via Moreleigh & Gara Bridge. So if anyone needs a lift & can get to say Halwell (on Totnes to Kingsbridge road) by bus, then let me know.
Best wishes
Liz Turner
Trees for Health
[email protected]



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