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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Abies albaSilver Fir, Christmas Tree Fir, European Silver Fir, Silver23
Abies religiosaSacred Fir01
Acer circinatumVine Maple21
Juglans regiaWalnut, English walnut, Persian Walnut,43
Larix occidentalisWestern Larch22
Marah macrocarpusChilicothe, Cucamonga manroot02
Pinus edulisRocky Mountain Piñon, Twoneedle pinyon, Nut Pine, Pinyon Pine, Rocky Mountain Pinyon Pine, Singlelea42
Populus trichocarpaWestern Balsam Poplar, Black cottonwood13
Prinsepia utilisCherry prinsepia42
Taxus brevifoliaPacific Yew34
Alchornea cordifoliaChristmas Bush24
Aleurites moluccanusCandle Nut, Country Walnut33
Canarium indicumCanarium Nut, Ngali, Galip nut, kenari nut42
Dipterocarpus alatusApitong, baume de gurjun, gurjun balsam02
Mimusops elengiSpanish Cherry, Bakul32
Parinari curatellifoliaMbola, Grys Appel42
Pinus caribaeaCaribbean Pine. Caribbean pitch pine22
Plukenetia conophoraConophor. Nigerian walnut. Awusa nut,42
Pongamia pinnataPongam, Karum Tree, Poonga-Oil Tree, Indian Beech03
Schinziophyton rautaneniiMongongo Nut. Manketti Tree32
Telfairia occidentalisFluted Gourd42
Vachellia niloticaGum Arabic Tree22
Vernicia montanaAbrasin oil tree03
Baphia nitidaCamwood, Baphia22
Combretum imberbeLeadwood Tree, Ivory tree22
Hevea brasiliensisPara Rubber Tree, Brazilian Rubber Tree20
Reutealis trispermaOtaheite Walnut, Lumbang Tree02
Shorea balangeranRed Balau00
Shorea johorensisSeraya majau, Meranti majau00
Tamarindus indicaTamarind43
Vernicia fordiiTung Tree, Tung Nut13
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