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Latin NameCommon NameEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Ailanthus altissimaTree Of Heaven13
Artemisia annuaQing Hao, Sweet sagewort14
Brasenia schreberiWater Shield32
Helianthus annuusSunflower, Common sunflower52
Juglans ailanthifoliaJapanese Walnut31
Juglans ailanthifolia cordiformisHeartseed Walnut41
Juglans californicaCalifornia Walnut, Southern California walnut21
Juglans cathayensisChinese Walnut30
Juglans cinereaButternut - White Walnut, Butternut33
Juglans hindsiiHind's Black Walnut, Northern California walnut, Paradox hybrid walnut30
Juglans intermediaHind's Black Walnut, Northern California walnut, Paradox hybrid walnuH30
Juglans majorArizona Walnut20
Juglans mandschuricaManchurian Walnut31
Juglans microcarpaTexas Walnut, Little walnut, Stewart's little walnut20
Juglans nigraBlack Walnut33
Juglans regiaWalnut, English walnut, Persian Walnut,43
Juglans regia fallaxWalnut30
Juglans regia kamaoniaWalnut33
Juglans sinensis 31
Juglans x bisbyiBuartnut30
Nepeta catariaCatmint, Catnip32
Pinus albicaulisWhite-Bark Pine42
Pinus aristataBristle-Cone Pine22
Pinus armandiiChinese White Pine, Armand pine42
Pinus ayacahuiteMexican White Pine22
Pinus banksianaJack Pine22
Pinus bungeanaLace-Bark Pine, Bunge's pine32
Pinus californiarum 12
Pinus cembraSwiss Stone Pine, Swiss Pine, Arolla Pine42
Pinus cembra sibiricaSiberian Pine42
Pinus cembroidesMexican Pine Nut, Pinyon Pine42
Pinus cembroides orizabensisMexican Pine Nut42
Pinus contortaBeach Pine, Lodgepole pine, Bolander beach pine, Beach pine, Sierra lodgepole pine, Yukon pine, Shor32
Pinus coulteriBig-Cone Pine, Coulter pine42
Pinus culminicolaCerro Potosi Pinyon22
Pinus densifloraJapanese Red Pine22
Pinus discolorBorder pinyon32
Pinus echinataShort-Leaf Pine22
Pinus edulisRocky Mountain Piñon, Twoneedle pinyon, Nut Pine, Pinyon Pine, Rocky Mountain Pinyon Pine, Singlelea42
Pinus flexilisLimber Pine, Rocky Mountain White Pine32
Pinus gerardianaChilghoza Pine32
Pinus halepensisAleppo Pine22
Pinus henryi 22
Pinus jeffreyiJeffrey Pine32
Pinus johannisJohann's pine32
Pinus koraiensisKorean Nut Pine, Chinese pinenut42
Pinus lambertianaSugar Pine32
Pinus leiophyllaSmooth-Leaf Pine, Chihuahuan pine22
Pinus massonianaChinese Red Pine22
Pinus monophyllaSingle Leaf Piñon, Single Leaf PinyonPine, Stone Pine, Pine Pinyon42
Pinus montezumaeMontezuma Pine12
Pinus monticolaWestern White Pine22
Pinus mugoDwarf Mountain Pine, Mugo pine, Mountain Pine12
Pinus muricataBishop's Pine22
Pinus nelsonii 22
Pinus nigraAustrian Pine, Black Pine12
Pinus nigra laricioCorsican Pine12
Pinus palustrisPitch Pine, Longleaf pine, Southern Pine12
Pinus parvifloraJapanese White Pine, Five-needle pine42
Pinus patulaMexican Weeping Pine12
Pinus pinasterMaritime Pine22
Pinus pineaItalian Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine, Stone Pine42
Pinus ponderosaPonderosa Pine, Washoe pine32
Pinus pumilaDwarf Siberian Pine32
Pinus pungensPrickle Pine, Table Mountain pine12
Pinus quadrifoliaParry Piñon, Parry's Pinyon Pine, Four-leaved Pinyon42
Pinus radiataMonterey Pine12
Pinus remotaPaper-Shell Piñon32
Pinus resinosaRed Pine12
Pinus rigidaNorthern Pitch Pine, Pitch pine12
Pinus roxburghiiChir Pine22
Pinus sabinianaDigger Pine, California foothill pine, Bull Pine, Gray Pine, Digger Pine42
Pinus serotinaPond Pine12
Pinus strobiformisSouthwestern White Pine22
Pinus strobusWhite Pine, Eastern white pine23
Pinus sylvestrisScot's Pine, Scotch Pine23
Pinus taedaLoblolly Pine12
Pinus teocoteTwisted Leaf Pine12
Pinus thunbergiiJapanese Black Pine22
Pinus torreyanaSoledad Pine, Torrey pine, Santa Cruz Island Torrey pine, Soledad pine, Torrey pine32
Pinus veitchii 32
Pinus virginianaScrub Pine, Virginia pine, Jersey Pine,22
Pinus wallichianaHimalayan Blue Pine, Bhutan pine, Himalayan Pine22
Rhododendron ferrugineumAlpenrose01
Tagetes lucidaMexican Tarragon, Sweetscented marigold43
Tagetes minutaMuster-John-Henry22
Coffea arabicaCoffee Arabica33
Lantana camaraWild Sage, Lantana Verbena24
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