Are you interested in a local/downloadable product or service of the PFAF database?

We would value your help in thinking about ways to share the PFAF database of 7,000 edible and useful plants. There are only a few questions in this survey and all are optional – but the more answers that we get, the better our understanding of our users’ needs will be. Please follow the link below:

7 thoughts on “Are you interested in a local/downloadable product or service of the PFAF database?

  1. Hy
    I created a farm , still in organic conversion.
    I wondering what style of plantation , I will produce. I’m myself in the health field
    Right now in Integrative Medecine
    Help people to get rid of their autoimmune desease, is one of my golds
    TO Produce my own medecations also
    I went to PFAF looking for information on oregon grape as a treatment in psoriasis
    Combining natural forest and permaculture Why not?
    I got only 4.5 hzectares in the SO of France in the atlantics Pyrennees
    getting advices or working on your side could be interesting
    Sincerely yours
    Dr M Lapouble

  2. Any updates on this? I’m interested because I could use it for some designs.

    The work you all do is much appreciated, thank you for making a positive contribution!

    Kind greetings

  3. Dear Trevor,

    We are in de process of setting up a crops database, allowing farmers to find information on sustainable farm management. Database contains some 6000 crops (latin name and common name where available), more than 30,000 pest and disease names and over 7000 downloadable resources. Crops, pest and diseases are connected and searchable via thousands of synonyms and common names in different languages.

    The setup is fully interlinked to structured thesauri such as the Cabi Thesaurus, the Eppo database, Agrovoc and Wikidata. Content is backlinked to the original publishers.

    Apologies for this long introduction to answer your question:
    Presently, we are scraping your data (and the data of hundreds of other relevant online publishers) in order to syndicate your data. This is not a sustainable way of working.
    Pfaf provides a great service. I would like to know whether you provide a linked dataset with which I can exchange? An Api or a Sparql endpoint would be very welcome in order to keep our information in line with the Pfaf information.

    Yours truly,

    Michiel Schoenmakers

  4. I’d like to suggest making an app for uses of plants – particularly for forage. My idea is to make it visually accessible to get past language barriers. Example: start – choose basic type of plant, grass, flower, bush, tree, cactus; next – choose details like color, leaf shape, growth habit, etc.; after a specific plant is identified, then show information choices, like food, forage, medicine, cover crops, etc.; within those choices show specifics, such as whether it’s good for goats or pigs, etc.; finally, add links for further info. It would help in areas where people are illiterate or unable to find the info online easily – I’m thinking for the average small farmer who does not have much tech or education.

  5. Hello
    I work in Haiti and internet is unreliable and slow some times. A downloadable version of your database would be fantastic
    Jim Frank

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